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Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 4,000,000 times in 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.6

Details about Kunena 3.0.6 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 2
I love it but now i have joomla 3 and it is not a version for joomla 3. i can not wait for a new version of kunena to joomla 3
Reviews: 6
All you need is love, and Kunena!
This Forum has a lots of features and is easy to moderate.
Reviews: 6
If you need something like a simple support forum or just a basic way to allow users to post, kunena does the job.

If you're looking for a great community with lots of interaction with plenty of features to lure users back, kunena could be the worst forum ever for this.

Kunena is only a forum, therefore it completely relies on 3rd party addons to get things you would generally expect from a forum.

Relies on 3rd party pms. 3rd party pms has a different editor and different templating.

Profile page is completely not social and requires a 3rd party addon. Again, different templating.

No wysiwyg editor. Attachments still get uploaded one at a time.

Kunena is free and updated frequently but as far as forums go it could possibly be the worst forum available.
Reviews: 31
Very professional forum which is, in opinion, much easier to install and configure than phpBB!

Had a basic forum up and running within 20 minutes, and that included installing a fresh copy of Joomla!

Thank you for such a great extension!
Reviews: 2
Installation was easy but when I looked at default forum, all the icons were not aligned and words like views and replies are not in the box but over flow to next box. Post question on their forum but no answers.
Reviews: 2
All right. I hope that the development of the Forum will continue to improve. Long life to the project. Thank you to the developers!
Reviews: 3
I tried it and consider it one of the best forums that are integrated into Joomla, still has a long way to reach the height of phpBB, but I see that the new version is on track.
It only remains to add a feature that allows users to assign multiple ranges.
Reviews: 4
In this world full of amateur junk, it's a pleasure to find a product that is so professional and so free of bugs. And the fact that it's free is just an unexpected bonus! Really, this deserves a huge thumbs-up.
Reviews: 3
Easy, powerful, flexible, freandly team, active and is FREE.

I like this extension.
Reviews: 2
Extremely intuitive and has a very small learning curve. Highly recommend this plugin ... thanks!
Reviews: 11
I was looking for new forum instead of CcBoard. And with the possibility to migrate ccboard to the new forum.
I found an older version of Kunena 1.7.2 (thanks to your support). I installed it and imported ccboard. It worked great. After that the upgrade to Kunena 2.0.2 And to was easy. All done in less the n2 hours.

By the way it looks great too.
Reviews: 9
Having been a user on the first versions of this component since 2008, I still find it hard to get a straight answer to errors and bugs that appear.

The developers do a great job of upgrading it on a regular basis, and with the 'You can not go back' versions mean that once you upgrade you're stuck with it.

The component works straight 'from the box' as long as your box is Kunena shaped.

Should you get a bug or error then support is VERY slow and only comes from Kunena users, and the Kunena forum has so many "only post in the right category' you request for help will get moved and moved and maybe your never get an answer.

A good component is one that works 90% of the time and the other 10% comes from Support, Kunena has 2% Support.

It is interesting to read back in the reviews and note that in 2009 "This will become one of the best Joomla! Forums at all".
Well, in 2012 it still is having issues.

Good Support is just as important as a good component, maybe more.
Reviews: 20
Kunena itself is decent. Not great, but not bad. It still needs a lot of improvement, and it needs to be made more efficient. It doesn't use the database as efficiently as it should, especially for a component this old. But that's tolerable.

However, what made me turn away from it, and what is NOT tolerable, is the absolutely horrid support. They have a few helpful mods, but for the most part, the majority are worthless.
And if I had to point to one single reason for me migrating my company from Kunena to Agora, it would be because of the support moderator named 'Sozzled'. His arrogant, brash, condescending attitude turned me away. I realize it's a non-commercial component, but that doesn't give them the right to treat people horribly... and they do.

Like I said, Kunena itself is not bad, but the support is where you'll find yourself standing all alone. Overall, support is important, and the Kunena team does very poorly in this area. Run, don't walk away from Kunena!! A MUCH better option is 'Discussions' or 'Ninja Board'. Kunena just isn't worth the hassle anymore.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an easier solution than bridging a forum with Joomla and wanted something that could hook in on its own. I stumbled upon Kunena and dove in.

Although not quite as extensive as phpbb or other forum solutions, Kunena has come a long way in its relatively short life span. The level of difficulty is medium I would say as you do need to know how to navigate Joomla fairly well to set up permissions correctly with User Groups and Access levels. Once set up, it works great though.

It also scales very good. If your site is slow, it is probably not Kunena that is slowing it down.

The only down side is that since it is a free developed component is that support can be somewhat limited outside of the standard features that it comes with. So, if you are looking to style and change internal features, you will either need to hire someone to do it for you or know enough coding skills to do it yourself.

One feature that is missing is the ability to see Unread Posts, which my users seem to constantly remind me about. Last but not least, there are not a whole lot of templates out there for K2.0 relative to other forum solutions.

Nonetheless, give it a little bit more TIME and Kunena WILL be the go to solution for Joomla forum software.
Reviews: 3
If you are just starting out and don't want too complicated then you are in the right place

Easy to use and set up - like it

Reviews: 4
As a relative newb I was rather daunted to try Kunena on one of my sites - in the end it was very straightforward, it didnt even need a subdomain setting up. Everything just connected to the existing Joomla site very neatly. If I was to ask for any improvements it would be documentation / youtube for instal and basic customise, maybe some nicer templates and maynbe a better editor - but more than happy with it right now thanks
Reviews: 14
Kunena is good, no doubt. And it's the best option for a fully integrated forum in Joomla (forget the totally worthless Agora!). But no WYSIWYG editor is a BIG BIG drawback. Like someone else said, in 2012, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should deal with tags when using a forum. This should be so standard it's not even funny. Members having to figure out tags is not acceptable.

C'mon Kunena, step up your game. A WYSIWYG should have been integrated a long time ago. Until this is standard, Kunena gets only an average vote from me. Kunena is old and should be much more advanced that what it is. It still has a general antiquated feel, for some reason. Not nearly as advanced as some of the stand alones, like SMF.

I have to add too that the support, mainly from three or four different staff members, is rude, abrupt and condescending. Support gets zero starts, while the software itself is average.
Reviews: 9
The work for this second release of Kunena is simply amazing! This component has EVERYTHING that a forum needs.It's fast! Clear! Easy to install or easy to upgrade, even for newbies (like me). And it's FREE!
Congratulations guys for your work!
Reviews: 1
With a whole lot of beautifully implemented features Kunena could be an excellent forum extension for Joomla, but...

in my opinion it stays just an average product because of an unacceptable weakness: lack of WYISWIG editor for rich text.

I can't find any excuse why in 2012 a forum user, who could be grandma, should deal with tags (bbcode or whatever) to get bold text or pictures in their posts.
Reviews: 12
The team have really done a terrific job on Kunena 2.0, which is a major re-engineer that improves performance, usability and structure of Kunena, looking forward to a long product life. Thanks very much guys.
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