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Editor's Note
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 4,000,000 times in 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.6

Details about Kunena 3.0.6 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 2
This is a great forum extension, it serves the purpose of having a decent forum in Joomla website, besides the support is distinguished well done, thx.
Reviews: 1
the greatest forum software for Joomla, simply amazing..
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a good forum component and this one is the best. I first installed CCBoard, not really what my customer was looking for but they started with this one after their site has been hacked. So we were stuck with 1500 posts. I imported to Agora, which has not what we wanted. So I used the Kunena converters and I was good. So many features and easy to work with. Still some few problems but better than rewrite everything.

When I encounter problems on the Kunena installation I posted on the forum and the support was perfect, quick and helpful answers. They even chat with me to be easier and faster.

I've been ''playing'' with Joomla for the last 6 years and I is the best support I received so far.

Congrats to the developers and the forum support.

Keep your great work !
Reviews: 5
Is the best. Easy to install and a lot of functions.
I used Jommla for a lot of years an this is the best forum to integrate in Joomla.
Good support in his community.
Thanks for this component
Reviews: 1
Easy installation and configuration, yet meets the basics of a professional forum! Awesome job!
Reviews: 2
I have tried several other forum solutions and was not happy about the joomla integration. I finaly found Kunena about a year ago. Since the first release, large development steps have been made and much more to come.

Pro's: stable, fast, easy to install and configure even for a beginner, great support, great modules to support your forum.

If you need help, just ask the large community, moderators and devvs!
Reviews: 2
This component is the best one I've ever used. It's a real Open Source and Free software, no hidden payment and/or intentions.

Looking forward for the Kunena 2.0 version.
Reviews: 10
It is very easy to use and configure. A perfect solution for forums. Install it and enjoy..!
Reviews: 16
I've always wanted to put a forum on a band website I maintain, and now I have! The users are loving it, the site is stickier and it really lends importance to the site overall. Perfectly made, easy to install and configure. zero trouble with this. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I ran a bridged phpbb3 board and decided it was time to eliminate the bridge and find a Joomla based forum. I searched and found Kunena to be a good choice as they offered a way to import my phpbb3 posts and custom smilies. Only downside to the process was it didn't do attachments. Oh well, I moved each one over 1 at a time, all 1100 of them. Once installed my users loved it and for me, a lot easier to manage. Also support and add-ons are top notch on there website. Best choice I made for my site!
Reviews: 106
This is certainly a 5 star extention! It's got pretty much all the features that I would want for a forum, and exceeded my expectations. I also must say they have a pretty good support team, so I'm not left hanging when I want to modify something. Thanks Kunena team for freely sharing this, you guys have come a long way with your software.

Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 1
I have used Kunena since it was Fireboard and I have seen it go from strength to strength. Not only does in now look really beautiful but it is SO easy to setup. Just recently I had call to use the support forums and the guys were ace, they tried really hard and had me sorted before the end of the day.

Can't rate it highly enough and cant recommend it strongly enough. If you want forums and you have Joomla! you NEED Kunena. 'Nuff said.
Reviews: 1
I've been using Kunena and before it, fireboard, for several years now. The development and support from the Kunena team is second to non. Incredibly easy component to run, the upgrades are frequent and easy to implement. Every release is a little neater and a little more functional.
I very nearly jumped ship when Fireboard could no longer do what I wanted, but thank goodness I stuck with it! Kunena forms the core of my site, its my primary consideration when adding any other features to my site.
The improvements in the recent 1.6 release make this a serious contender for anyone wanting to setup a forum, even over its non-Joomla counterparts. I readily recommend Kunena.
Reviews: 30
I agree with others that this is the best forum for Joomla. And I agree that version 1.6 has lots of very nice improvements, such as automatic resizing of images when users upload. Kunena is a significant forum system that deserves respect and support.

However... I am surprised at all the glowing reviews because there are some problems yet with this new version. If you have a restricted or private forum for registered users only, then bad things can happen.

1. Category setup. If you have a restricted or private forum, Administrators cannot access the forum at all unless you ALSO specify the backend access. I fiddled with that a lot until I was able to get it to work. Not only do you have to specify who gets access but you MUST appoint moderators for that forum (including yourself) or nobody with an Admin ranking will be able to get in. ALSO... remember to publish the SECTIONS as well as the categories. I got so twangled up in forum settings that somehow the sections got turned off. (It's easy to get twangled when things aren't going right.)

2. When you're done setting up a new component, the last thing you do is make a MENU item link, right?? Oh, this was worst nightmare I've had in months. If you have a private forum, the MENU links won't work! I read everything in the Kunena forum, I followed all instructions and I spent 6 or 7 hours simply trying to create a menu link that didn't generate error messages. Apparently Kunena's router needs some tweaking? I don't know what's wrong but IMO, this problem should have been fixed during the BETA testing stage.

I believe this is what you must do to create a menu link that doesn't generate errors:

a. Make sure your Joomla is UP TO DATE and create a NEW Joomla menu. Create an entirely new JOOMLA menu (not a third party menu.) Don't use your old Joomla menus, make a new one. (You can copy links over to the new one.) But you need to create an all-new Kunena link, keep reading...

b. Go into the Kunena configuration and go to the CONTROL PANEL. Select the icon that says CREATE MENU. This will generate a menu link that works. You may have to search through all your menus to FIND the link that Kunena just made. It doesn't matter where it lands, you can move it to the menu you want.

c. If you have other forum links with the same unique id name, there might be conflicts. Since Kunena generates a FORUM link with the unique name of forum (which is not very unique), you may want to change it's name to something much more original. Or delete other links which have the unique name so there's no confusion.

d. It might be necessary to use entirely NEW sections and entirely NEW categories in order to discard old kunena code. I'm not entirely sure if this is right, but 7 hours of trying to create a menu link; I discarded everything that was from Kunena 1.5 in case legacy code was the problem. Some of the error messages did indicate that legacy code was the culprit. (But we all know that error messages usually have nothing to do with the real error.)

If you're successful in generating a forum menu link that works without errors, don't change it and don't touch it. If you want to try to tweak your Menu link, make a copy and adjust that instead. I found that no kind of tweaking worked no-how.

ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM: you can't link to a specific Category or Forum directly. This is a real pain because we only use one category for my Forum, but we can't make a menu link for it; not without breaking the router.

SO, I created a hard-coded link at the top of my HOME page that goes directly to the category I want, and it works without errors. But I can't set up a Joomla menu item for that category and as a result, I can't set the forum as my DEFAULT home page either, even though it's the main purpose for our family website.

I really hope the Kunena developers address this issue soon because I'm not the only one who's had major frustrations with simply making a Menu link. It shouldn't be this hard, it really shouldn't.
Owner's reply

Hi prilly,

Thank you for your detailed feedback. It's great for the Kunena Team to receive such things in order to keep improving Kunena.

One point of correction: Yes you CAN create a menu link to forum categories. You just create a Joomla menu item, choose Kunena Forum, then choose Category as the type. You'll have a selection there of all your forum categories to choose from. Very easy. If you had posted a question on the Kunena Support Forums about this, we could have pointed you in the right direction (you're a registered user, but haven't made a single post yet). If you post your issues there, our great team will be happy to answer any other questions you might have and save you lots of time!

Thanks for using Kunena!

Reviews: 2
This extension was installed in just minutes and was easy to configure. I have not tried every forum but of those that are top rated, this one is THE FORUM for Joomla! It has transformed our website into a real community!

It is simple to use and easy to manage. Thanks Kunena Team --you guys ROCK!
Reviews: 10
Great component where one can see that the authors put a big deal of work into it.
I give just 4 stars because for a normal user with a simple web page this component is surely an overkill.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback. We've made every effort to make Kunena as easy to use as possible, but it still may seem like overkill. We're definitely committed to keeping all that "Kunena power" under the hood and as easy to use as possible in order to avoid that feeling of "overkill."

Thanks for supporting Kunena!

Reviews: 4
kunena1.5.11 is good, I use it for a half years,works good, but have some default(eg.not support muti files upload) compare with other forum such as agora3.0, but kunena1.6 is a milestone, it has so many good features. but i can't transtion to 1.6, because my old site has some js script of mootools1.1, it can't compatible with kunena1.6, since 1.6 need mootools1.2.
Owner's reply

Sorry about your situation, but you should really try to get on MooTools 1.2—especially since Joomla now uses it in the core.

Thanks for supporting Kunena!

Reviews: 3
I have just tried to build up a simple forum (my idea was SMF). But it would take more time to manage my joomla website and SMF separately. I tried Kunena found it was great.
Reviews: 1
I have tried many forums and I can speak from experience that Kunena is the pick of the litter. The developers are really into it and listen to feedback. They are constantly improving the product.
Reviews: 1
plain & simple if you want a modern forum to work with Joomla and friendly with other extensions like JomSocial then Kunena is THE choice. Beyond the code, the development team is phenomenal. They have raised the bar for Joomla and frankly are more responsive to their users/community than almost all other software/apps I use both Commercial and Open Source. The best word is "Professional" Thank you
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