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Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 3,750,000 times in nearly 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.5

Details about Kunena 3.0.5 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 1
I have never been on a help forum where 'sozzled' - the moderator (half way across the planet no less) actually offered to call me on Skype and talk me through my install issue... that is until now. It just took a couple of minutes to solve the problem which turned out to be an unstable Joomla version (1.6.0). I am grateful and astonished. And the best part is that Kunena really rocks! It has such incredible depth in its functionality. It really brings Joomla! to a whole new level.

I am one happy camper!
Reviews: 4
I am pretno expert in Joomla, indeed I am definitely at the other end of the scale.

In the past I have used Agora, till they starting selling it and everything went downhill from their, and phpBB3 using a bridge from rockettheme.

However since moving to Joomla 1.6 I didnt have the option of phpBB3 as their isnt a bridge for Joomla 1.6 that I could find. So I started looking at other forums.

I had tried Kunena a year or so ago but opted for Agora. For me it was just better. But I decided to give kunena another try.

Boy am I glad I did. It installed without a problem, and NEARLY all of the backend stuff is self explanatory, or can be gleamed from the manual.

I did have one problem but that was due to a "clash" of css between a rockettheme template and Kunena itself. No problem, I put up a post in their Forum and after a few posts back and forth my problem was solved.

Has it got what phpBB3 has got? NO !!! But phpBB3 is a much more maturer product. But then again phpBB3 doesnt seemlessly tie into Joomla. Is it getting to a place of being as good as phpBB3? I think so. I reckon once version 2 is launched it will be competing very heavily with phpBB3 and the other PAID FOR forums.

Given its lack of "power" and "lack of functions" in some areas I must admit to have swithered about awarding Kunena a 4 or a 5. But then I remembered the support I had received. That for me tipped it over the edge to get a 5.

On the subject of support I must really say something about one of their Mods - Sozzled - (The man from Downunder) - I get the impression he doesnt suffer fools gladly ;-) but this guy goes that extrea mile to help, or at least that is my experience - Thanks again "Ironman", you are a credit to Kunena.
Reviews: 3

I've installed Kunena Last night (worked till 6 o' clock in the morning)on Joomla 1.6 on a Linux Ubuntu 11.04 Server and it Installed and Works like a Charm Man!
I've been testing and playing with the latest versions and I can see that you people have made great improvements to the script..

In One Word: Fantastic!

You saved my Life.
I've been waiting so long and especcially for this App.
I've also installed the Kunena Discuss plugin which communicates with the Forum and it works great. It creates such a great communication facility.. I'm telling you!

You know, Words are not enough to express my gratitude, for I know how much time, energy and love it takes to create this peace of digital Art!
Not a Million, but a Kabilion ThanX for this Creation!

Keep up the Good Work my Friends!
God Bless You All!!!
Stay in Touch!
Greetz from Masterdam/Amsterdam, The Netherlands..
Reviews: 2
I remember when I first started using Joomla a year or two ago and I could never really find a forum that would 'just work.'

I would spend -hours- trying to get some kind of bridge, edit or 'fix' to allow my site users seamlessly hop back and forth between the site itself and the forums. It was impossible.

Then, out of the Darkness, came Kunena. Kunena is hands down, the easiest, simplest, most feature-rich-bang-for-your-FREE-buck you can get!

I love it! Never again will I toil with other, complicated forum 'solutions.'

I know next to nothing about CMS, Joomla, web-design or anything of that nature and this extension is definitely newbie friendly. V1.6.4 is faster and sleeker then 1.6.3 - I noticed immediate and distinct differences in speed and execution. Pages are built and displayed faster and support is excellent.

If you are new to this kind of thing or an old hat at it - and you use forums, you need Kunena, you need it today.

Feel free to get in contact with me regarding any questions or concerns.
Reviews: 35
Very easy to setup, integrates well with CB, I strongly recommend to install it from URL (I've had some issues installing it from pc)
Reviews: 7
I needed to change my site forum in a hurry due to security concerns with the forum I had been using (ccboard). I found Kunena very quick and easy to set up. It is a very professional looking forum and gives a nice user experience.

The only slight niggle I found was that the input text when making a post was very small, really only pixies could read it. It was not that easy to track down the bit of css required to change it. The layout of the files and folders in the extension isn't really standard for a Joomla MVC component, so it makes it that bit harder to find the relevant file. What I found in the CSS is that there are a lot of very specific rules for the font sizes (77 in all!). Some of them use relative font sizes (em) which was causing problems on my site because the font size was already small. If it is really necessary to be that precise about fonts it might be better to stick to using absolute font sizes, then at least there should not be any danger of ending up with unreadable text. Possibly it might be argued that 77 rules for the font size is too many.

But this is a minor reservation about what is a very good extension.
Reviews: 2
There is no other word for this great component, i'm really amazed with such a program, so enhanced and so easy to use and configurable, you can almost configure any thing, i saw nothing like this in hole joomla site, there is only one more forum componet in this site for J16 and compare to this( is really not compareable), i recommend this to every one who wants a proffosional disscussion forum,
and here i want to thanks to hole development team for a great great job,
and it's free too, for such a component you have to pay around 1000$ ( i think, just comparing with some commercial plugins)

Thanks again
Reviews: 1
i had a problem with my joomla template, which broke the template of the kunena default template.

the support team of kunena helped me to get a solution for my joomla template and made the template work. For a free Component, they have one of the best support teams. In some other payed components the support is much worse.

The best board component with friendly, fast and compentent support.
Reviews: 5
I needed a forum that was a)simple to install and configure, and b)private - only registered users may view and access. This extension was perfect!
The documentation is well written and thorough. The forum for their forum is thick with developers' and users' input. I received a quick response to one inconsequential issue.
Reviews: 2
This is a GREAT extension. I had do manually add some CCS coding to my main CSS file (color changes). But did so with the help of the forum experts!! Great extension and great support!!
Thank you!!
Reviews: 8
Kunena offers everything you can expect from a forum application, with seamless integration into Joomla.
The back-end admin panel is very complete and offers many options to configure and run the forum.
I had to migrate a site developed in Joomla 1.0 (yes it was time!) using the Fireboard component forum. I first used the migrator component with the Fireboard migrator plugin to backup the old content. When I've installed Kunena in the new site, it asked me if I wanted to restore the Fireboard content or proceed with a virgin install. And voila done!
Well... Almost ;) There is something that's not clearly explained in Kunena docs. It needs Mootols 1.2 to install and run properly. Which means that you have to enable the System - Mootools Upgrade (mtupgrade) plugin in Joomla plugin manager. Without it, the Kunena installer will end up with an awful php error :(
Apart from that little trick it's definitely a 5 stars component.
Reviews: 2
After experiences with ccBoard and Agora, I found myself without Joomla native forum options but Kunena. And it is a very powerful, impressive forum system: highly configurable, avatars support, etc.

But Kunena lacks support of user groups. After looking at its support forum, this seems to be the major complaint for some years now. The forum users are classified according to the quite-limited Joomla . I hope this choice can be re-considered someday.
Owner's reply

Hell Fabricio, thanks for your feedback. Yes, Kunena uses the built-in Joomla user groups for the best integration possible. We believe this is a strength in comparison with other solutions.

Also, Kunena supports free third-party extensions like noixACL, JXtended Control, and the ArtofUser component which offer fine-grained user control, including group features, in Kunena. These are great solutions and, in our opinion, are better than the options available in other forums.

Kunena 1.6.4 (to be released very shortly) will support Joomla 1.6 and that includes the native groups (which are more flexible). Kunena 2.0 will also have increased group support (due out in beta soon). So check back to see if either of those versions (or the above free group options) meet your needs.

Reviews: 1
Absolutely excellent! Faultless so far and coupled with 'ArtofUser' a perfect solution to control access to selected forums.

The efforts of the developers is greatly appreciated.
Reviews: 1
I have been working with joomla for a few years now, and developed 10-12 websites. The one thing that has been most difficult is the incorporation of a viable forum. I've tried many of the commercial and non-commercial extensions out there, and learned the nuances of bridges, template integration, dual-site scenarios, and multiple databases. Integrating a forum in joomla is a daunting task.
Kunena has proven to be the simplest integration I've seen. No dual dual installation...straight forward configuration....plenty of available templates...Plus, the option to integrate into your existing template.
I am impressed.
Reviews: 1
to express how fantastic this extension is and how unbelievably supportive the Kunena team is in helping rectify any problems you may have. And, to clarify, the problems were of my own doing and not something either caused by or native to this extension itself.

I cannot express how impressed I have been with the Kunena team from top to bottom on my experience thus far.
Reviews: 2
This is a great forum extension, it serves the purpose of having a decent forum in Joomla website, besides the support is distinguished well done, thx.
Reviews: 1
the greatest forum software for Joomla, simply amazing..
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a good forum component and this one is the best. I first installed CCBoard, not really what my customer was looking for but they started with this one after their site has been hacked. So we were stuck with 1500 posts. I imported to Agora, which has not what we wanted. So I used the Kunena converters and I was good. So many features and easy to work with. Still some few problems but better than rewrite everything.

When I encounter problems on the Kunena installation I posted on the forum and the support was perfect, quick and helpful answers. They even chat with me to be easier and faster.

I've been ''playing'' with Joomla for the last 6 years and I is the best support I received so far.

Congrats to the developers and the forum support.

Keep your great work !
Reviews: 5
Is the best. Easy to install and a lot of functions.
I used Jommla for a lot of years an this is the best forum to integrate in Joomla.
Good support in his community.
Thanks for this component
Reviews: 1
Easy installation and configuration, yet meets the basics of a professional forum! Awesome job!
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