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Joo!BB stands for Joomla! Bulletin Board. It is a highly customizable, fully Joomla! integrated forum software based on Joo!CM (Joomla! Community Manager). For the installation latest Joomla version is strongly recommended.

You will find a documentation of how to migrate the components from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 on the Joo!BB page. Please read the migration documentation carefully. This way you will avoid frustration.

Please read install/update information available on Joo!BB's page carefully before processing!

Installation pack for Joomla 1.5 includes:

- Joo!CM Component 1.0.0 Phobos Stable (required)
- Joo!BB Component 1.0.0 Phobos Stable (required)
- Latest/Popular Posts and Topics Plugin 1.0.9 (optional)

Installation pack for Joomla 2.5 includes:

- Joo!CM Component 1.1.2 Deimos Stable (required)
- Joo!BB Component 1.1.2 Deimos Stable (required)
- Latest/Popular Posts and Topics Plugin 1.1.1 (optional)


- Avatars and profiles for site members
- Moderation of forums, topics and posts
- Access control for each forum
- Joomla! user integration
- And many more...

On this way I want especially thanks Jeff Hetrick and Olaf Dryja for a really good job. I also want to thanks the programmers Rainer and Ramses aka Andy for great innovations and the source code! Great job! And of course all other guys in the Community providing me with "usefull" information and possible "solutions".

I started this project because at this time there was only one more or less good forum software called Firebaord for Joomla. It's nice to see there are more practicable solutions now. Competition is very important. Both, Commercial as well as Open Source Projects. If you feel Joo!BB is not the right solution for you, please have a look at the other forum solutions. :)

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Reviews: 2
There are so many problems with this extension I don't know where to begin. It has some good features and I would give it a slightly better rating if the documentation was more complete or the forum provided answers. It appears the developers don't care to moderate their Joo!BB community forum because there are very few instances where they responded. Don't waste your time on this extension. Trust me.
Reviews: 7

Great extension. I have it on one of my joomla 1.5 sites. But i would be really nice if it could be installede on joomla 1.7 to.

I will look forward to that. Hopefully in the very near future.

Reviews: 6
This appears on the surface to be one of the better forum scripts for Joomla, but sadly it's seriously let down by poor documentation and a lack of ability to easily customise the colour and theme of the forum.

If you like black, great, this is for you. Any other colour? Forget it!
Reviews: 2
After trying three other Forum extensions... this one installed AND worked PERFECTLY the first time.
Reviews: 3
I don't usually write reviews, but after trying your components out, I just had to. This is by far the best component for a community based site on Joomla. The number of features you get is incredible. Keep up the good work guys, and please, don't embrace the dark side and make it commercial, Joomla is open-source, lets keep it open-source.
Reviews: 3
The JooBB component was easily installed and quick to setup a forum on a site. The look and feel are fairly simple but elegant and it is suitable for anyone that isn't looking for a particulary flashy/fancy looking forum.

Have run in to a couple of issues to do with the layout. The component uses it's own editor which is straightforward enough although when editing a post on a narrowish website (
Reviews: 1
I have tried several forums for joomla, but none of them beats Joo!BB. It simply has it all:)
And when I recently found myself wanting a feature that wasn't there, I posted it on the supportforum and now the feature is implemented in the lastest release. Excellent support!!! Extremely helpful community there. Can only be recommended.
Only thing I would hold against Joo!BB is the lack of converters that others have mentioned. Allthough I'm pretty sure that if people expressed enough desire for them, it would be the next thing the developer focussed on;)
Reviews: 1
I installed joo!bb because I thought it was going to be the most compatible with joomla and its native software. I spent time customising the template and all, before I discovered several big issues:

1. Lack of integration with CB. Joo!CMS might be a great product, but I am running a site here that relies on CB, I need the forum to be an absolutely integral part of that.

2. Joo!BB runs its own editor, and that has caused big problems with the backend of my site - it somehow conflicts with the native editor, whatever it is, and makes it impossible to edit any forms in the backend. I didn't realise it was a problem until I realised every backend text input field was showing a certain random numerical value, and didn't reflect my edits. I tried the forum solution to fix this, and nothing worked. Since my site > joo!bb, I just switched to another forum solution.

3. Not a great solution if you are looking to import from an existing site - there are no converters available.
Reviews: 5
I wish I could tell you how much I have struggled with Joomla BB components to be added to my client's Horror genre site. I had to find an integrated BB which would keep the spam bots and idiots away, as well as giving visitors a chance to view the posts and topics. It was a nightmare. UNTIL I found JooBB. Easy installation; easy integration into my site's template CSS; lots of features; and a great support forum! Thanks for JooBB!
Reviews: 2
I tried a few BB's before taking the decision to stick with Joo!BB.
It is easy enough to maintain and has all the functions you'd ever need, as an added bonus it looks good too... ;)

Super forum!

Many thanks!

Reviews: 1
This really knocks the stuffing out of everything else that I have seen! Real OO-PHP and superb Joomla integration. As others have already noted, it does so much while - so they say - ignoring or replacing other extensions, that it may not be the right choice for everyone, but if you just want a Joomla site with the CMS side of Joomla for more stable content and to also have a community and forums for more user interaction then this is it - and the Captcha integration in the JooBB registration solves the problem of the lack of aforesaid in standard Joomla.
0.9.0 still has some PHP errors in it, but I'm sure the developer will soon have those sorted out. So many thanks to Robert for a great product!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this for almost 3 mos. now even though it's still in beta. It has served me well and has superior looks to most of the other forums that I looked at.

The developer is working fairly quickly to get this out of beta and takes suggestions seriously. My users love this forum.

The database mods have not been that difficult to keep up with and as it is in verzion .7.7 right now, it is anticipated that beginning with .9, upgrade paths will be offered.

Several users have submitted alternative templates and the forum community is building up so that answers can be gotten fairly quickly.
Reviews: 2
Really good job - it's all I need ;) thank you gays!

greetings from poland
Reviews: 7
I started testing this forum component from the beginnings!
There was many bugs but it is getting better day by day!

Now i have to say only good words!

The only thing is missing is a PM system or an integration option with an existing like uddeim

Good job!!!

I little more try and it will be a great fireboard alternative!
Reviews: 1
Far superior to what you would expect from a Beta. it looks better than some of the stable production systems.

Alas, I am removing it and moving to another Forum solution. The developer is target fixated on Joo!BB being a complete solution - basically everything you need on top of Joomla. On inch further and it would be a standalone system. He has made it clear he is not knowledgeable of, nor does he care about interfacing with other extensions - most notably CB. He replies that Joo!BB will have all the feature of CB and will even replace some core features of Joomla that he wants to do better. If you want a full featured Forum system that runs on Joomla (in about a year) this is a great package. But if you need to interface with other comments, ratings, blog, gallery, etc. extensions, this system is not the answer.

One warning: verify with your Hosting service if they have PHP 5 installed on your web service instance. I naively added a .htaccess file to favor PHP 5 over PHP 4, not realizing that I didn't even HAVE PHP 5 available. With GoDaddy hosting you have to specifically ask them to reconfigure your hosting environment and then ask them to put PP 5 in place.
Reviews: 1
This is a solid beta. It installed without any problems and everything works as it should so far. The design looks great and I love the ability to change themes. It has many nice features common in modern forums such as BBcode, smilies, user ranking, groups, etc. However, what it is missing is a deal breaker for me. I need a forum with a way to ban bad users (such as spammers and trolls). While you can just delete a user there is no way to ban by IP and there are not many admin options for other administrative tasks from within the board layout. This is a good forum for anyone who wants an easy yet sophisticated solution but doesn't have a need for strong user control.

I hope to see IP banning in the post-beta versions.
Reviews: 7
The developer states that the forum should not be used in production as it is still beta.....If that is the case, I can't wait to see what he releases as stable! It will probably do my grocery shopping for me.
This forum is absolutely exactly what I needed. It is so simple to configure.
When I get paid on this project, I will not be donating to the pizza fund on this one......I will be donating to the Filet Mignon fund. That is what this extension does for this particular site that I am developing. It transforms it from my mediocre efforts into a work of art. Many thanks.
Reviews: 6
I looked at all of the other forums, as I had a very specific requirement, and this is the only one that could deliver - the two issues which really sold this component for me were:

1. Ability to allow a user access to one forum but deny access to another

2. Ability to create custom profile fields that were displayed when visitors look at a user's profile

Although the author goes to great lengths to state that the component is beta I have experienced no issues in the front end, and only one in the back end, which was not a showstopper anyway. The support forums for this component seem to be very active as well, which is always a good sign.

Two thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
I can't wait for this to be listed as stable, I have bridged other board systems and have waited for a fully feature packed native Joomla forum and this is going to be it!

Great job on it!
Reviews: 5
This is the BBS that I've been waiting years for. It is elegant, easy-to-use and it grows more powerful each passing day. The support community is growing, and there are some extremely helpful & talented people there. The developer, despite being the lone gunman on an enormous project, is quickly implementing the feature requests of the community while working toward release stabilization. There is no doubt that this board will quickly become the standard for Joomla sites. If you haven't been watching this board in development, do yourself a favor and give it a try. It is still Beta and is unrecommended on a live site, but the developer is getting closer and closer to a stable release!
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