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Joo!BB stands for Joomla! Bulletin Board. It is a highly customizable, fully Joomla! integrated forum software based on Joo!CM (Joomla! Community Manager). For the installation latest Joomla version is strongly recommended.

You will find a documentation of how to migrate the components from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 on the Joo!BB page. Please read the migration documentation carefully. This way you will avoid frustration.

Please read install/update information available on Joo!BB's page carefully before processing!

Installation pack for Joomla 1.5 includes:

- Joo!CM Component 1.0.0 Phobos Stable (required)
- Joo!BB Component 1.0.0 Phobos Stable (required)
- Latest/Popular Posts and Topics Plugin 1.0.9 (optional)

Installation pack for Joomla 2.5 includes:

- Joo!CM Component 1.1.2 Deimos Stable (required)
- Joo!BB Component 1.1.2 Deimos Stable (required)
- Latest/Popular Posts and Topics Plugin 1.1.1 (optional)


- Avatars and profiles for site members
- Moderation of forums, topics and posts
- Access control for each forum
- Joomla! user integration
- And many more...

On this way I want especially thanks Jeff Hetrick and Olaf Dryja for a really good job. I also want to thanks the programmers Rainer and Ramses aka Andy for great innovations and the source code! Great job! And of course all other guys in the Community providing me with "usefull" information and possible "solutions".

I started this project because at this time there was only one more or less good forum software called Firebaord for Joomla. It's nice to see there are more practicable solutions now. Competition is very important. Both, Commercial as well as Open Source Projects. If you feel Joo!BB is not the right solution for you, please have a look at the other forum solutions. :)

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Reviews: 1
I have tried an early PHPBB3 bridge, Fireboard, and have been monitoring JooBB development for the past 4 months. IMO, JooBB Joomla 1.5 native origin, makes it possible the open with the best future for Joomla!

With more that 40 commits in the last 7 days, the developer is doing a superb job. JooBB still need to have more styles/templates. Also, a Last Posts Module is terrible needed.

After waiting and monitoring JooBB development through svn, I am giving it a "GO". I have installed as my default forum.

Thanks the developer and hope other coders will help him, with more styles, addons and improvement to the code.

Reviews: 1
I am trying Joo!BB since a couple of days and feel impressed about the usability, easy installation and high functionality, even in this pre-beta state.
The only issue I struggled with was the fact, Joo!BB requires PHP 5.x to be active on your domain. Mine was still running at 4.4x, so I had a couple of parse issues and other errors after installing.
However, once I managed to switch on PHP 5.0, everything was running perfect. The Support forum, naming especially "Robbie", was a great help to sort out the initial issues and to start up.
I will now follow this forum over the coming beta and to the final release. I know, this is exactly what I was looking for. if somebody wants to see my Joo!BB test forum, go to
Some minor issues may be still present on this early release, however, I'm convinved Joo!BB is going to be a major component for J 1.5x users, locking forward.
Reviews: 2
Downloaded, installed and configured this one quite fast. I had to do a little bit of research due to my site not be in english, but I found a great guide on how to do a translation on their site. I did that (not actually translated anything, just copied the english language sets) and it works pretty good. I will love to see some image / attachment functions though. Its been promised in the first beta, but no date or progression report is out yet. Considering the alpha state of this one I see forward to the first beta, and its absolutely one to watch closely. The documentation is not so good (could have been more of it), and the support forums are not so active, but I guess it will be if this project pass its alpha state tag.

I give it average due to it been in alpha, but still a good alpha version. Its the only 1.5 native forum out there.

Reviews: 3
I installed this the other day and it was very simple to set up, is working well so far so for an early release version this excellent.
Reviews: 1
This forum extension is probably the best for joomla if you do not want to use a bridge for the login etc, it will install and run great with Joomla 1.5 (works for sure with 1.5.5). Considering this component has been created by one person as university project you will be suprised to how good it actually works. The author needs to get some assistance with futher development of JooBB, as support, updates and the general upkeep will only suffer if it remains the responsibilty of a single person for all. The beta version is due for release shortly, so I say watch this space.
Reviews: 1
I installed JooBB 6 weeks ago and so far have not encounterd any problems. Setup and install was smooth. Configuration was a bit challenging. It took me awhile to figure out the forum layout and how to make it work for me.

My site's needs are fairly basic and JooBBs default color set up worked ok with the site. Actually it looks pretty good.
Reviews: 1
This has been the best forum so far over and above fireboard in many ways.
I am using it in a production environment but those of you not prepared to do some MySQL digging and CSS adjusting please do not attempt it. It's a bit buggy when attempting to mess with the single default style.


-Well thought out visual design - very easy on the eyes!!
-Extremely easy to view and navigate for Newbie visitors to your forum
-Configuration is straightforward (takes a bit to learn at first but still not bad).
-several options for colors
-Install was pretty simple if you read the instructions on the site
-The developers site is very well put together with easy navigation to find what you need

Cons: (based on the fact is is still in alpha)

-Styles limited - One style is all you get and if you stray from the default you will have to do some digging (see intro paragraph above in this review) If you know your way around Joomla it shouldn't be tough to fix.

-User Sync seems a bit redundant but nothing out of the ordinary for some other forums.

-Follows the default Joomla template styles but has its own mixed in (If your site is black with white text you may not see the text in posts due to the forum having a white background) easily fixable in the CSS for your default template but still a nuisance.

All in all this is definitely one to watch closely!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent forum, and fully integrated. It's small and takes full advantage of Joomla (fast, lots of parameters to make it do exactly what you want, etc.)

It's all I need, and does it very well.

Only regret is that you cannot switch off the need for a "design" (why is it not called "template"?); then it would automatically adapt to the colors of the website. But, hey, it should not be too complicated to change the included drawings.

So, this is only an alpha version ... that is VERY promising!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for sharing!

No problems with the installation.
Configuration in admin panel works fine.
Its simpel but POWERFULL. All you want a forum to be.

A CB plugin would bethe TOP for this forum.

Reviews: 2
Its a nice forum solutions for joomla sites.
But is very complex to create new templates, what make difficult to get a fully customized forum. If u could make the template system simpler like joomla templates joo!BB would be just great!
Reviews: 1
I am testing this new bb and sofar it does what it promises: simple and despite of that lots of possibilities. some small shortcomings but i am sure that these will be overcome. For users who find Fireboard or phpbb too exhaustive
Reviews: 3
I am so happy with this component! Even though it's in an unstable release, it still does exactly what I want! I cannot wait till this is finished, because if it gets even beter, it will be perfect!
Reviews: 97
I view JooBB on Joomla! 1.5 as a FireBoard on Joomla! 1.0.x.

JooBB has more features waiting us to explore. I highly recommend Joo!BB to those who won't use a bridge to build forum on Joomla! 1.5.
Reviews: 1
I tried but install and setup has a problem. It is very buggy but i hope willbe good component. I was using simpleboard and I updated to fireboard, I am happy with fireboard right now but fireboard working legacy mode with joomla1.5. But still very nice component too and fb community is great. Joobb needs community and support.It is new component, I hope will be alternatif forum component. It is good begining for Alpha version. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
While it is still in it's infancy, this component is looking great. The interface is pretty easy to sort out, and it installs perfectly in 1.5 without having to mess around with Legacy mode.

At this point it is hard to offer suggestions on what I would like to see, since it is still so new - but it has been updated a number of times in the past week, so improvements are still coming fast.
Reviews: 10
This forum looks like it has some real potential.

A fully integrated forum for Joomla.. no bridges, no wraps, just install and run.

It needs to be dressed up and made pretty.. but it seems to work fantastic.
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