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Editor's Note
Kunena is the leading Joomla forum component. Downloaded more than 4,000,000 times in 6 years, Kunena is the only forum/discussion solution for Joomla that is community driven - true open source - public self-help forums, GitHub and documentation Wiki.

The most recent stable release, recommended for production websites running J! 2.5 and J! 3.x, is Kunena 3.0.6

Details about Kunena 3.0.6 are contained in the release notes at

For more details about the extent of Kunena features see

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Reviews: 2
Simple + powerful = perfect.
1.6 beta version is even better than 1.5 stable.
Simply unmatched.
Reviews: 2
1. Kunena is realy free. There is no bug code and "pay for comesial version".
2. Kunena has a geat support, even that it is free.
3. Kunena has all the tools, needed for a woking forum.
4. Kunena works fine, whit no problems at all.
5. Kunena is easy to install
6. I will stop here, but there is uncountable excellent comments about Kunena.
7. Download it, install it, and you will not regret for it!
Reviews: 2
I've been using Kunena for almost a year now and quite pleased with how well it works. I tried all of the other free forum and for one reason or the other promptly uninstalled them. I did like one of the other forum extensions that is marked popular in JED eventually passed on it. Kunena is quick to get up and running and it shows that someone put some actual thought into layout the backend configuration and settings. At first I didn't like the layout of the forum but after a couple of days it grew on me and now I find it more pleasing than most of the other forums.

The Kunena forum is really good and helpful. I was able to find answers to each of the question I had regarding configuration and setup. I haven't needed to post on their forum but viewing several topics it looks like they are fairly quick in responding to questions. The "other" forum I liked didn't support search engine friendly URLs, but Kunena does. It also integrates with Joomla really well.

I'm quite happy with the whole setup of Kunena and will be installing and using it on future sites.
Reviews: 4
Great extension!!! Easy to install/configure!!! works great!!!
Reviews: 1
Amazing! The best one I have installed so far, Works in just seconds, and runs super fast!

Reviews: 4
I have been using Kunena for over a year now, great component and the support crew of Kunena really put an effort into providing great support.

Remember to donate, they do it voluntarily.

Best regards Mikkel.
Reviews: 27

Before I try Kunena, I installed some others free forum components. I admit that Kunena is the best far from the others. Great layout, looks like the forums we are all used to and not just like a sloppy layout. Easy to use just install and everything works out of the box. I could even find my language (Greek) in some forums with (almost) everything translated.

If you look for a free forum component do not look any further. This is the right for you. It is very well developed.

I highly support all the free extensions but I would like to have the option to remove the "With the support of Kunena". After all if someone sees the layout he would definitely know it is Kunena made.
Reviews: 1
I liked everything about this forum .. but after spending 2 days and trying ( almost all flv players ) I could not make it work on the forum posts .. if the developer can add this feature ( especially to allow allvideo plugin to work ) then it will be # 1 forum
Owner's reply

It's unusual to give forum component only two stars out of five just because of a lack of FLV support, but we hope to have FLV support (and a number of other formats) in Kunena 1.6. You can test it out on in the playground section.

Reviews: 1
I love the Kunena forum software. I wanted to make some adjustments and the members and team from Kunena really answered my questions quickly and good!!!
Reviews: 11
Maybe it's the best extension for forum. Good work. Thanks.
Reviews: 3
It always glad to know there are still people out there which willing to share their advantage with others. You guys has such a great extension and very easy to implement. Thanks
Reviews: 2
I really liked this extensions, because it makes really simple to create a working forum. I'm not totally satisfied by the graphical appearance, but this doesn't prevent me to suggest it to everyone who need a forum solution.
Reviews: 3
Truly superb, thank you.
Reviews: 1
really it was first time for me to use component but i want try any more component because its very good and also give me all what i want and for support is very good and they help me so much and also answer me so fast and appreciated all what they do and i am really happy to use this forum and happy to be this team who give me support
Reviews: 1
I tried all the top 5 forums last year and then decided to work this one and I am happy that I chose the best one. I downloaded 1.5.7 and last month updated to 1.5.9 with out any trouble. Support forum is good and you find answers to many question easily. Love the way how it integrates with PMS system UddeIM and the blogs with discuss bot. Easily customizable
well done team
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and install. Support is excellent!
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
Kunena rocks - I've been running a vBulletin forum for years but now we're converting to Kunena because it has better features and integrates seamlessly with Joomla.

The Kunena support forum is very usefel and helpful as well - I had a query for a template change that was answered quickly and with complete success.
Reviews: 1
The Best forum component for Joomla. Easy to integrate with other components, and support is awesome. Keep up the excellent work.
Reviews: 3
No doubt. This is the far the best embedded solution on joomla for forum.
Reviews: 4
I find KUNENA to be the best FORUM comp. for a holistic & complete website integration. Enabling a creation of a comuntity, articles disscusion made easy, personal profile and more.
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