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Agora Pro is the latest and greatest iteration of the popular bulletin board solution for Joomla. Rewritten from the ground up, Agora Pro (version 4.0 and greater) supports both Joomla 2.5 and 1.5, and is built with forward compatibility in mind as Joomla releases new versions.

Agora Pro uses an MVC architecture common among the highest-quality Joomla extensions and leverages the modular nature of Joomla to provide a suite of add-ons that allow users to customize the bulletin board features to match their needs.

Agora Pro includes many features expected in a modern bulletin board such as forum and board announcements, post attachments, new post notifications, RSS feeds and aggregation, censoring, user ranks, user feedback or ‘likes’ as well as ‘, post moderation and ratings, polls, private messaging and social bookmarks.

Agora Pro also includes 1-click migration from Agora 3.0.15.

Unlike other bulletin board solutions, Agora Pro is commercially supported and backed by some of the most respected names in the industry so you can be confident that you will get the support you need.

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Reviews: 5
I've been using Agora for years, almost since it came out, and I love to see how it just get's better and better through the years. The forum is really awesome and I have nothing to complain about.

What I do want to highlight though is their amazing support. I must confess that I'm not that skilled with php / mysql and my knowledge in Joomla in general is limited. Whenever I run into problems they reply immediately (often within minutes, if longer it's probably due to time zone differences. But I think I've never waited more than an hour - these guys never sleeps! :)). Wombat, nuclear-head and Haazza is simply the most amazing support team I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I used to take their support for granted a little bit, but now when I've bought loads of other extensions too I really notice the difference.

I can assure you that you'll receive nothing but top notch support from these guys whatever your issues might be. Highly recommended, 5 stars ain't nearly enough, I'd chose 500 if I could!

Cheers, "dysfunctional".
Reviews: 13
5 days after purchasing Agora Pro, I must say I'm very, very satisfied about it.

For what I see, it works perfectly out of the box, it's well designed, offers all the features expected for a forum and it's easy to customize.

So far so good, and for my opinion Agora Pro is part of the Joomla component's hall of fame.
Reviews: 4
I have just started the process of building an online community on my website and I have high hopes for Agora Pro. Set up was straightforward and it blended with my template nicely. It seems to be a pretty big and powerful extension so I expected teething problems but so far, so straightforward. It certainly has all the functions you'd expect from a forum, plus nice touches like the ability to add YouTube clips to posts.
Reviews: 3
I'm maintaining a German Joomla! 2.5 website of a small village and just implemented AgoraPro with public and private forums. For sure, dealing with ftp, a CMS, plugins/extensions and so on are not a holiday trip to Disneyland. Reading manuals is better than "trial and error".
Purchase, download and installation of AgoraPro was straight forward and with some minor help I even got set up a rather complicated construction of nested private forums within other town-administrative menu items for registered and authorized citizens.
I can't but state that the support team of jvitals is brilliant.

Great solution, excellent support; and right from the start of our website I am of the opinion, that payed/commercial software solutions are always worthwhile...
Reviews: 2
Yesterday we tried to start with this component. We are setting up a Joomla v3 website and a forum component was needed.
Unless the developer wrote in the readme file that we first had to install a plugin before installing the component, we were not able to get the installation fixend... After placing a request on the developers forum the developer helped us out with it in just a few hrs (read minutes ;).

We are very satisfied by the support and are satisfied about the product itself!

Reviews: 2
My requirement for a forum extension was that I needed to integrate with the registration process and the joomla core ACL for the users.
After having spent a immense amount of time browsing and testing products I decided to go with Agora pro integrated wtih Extendedreg from the same developer. Like everyone else ofcourse I ran into many challenges building the site. This is to be expected when you have many and specific needs and requirements. In this aspect it has to be mentioned that the developers support forum is nothing less than excellent. You will find many answers just by browsing the forum, and when you need support it is very prompt and the developers are very helpful, also when your issues are caused by other extensions not necessarily directly related to their products.
They appear to genuinely care about helping you solve your problems. Especially when you identify a bug or error, instead of just getting a "we will fix in next release" reply, they provide you with a temp. solution editing the core files, so you can proceed, this saves a ton of time in the development process. I will definitely recommend this product. Great work.
Reviews: 1
This component is well worth the price. If you have a professional site then Agora forum is the best solution. Their support is outstanding and forum looks really sleek. I would definitely buy more extensions from this company.
Reviews: 1
I think this extension is the best for Joomla among forums at all.
Very variable, easily running and has best support service I've ever communicate.

All the issues has been resolved fast and professionally.
Thanks for excellent forum. You're doing good job.
Reviews: 2
A year or two ago I tried a free version of Agora forum and liked it. I was once again looking for a forum component bought Agora Pro. I have now wasted seven hours because they included an erroneous instruction in their README_FIRST.txt (packaged with the component) -- namely, to install a plugin for Extended Reg. Silly me -- I figured the plugin was included with the software I bought. Why ELSE would their READMEFIRST file, which came packed in the software, tell me to install a plugin?

When I installed the plugin, the entire thing crashed.

Instead of email (they charge you for "support" via email), it's necessary to use their forum.

Sorry, but I'm not the least bit happy about following their instructions which, to my surprise, cause their component to crash...then waiting for hours for a fix (still not fixed).

Installation documentation: Lacking.
Support: Slow, attitude problem.

I've requested a refund.
Owner's reply

While your feedback is much appreciated, your rating and review are very unfair. You posted a problem on the support site and you received an answer within three hours (due to time zone differences). In your post you were also rather vague and did not say exactly where and what the problem was, only that AgoraPro did not work.  You installed an Integration AddOn for a component that you did not have installed on your site, which was the cause of your problem, and in the ReadMe file for that AddOn it instructs how and in what order the files should be installed. In your post on the forum you stated that you figured ExtendedReg was included in your package. We also include JomSocial and Community Builder integration. Did you think we also handed out free copies of those?  As with any integration AddOn/PlugIn, the component that AgoraPro should integrate with needs to be installed on your site in order to use it.
As far as the Support being slow, the other ratings speak for themselves. As far as having an attitude, you were the only one that was being rude. Even if it was not intentional, that is how it came across. In every post that a member from jVitals wrote, that member was always courteous and tried to get answers to help you solve the problem.  Many of the questions that were asked were also left unanswered.  In this respect, we ask you to re-think your rating and review and post one that is fair to both jVitals and yourself.
To prevent problems such as yours,  we have updated the ReadMe files so that other Joomla Beginners will not make the same mistake you did.

Reviews: 1
We decided to use Agora for a forum of lifestyle and fashion. We are satisfied with the solutions and if some things will be added in the future in further updates, we will be more satisfied at all.
We got great help from Wombat when migrating to Agora Pro and to the newest Joomla version.
He solved our problems very fast and always tried to be as detailed as he could with his answers to our questions. We appreciated his expert knowledge and his unfailing work to reach our ambitions. We felt as if it became a little his project so we want to thank him for the things he did for us.
Hopefully we can get in contact again to collaborate according to future problems.

Altogether we would recommend Agora and Joomla to others who want to build up a forum and of course the support.

Reviews: 1
Since Agora has returned "jVitals" I am very satisfied with the forum and especially the maintenance ...
My website has 2300 registered people, my forum has over 5000 topics and 90000 posts.
Reviews: 1
We've been a loyal Agora user for years. Jvitals did an excellent job on this release. Our site is heavy on image hosting embed codes & the first release didn't work that well to meet our needs, but I posted the problem in their support forum and they actually fixed what I requested on this release. The support there is second to none. They even helped me migrate from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 as well as migrating from Agora 3.0 to Agora Pro. Agora is Here to Stay in our book. BIG THANKS to Hazaa, Wombat, Nuclear-Head, Hanjo & the rest of Jvitals for a job well done. Aloha! :D
Reviews: 3
After what seemed an eternity, Agora 4.0 is finally out giving us a J2.5 forum. Yes it needs some themes but with the update from 3->4, the themes where broken so they should come in time.

I had no issue with installation but did need some help with tweaks which I promptly received on the site. The Pro version comes with a very nice Latest post and Who's Online module.

I will also note, I don't know any back story but Agora is back at jVitals which I believe will ultimately be a great thing for the component. Previously the support was top notch on that site and so far that is proving to again be the case.
Reviews: 14
almost no mod control. Lack of themes. Bad integration, no Jomsocial. Lots of things missing. It leaves a lot to be desired. And the support and documentation is absolutely terrible.

I can't believe they moved from non-commercial to commercial, yet you don't even get perks you do with free extensions. At least they'll refund your money, eventually.

Don't walk.... RUN from Agora! I'll stick with Kunena. Agora isn't anything nearly as good s Kunena. An the 'Discussions' free component is better too!
Reviews: 9
First of all agorapro has a unique and modern template. For users it's a great forum, but when we speak for mods or admins there are many things that missing;
-No control of users avatars
-No control of smilies
-Can't move a single post and merge it to somewhere else.
-Only topics can be moved or merged and I think the task is difficult, and there is no documentation in their support site. My opinion is that when you PAY for a product you want tutorials and NO "under construction" staff...
-Problems with time zone.
I have left agorapro before one month and I can't remember the problems or some other issues.
BUT I have to say that their support forum is friendly and fast enough. Support tickets are much faster.
EVEN BETTER the REFUND POLICY is TRUE!! I paid, I try to stay on agorapro but I was dissapointed and as they say, they sent me back my money!
So give it a try, and if you don't like it, you can ask for a refund within a month.
Reviews: 4
I used SH404SEF since a long time and was satisfied of it, so I thought that AgoraPro was a good idea ...
To flee ... it's just catastrophic ...
Several problem of error500 ... problem with her own components SH404SEF ... problem with plugin CB ... no language files ... no menu by category.
And on the forum, support answer when they have time ...