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Editor's Note
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 4,000,000 times in 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.6

Details about Kunena 3.0.6 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 13
I had been using Kunena 1.7.X on J15. I migrated to J2.5 with SPupgrade and had some issues with Kunena. The Kunena team helped me upgrade to the latest and resolve my issues. It's a great forum for sure and you can see from the ratings and use of the component. Strongly recommend!!
Reviews: 10
Excellent forum for Joomla 2.5 ! esasy to install and use

Best regards
Reviews: 3
Before Kunena Forum was available for Joomla 3.0, I had to use another forum that wasn't as successfull. Kunena is easy to install and friendly to use, with a lot of options. I express my deep gratitude to the whole Kunena Team for their great work!
Reviews: 2
I think that this is a good extension as it is highly featured with lots of options. It's main failing is, it is not responsive and that causes problems with user engagement as 40% of my traffic is mobile in nature and it feels a bit broken on mobiles.
Reviews: 1
I needed to set up a forum for the Joomla site of a non-profit association which counts many senior members of age 60+

Kunena worked for me almost out-of-the-box, having luck with Kunena default colors matching perfectly my Joomla template..

However, end-users of the site don't know or want to learn BBCode at all. Kunena doesn't even support a mimimal WYSIWYG editor having a user-friendly GUI where people make text bold by selecting it and clicking a "B" button, having the code behind generating a [b]text[/b] code. This is a CRUCIAL aspect of usability in my opinion which undermines the value of the whole Kunena projects.

On Kunena forum people are asking for a WYSIWYG editor since longtime and my frustration is increased by the answers they get.
Reviews: 1
But so so close.

I have to say it is wonderful to work with, simple enough to use with ease, but complex enough to have total control over any function possible.

I have to say I am a little disappointed that the new iteration of the forum didn't bring a WYSIWYG editor as I think we are long past the days where we need our customers to battle with BBcode.

But overall a pretty solid forum for any website.
Reviews: 4
This component is very powerful, you'll be able to configure all the stuff you need.
And it's free!
Reviews: 12
Am so happy to get this component up and running, so easy and friendly, thanks.
Reviews: 3
I like Kunena it's got all the necessary features, it's easy to use and install, as good as any fully commercial product, it's just a bit tough to work on the layout.
Reviews: 11
I've researched a lot of Joomla Forums and tested a few of the non-commercial (one or two corrupted my test bed), and this has to be one of the best.
It worked straight away following installation (under Joomla 2.5) and I found it easy to configure.
When I wanted some help with the resizing of image thumbnails, I posted a query on the Kunena Forum and got a rapid answer which worked first time.
Great Job, great extension - highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
Once you get it set up -- which is not very difficult -- Kunena just runs.

That might sound simple, but I've been through quite a few others that needed constant attention to keep running correctly. This is an excellent extension that lets you focus on the posts, not the software.
Reviews: 8
Kunena is easily the best forum system for Joomla! I can't wait for them to begin supporting 3.0 websites. :)
Reviews: 5
Kunena is my favorite forum for joomla! It has all the features that you need. Is easy to install and work like a charm.

Recommended to all!
Reviews: 11
Kunena forum is generally not bad, but if you have a high-traffic site, it can quickly be a security problem.

You can keep control only with third party extensions (the best is not especialy made for kunena).

Despite getting the newest version. Nevertheless, thanks to the developer.
Owner's reply

Kunena Forum has no known security issues and all new security related issues are generally fixed within a few days from discovery. Luckily there haven't been too many security issues during the past year.

That said, spammers are whole another issue with forums and there we are currently relying on 3rd party plug-ins for Joomla.

Reviews: 5
Easy to install and cofigure in less than the commercial 5 minutes :))
PS. I havent got forum on any site till now so this Kunena looks and feels great :)
Reviews: 7
Kunena is really a great forum extension. I use it since years without any problems.

Great job!
Reviews: 10
This is one of not the best in forums. The hardest thing was, setting the colours of the forum to match our site, and it was just a case of modifying the css to suit. If you know how to use social media sites, then this is easy as well. Also like the anti-spam area as well!
Reviews: 2
The one thing I always loved about this when it was called Fireboard was how it used all kinds of other third party extentions to make an awesome inter-connected forum solution that expanded as you needed it to. You could do anything. Wanted to have signatures? No problem! A PM solution? Uddem-IM connects with it nicely! Profiles? Plenty of profile modules to use! You could even use different editors since Fireboard honored the editor used in Joomla.

Now days, it is still a nice forum solution. But it seems to be drifting from the original idea of a forum community built by many extensions. Some extensions still work great with Kunena, but others... saddly no.

The one that hits me and my site members hardest is the editor. Kunena has decided that it would be better to not only develop their own BBCode editor, but to force that to be the only editor that you can use in Kunena. No more can you simply choose to use the editor you use in Joomla.

This not only causes a jarring seperation from article making and the like, but also brings in a terrible complexity that my members do not appreciate. My members are not the kind that benifit from BBCode. They have had a hard time with that and miss the office like WYSIWYG style editor they are so used to. Because of them, I have had to look elsewhere, which is a shame because overal I still really like Kunena and the way it is designed.

If someone could make a plugin or something to bring back choice of editor to Kunena, it would be great! I can't do it because I can't code. I don't expect the Kunena developers to do it, they have enough to do maintaining Kunena.
Reviews: 1
I have used Kunena Forums on several of my websites in the past and have nothing but excellent reviews for it... it is an amazing tool. That said, I am a little disappointed that there is not yet an available version that will work with Joomla 3. Is there a projected timeline for that development happening? When can we expect to see a Joomla 3 compatible version of this most excellent forum tool?
Reviews: 11
I always use this forum in all my websites. very versatile and easy to use
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