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The name jBolo has been derived from a Hindi word “Bolo” which means “talk”. jBolo is a messenger for Joomla.
jBolo! This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla. It has a lot of fun features like group chat, sharing files, emoticons to add emoticons to your chat and make them more interesting much more! As far as privacy and security are concerned we’ve added some awesome features like chat opt-out and user blocking. JBolo is heavily optimized keeping bandwidth utilization to min and many more features.
JBolo! integrates flawlessly with Joomla, CB, Jomsocial, JomWall and EasySocial as per your choice.
jBolo has Following features:
1.One-to-one Chat Or Group Chat
2.User Status and Status Messages
3. File Sending With Ajax Uploads and Previews
4.Conversation History
5. Chat Opt Out
6. User Blocking
7. Quick Searching On User Lists
8. Sound Notifications and Window Title Alerts
9. Chat As You Browse
10. Clean and Modern Chat Themes
11. Admin Chat Activity Dashboard
12. Show Online Status and Launch Chats From User Profile
13. Plain Joomla Or Social Extensions
-Plain Joomla
-Community Builder
- Easy Profile Community extension
14.User Avatars In Chats From Your Favourite Social Extension Or Gravatar
15.ACL Support
16.Live Chat With Helpdesk Component Integration
17.Optimised To Run On Shared Servers

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Reviews: 5
I just tested this on a friends website and though it works on a PC,the lack of mobile support is a major drawback!
Owner's reply

Which mobile browser did you check on ? If you are looking for native Mobile support, we are coming out with our own App soon. Right now, the IJoomer App supports Jbolo

Reviews: 9
Great work. Download + Install + Integration + Testing = 5 minutes.

Everything worked as planned.

I like the google talk look - people using Google Talk will have a comfortable experience.
Reviews: 1
O.K. We had a problem with one of our sites because the IM we were using wouldn't play nice with JBolo. We contacted the team at JBolo and virtually while we slept (Different time zones are great) the problem was resolved. I trusted them with an admin account and the guys came through - bigtime!
Reviews: 7
The extension is easy to install and easy to configure. It works well and fast.

Had a small problem after editing the language files, though, but tech support was very good and very fast, and solved the issue in about no time.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
great tool, great support ;-)
Reviews: 1
I've tested a lot of instant messaging extension. I love this because is fully integrated with community builder and it's allows to talk only with connections (as in facebook).
Reviews: 2
Bought this yesterday, installed easily, one small issue with a jQuery confliict and CB Profile Pro, submitted ticket, problem was solved when I woke up this morning.

Nuff said.
Reviews: 3
Finally, after trying nearly all the free chat software available, I purchased Jbolo!

It worked exactly as I wanted it straight out the box.

I did have one issue that arose and I contacted their support who responded quickly and took the time to resolve the issue completely.

That's it!
Reviews: 7
This sofware is all bugged and has serious cross browser compatibility issues. What works in some browsers does not work in others. Unless these guys think about quality software instead of a way of making money and SEROUSLY improve the software, I would recommend you stay well clear of it!
Owner's reply

A Bug introduced in the new version has affected some usage scenarios that were not tested.. & it will be fixed very soon.

Reviews: 2
This product is awesome. I have been dancing buying this product for 3 weeks and going around downloading all different FREE types of products and finally I just purchased JBOLO to see what is was all about. I am so excited about it and Love it. YOU GUYS ROCK. buy this product and save yourself the time.A++++
Reviews: 4
Nice Software with excellent support
Reviews: 2
I really like the component. The black chat bat, the selection of either google style or facebook style chats. Unfortunately it conflicts with other components and support, while they respond quickly, just says there's something that's conflicting with jBolo. Nothing else, duh, that's why I called support.

In short, great product if you have no other components. Support is NOT helpful in my case so I had to unload jBolo and find another product that plays with other components.
Owner's reply


Normally we do try to help you find what conflicts. Why dont you add a ticket with access details, & we'll get it checked & fixed for you.. If its a issue with another extension however, what we do is identify which one is that.. & try to propose a solution for it..

Reviews: 8
Couldn't be happier with JBolo it is a great extension! After a very long day of work I installed it effortlessly, had a couple of difficulties but this was largely to do with exhaustion (made silly errors), but after submitting a support request it was up and running. Perfect, looks great, can't fault this extension or TechJoomla's customer support, first rate in every way. Thanks, Lee
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension that is absolutely easy to install and to configure. It integrates seamlessly with joomsocial. It simply works! The price is reasonable.
Reviews: 1
I was initially ecstatic over this chat software-- until I discovered my users were NEVER logged off by the Joomla auto-logoff. Their ajax routine to poll the database is causing Joomla to interpret that as a page load and update the _sessions table continuously. I brought this issue to the attention of the authors, but their response was to submit a request for custom development.

If you don't mind your "users online" information to be inaccurate and inflated and don't mind that your users will think their friends are on line and available to chat even when they really aren't, then this chat software is wonderful, easy-to-install, and works great. I WOULD give it excellent if not for this issue, as it is it is hard for me to give it an average rating.
Owner's reply

Ah ! I think our support team might have misinterpreted your request ! I see what you mean. We will get this fixed in the upcoming versions :)


Techjoomla Team

Reviews: 2
When I first saw this chat bar I was impressed. I looked around and this seemed like the best designed and works with JomSocial which I needed. I love the look and feel of this and after testing the chat feature, it works great. I have found a few minor issues but not sure yet if that is my site or the chat bar. Regardless, I have emailed them and used their ticket system and they have so far provided great support. The reason I have not given them an excellent rating is because the chat bar needs more features. The major thing for me that is missing is the ability to add modules or links to the bar. There is a lot of space on this bar that can be used for like adding follow me social media icons, additional links, or other information. I think once I have the ability to customize the bar to fit my needs I will give them an excellent rating. I hope they do in the next update. BTW, I used the paid version.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks a lot for your feedback. We have added this feature to our feature tracker & shall be adding it in the next major update.

Reviews: 2
The funny thing about this extension is that the download button doesn't bring you to a download place but to a home page touting all their products and of course many "buy now" links.
I spent looking for some time there to a demo download link but couldn't find it. At least not for this product. I figure it's a buy before you try product then ;-)
I'm sure it's great, but I will never know.
Owner's reply


I am not sure why you faced this issue. The link to the Page : Takes you to our product landing page for JBolo. We sell products as subscriptions & do not encode they . They are GPL.. so there is no trial version available. You can see there are links to demos for Joomla, CB & JomSocial on that page.

Reviews: 2
This may not be the most sophisticated chat system available, but it's good value, easy to set up even for the technically-challenged, and - most importantly - it works.

Hopefully the developers will add in some other options as time goes by, but overall, this is well worth investing in.
Reviews: 1
Nice module! like it! however, there's no option for guest/visitor to use the chat. I'm hoping though.. anyways its still nice.
Reviews: 1
Being new to Joomla, any extension that works correctly is a big deal. Purchased this one for JomSocial and it does exactly what was expected. Easy to install and set up even for a noob.

Ran into one conflict with Safari browser and these guys busted their butt helping me get it taken care of. Not even sure it was something that should have been supported. Thanks for this great extension and all your help!
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