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Editor's Note
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 4,000,000 times in 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.6

Details about Kunena 3.0.6 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 2
After i tried serveral times to test forum extension here, i really feel upset until now i can find a good forum extension like kunena. Thanks for a good job like this. My new website here you can find and learn how it work. :)

Thank everyone.
Good luck in your online job. :)
Reviews: 1
A very nice forum, translations aviables, easy to use and install, and... the help forum on kunena is very réactive. thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
Awesome work, Kunena team. I actually enjoy using this and it's much easier than a phpbb or even a mybb install. This connects to the cb profiles which is even better. I haven't been able to find any discussbots though. I think you should add this.
Reviews: 3
A really first class extension and forum. I had it up and running in minutes. I did encounter a problem with uploading files, though. MS Word docs were fine, but it didn't like Adobe .pdf format. After a bit of head scratching I discovered that if I added .pdf files to the list of accepted file formats in the Kunena upload configuration settings it all worked fine.
This extension has added greatly to my new website. Thank you Kunena!
Reviews: 4
Ive tryed Phpbb3 and bridged that in to joomla and i also tryed Agora forum but after testing out those 2 i choosed Kunena.

This is the best forum extension for Joomla no doubt about it. Just fantastic. Thank you for this one :)
Reviews: 1
They help me quickly and after a short time the sb datas were in kunena
Reviews: 6
Simply the best! All you need in forum.

They literally helped me to set up my forum from start to end. Despite of the fact that I am a novice user when it comes to the forum, my forum came up very well.

Their community is alive, and that means a lot!

Thank you for such a great extension!!!!!!
Reviews: 3
I've been using Kunena for about a year and half now (when it was formerly Fireboard), and I have been constantly impressed with the development and quality. Not only does it work as advertised consistently, the support is incredible!! I've been having an issue that could just as easily be a problem with Community Builder, yet Kunena's moderator, Sozzled, keeps working with me to find the solution. I've had commercial components that didn't have half the support that Kunena's team provides. And that makes all the difference!
Reviews: 6
Its amazing forum. It is a default program for any joomla site. Would like to see more themes built for Kunena.
Reviews: 2
I had been looking for a good forum solution for and I had tried Agora, CCBoard, and ninja board but Kunena is the one for me. Kunena did everything I needed, it has a great backend and awesome community. I highly recommend Kunena.
Reviews: 3
Kunena is powerful. It doesn't have a lot of glitches. It has a high-quality Ukrainian translation. It doesn't disfigure users avatars. It generates RSS. It works perfectly with Community Builder.

It is a great alternative for vBulletin, phpBB or even IPB, of course, if you have several additional Joomla! components installed.

Reviews: 3
I've tried several forums, native for Joomla, including previous versions of Kunena. My first experience with Kunena was not very positive, as search did not work for Cyrillic languages.

With big reluctance I install other forum instead of Kunena. In one month of "fighting" with this "another" forum I returned back to Kunena and was very glad to find out that new updated version fully support Cyrillic, has new SEO features and exactly meet my needs!!!

So, I stick with Kunena and would support development of it to the extend possible. Thanks to all developers of this excellent forum !!!
Reviews: 6
Nice and easy. I am using this component fro Joomlaboard version, than Firebord and now Kunena. It should be more skins for this forum, so that beginners can choose appropriated look of theirs forums. Anything is great. It is free, stable and integrates with Joomla with no problem.
Reviews: 1
i don´t write a lot of reviews. in this case i have to. kunena is simply perfect. no more, no less!

there is a highly engaged community of users, supporters and developers which makes this extension one of the best you can get and for sure by far the best forum component for joomla on the web. forget about all others!

have read many of the comments and i have to say some aren´t true. f.e. there area tons of templates for kunena. i personally use a dark template by yootheme for my joomla and so i needed a dark theme for kunena too. it tooks me about 5 minutes to go to the kunena forum and find a bunch of templates. i now use a very elegant template by kenlapz and it´s absolutely great. installation was as easy as it could be.

kunena itself runs stable. installations and upgrading is a breeze. i never had any problems with kunena. i experienced some smaller bugs but the developing of kunena is very very good and fixes are avaiable in no time. also they have a great wiki which provides a lot of information for modifying and customizing your kunena.

i tried out sevral other soulutions and i have to say this is by far the most professional forum solution on the market you can get.

with some addons and modules it even beats vBulletin, SMF and phpbb.

i really dont´know why those peepz give away this fine peace of work for free. this product would deserve it to be paid. however, there are only 5 stars to rate. this one deserves it really. the first time i gave this rating.
Reviews: 4
This forum intergrates very nicely into a joomla site. Very easy to install and setup but lacks templates. There is an option to use your joomla css but it looked awful on my site so I'm stuck with the basic template. Not a big deal really but would prefer a very dark look to match the site.
I'd still highly recommend this forum though.
Thanks Kunena nice 1
Reviews: 5
I see there's a php timeout problem. Although altering php is easy with some hosts, it's not with others. I've found that timeouts with tar.bz2 or tar.gzip files can often be solved simply by using a zip file, since you have one stage of unpacking instead of two. It just goes faster. I suggest a zip file be offered as an alternative download.
Reviews: 2
If only phpbb is very well integrated on joomla i wouldnt bother using kunena which is halfway from phpbb, anyway since its the most stable forum component for joomla i'll use it, but with my 7 months experience with them i have never got a support reply later than 1 week its always 1 week above even for a simple question "how to remove the forum title" they couldnt answer geez whatta support but i admire them for creating such extension, kudos since its free i wont complaint much just the support cause whether its free or not support support should be available to help.

Owner's reply

As we've said many times in the past, support from the Kunena Team is based on availability because we're all volunteers. If someone paid the team to sit around and answer questions all day long, we'd be happy as can be. Not only is our time devoted to fixing bugs and answering questions, it's also invested in Kunena 1.6. It's a complete rewrite of Kunena to be a Joomla 1.6-native version.

We hope you'll have patience and, even better, contribute to helping the project in whatever way you can.

Reviews: 2
Installed well, works well and looks good.
I found the back-end side intuitive and well designed. Integrates well with Joomla and has all the features that I require.
A quality product.
Reviews: 2
This is the best forum system. No doubt.

I only hope that the customization to be more simple, like color pickers, positions settings and icon choosers right on the backend.
Reviews: 10
i installed this with my site and got it to blend with my joomla 1.5 template very well.

i also found portuguese and spanish translations for it (as well as english) so when a visitor changes the language of the site, the forum changes automatically as well.

i also use Community Builder with my site and it blends seamlessly with kunena too.

the only thing it is missing are "polls", hence 4 out of 5 starts.

it looks professional. i recommend it..
Owner's reply

Polls are back in Kunena 1.6! :)

You can download it now from but we hope to have it ready very soon.

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