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The name jBolo has been derived from a Hindi word “Bolo” which means “talk”. jBolo is a messenger for Joomla.
jBolo! This is not just a simple messenger for Joomla. It has a lot of fun features like group chat, sharing files, emoticons to add emoticons to your chat and make them more interesting much more! As far as privacy and security are concerned we’ve added some awesome features like chat opt-out and user blocking. JBolo is heavily optimized keeping bandwidth utilization to min and many more features.
JBolo! integrates flawlessly with Joomla, CB, Jomsocial, JomWall and EasySocial as per your choice.
jBolo has Following features:
1.One-to-one Chat Or Group Chat
2.User Status and Status Messages
3. File Sending With Ajax Uploads and Previews
4.Conversation History
5. Chat Opt Out
6. User Blocking
7. Quick Searching On User Lists
8. Sound Notifications and Window Title Alerts
9. Chat As You Browse
10. Clean and Modern Chat Themes
11. Admin Chat Activity Dashboard
12. Show Online Status and Launch Chats From User Profile
13. Plain Joomla Or Social Extensions
-Plain Joomla
-Community Builder
- Easy Profile Community extension
14.User Avatars In Chats From Your Favourite Social Extension Or Gravatar
15.ACL Support
16.Live Chat With Helpdesk Component Integration
17.Optimised To Run On Shared Servers

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Reviews: 5
I usually seek to avoid commercial extensions because Joomla is an open source system and I don't mind having to take the time to figure things out on my own. I don't mind paying for an extension if it's good and the developer is willing to support it. In this case, the developer does not seem to be willing to support it whatsoever. I've setup this extension fine, but it does not integrate smoothly with Community Builder so I submitted a ticket for support. I didn't receive my first reply for a week. Suddenly, the ticket was closed and ignored. I submitted a second ticket. Checked it a couple days later. Closed and ignored. I submitted a third ticket... closed and ignored. My recommendation, do not buy any extensions from this developer!
Owner's reply

Dear holdsworthdesign,
I checked up your tickets. I see there was some issue.. But all your tickets seem to be holding on "Requires Feedback" . So some input from you in needed on them. There was some issue in the ticket system after we upgraded it due to which a ticket was closed. But none of the other tickets were closed they were replied to changing their status to "Requires Feedback". If you login & see you should see them.

Reviews: 3
Component was great, worked right out of the box. Too bad there was no demo version, only funny thing is support hinted me to installed 10 browsers to try out multiple users chatting. however bought it instead and it worked. hope future upgrade, we could include our own links on the bar and there is an integration with agora forum avatars.
Reviews: 1
Jbolo design look likes ok, but than once i bought installed first ticket next day came removed before any comments. And today i checked again new version came out but there is no information about new version to download. I tried still downloading what i bought before same version. There is another thing if someone send you a message its really hard to see on website because there is no notification like sound blink vs... This is not worth to buy for 30 or 60 dollars. Greetz
Owner's reply

Dear Qurus,

Your ticket was marked resolved due to a system mistake. You will see there are instructions to upgrade in the documentation FAQs :
JBolo Supports sound notifications as well as blinking.. If there is any issue please add a ticket & we'll solve it for you..

Reviews: 20
i use mighty touch on my website (+250000 visitors /month) and integration with mighty touch is really poor so i asked to cometchat team to create an integration (coming soon)
Owner's reply

I am not sure what you mean by Poor integration. JBolo supports mighty touch very well & supports chat lists with mighty touch friends.. If you need further integration, we need to know in what way ! We really appreciate feedback & would love to know what you mean by this..

Reviews: 5
i love the mighty touch integration and this extension is very very stable i would like there is more plugins and more features with mighty touch
but very good thank you
Reviews: 1
Hi All,

I buy this extensions and i'm very happy because the support team is great don't leave you alone when the chat don't work may thanks to the techjoomla team
Reviews: 2
Had a couple minor glitches, mainly with text/background color and SEF. Opened a ticket in both cases and was relied to promptly with solutions. I found their support very knowledeable and more then will to make sure the products I purchased from them lived up to my expectations. Keep up the GREAT work guys.
Reviews: 3
Hi, purchased the latest version, 2.7. Numerous issues...
1) The chat, while it does "work", is erratic. Sometimes you get the message, sometimes you don't"
2) The FB bar does NOT load in IE7 or below, or in compatibility mode in IE8.
3) MORE problems when you integrate CB Superactivity module: Blank screens, problems loading, etc.

I contacted TechJoomla, and they sent me ONE email, vaguely asking for logins. I responded asking WHAT logins?..and haven't heard back.

IF, they can get these things worked this will be an outstanding advantage to any site. But that is a big "IF".

Warm Regards, Dave
Owner's reply

Hello Dave,

I cant start a support discussion here.. But i will try to clarify what i can.

1. The first issue is most likely due to a JS conflict with either the template or some other extension on your site. This can be fixed either by checking the settings for force load jquery & no conflict settings in the module. If that does not solve it, to contact support so that they can provide a alternative version that is available if your site needs it.

2. This is not a known issue & has been tested with several different templates. Again can be related to where you publish it.. Have you tried publishing it in the debug position ?

3. This issue should not be related to JBolo as we are simply loading the module ( Super activity ) in the JBolo bar.. But we'll take it up with them.

I am sorry if our support team was not more specific . We usually need the Joomla admin access to check. We shall be more careful in the future.

Once again, i am sure we can get the issues solved on your site. I have checked with the team & your ticket has been replied asking for the above access. Our site was having some issues from Thursday till Saturday.. So if you have not got a notification, please add a reply with your admin access. We'll get it fixed for you !

Warm Regards

Reviews: 4
If you want to add a one-on-one instant messenger similar to Gmail or Facebook chatbar, then this is the best solution out there, and for a remarkable good price!

If you compare with 123 Web Messenger, who charge minimum $199, and this on a yearly basis to still limit you to 50 users, then I think the price of $30 is very reasonable as a one-time fee with no user limit at all!

I've installed it, and it works like a charm! My sincere thanks to the developers of jBolo to offer this at a reasonable price, please continue to do so!

A few small remarks:
- The chat does not always display when a user has gone offline
- Additional icons on the bar for CB users would be nice for in the future, like is already available for JomSocial users.

To me, these are just minor remarks that won't stop me from using and purchasing this extension. If you're looking for a Facebook-like chatbar or a Gmail-like chat, this is exactly that!
Reviews: 1
This is the best instant messaging extension we've found so far....once it's running properly.

However, be aware that apparently the support person/people are touchy - even though we can't understand why.

We had a problem getting the extension to run. We submitted a tech support request - it took four days but the problem was resolved and we're happy with the product.

The strange part is that as soon as we reported that the fix worked ------- they banned our IP AND our user name from their site. Apparently, we won't even be able to pay them to renew our support contract.

We can't understand it. We did send daily one-sentence requests for a status update. But that was only because we saw them on our site for two hours on the day we requested support - but they didn't reply to us for four days after that.

So - nice product - decent tech support - but a very weird experience overall.
Reviews: 5
Great extension, looks, feels and works just like Facebook chat, installed the app for use with Jomsocial and went smoothly.

Akira Studio
Reviews: 1
I have been using Jbolo for the last 2 months and it works great with a few exceptions, their customer service is outstanding and they go out of their way to help you.
Reviews: 6
Very good component, there is only one thing missing, a sound option, when someone send you a message, like facebook sound
Reviews: 1
Works great and great support from TechJoomla
Reviews: 1
Was looking for an instant msg for a while and then this. So far works just like facebook. The new bar really helps user navigation for Jomsocial too, as can be difficult using all modules or adding extra menus.
Reviews: 1
Great, and it works fine, all users in the community happy and satisfied.
There are similarities with Chat on Facebook.
Owner's reply

Did you give 2 stars by mistake ? As you have only written good things in your review ;) Thanks !

Reviews: 3
After fighting with just about every other program, paid or free, this is a breath of fresh air. Plug and Play. I'm actually communicating with my wife more just because this works so well and felt compelled to write a review. Thanks for the awesome programming!
Reviews: 4
Although the idea of Jbolo its self is fantastic, and well done to its developers - but it has gone out with very little thought about the future.

When the instant messaging module is on the side of your Joomla page and there's 3 or 4 people logged in that is in your connections.. that's fine. It's great. It looks neat, you click on their name and chat.

...But what if you have a big site, like myself, where people have 20-30+ friends in their connections? Jbolo then stretches the page downwards displaying every single friend who is online, rather than showing maybe 5-6 and then minimizing the rest of the module.

The alternative of course is to buy JBolo with the new "FB-style bar"... but people want to come to your site because it's your site. If they wanted to chat on Facebook they'd go to Facebook.

The FB bar doesn't work, anyway. It simply shows a little tab saying "chat".. it doesn't say how many people are online.

If you want a Joomla instant messenger with a bar at the bottom that feels less FB-Cloney and shows how many of your friends are online in the actual tab, go for 123webmessenger.

I give 10/10 for JBolo its self, the idea that is. But 1/10 for forward thinking.

Somebody didn't use their brain and didn't stop for a second to say "hang on, what if there's 20/30 people online? It's going to display a big list of users down the side". Because of this reason I've had to disable the module and tomorrow will be cancelling my subscription.
Owner's reply

Hello Tommy,

If you would just add a ticket to our support system, we can easily fix this issue for you. In fact, a 'scroll' option is already in the SVN & will be out in the next release.
Your inputs are always welcome & will help us in improving the extension !

Regarding the FB Bar version. Thanks for the 'No Online' Input. We will incorporate it in the upcoming version.

Reviews: 3
Big extension and wonderful support. Now i have on my website a real professional chat. Very easy to install and very fast the support.

Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the review & kind words !

Reviews: 5
This easy-to-use add-in for a community Joomla site adds just the flair and functionality necessary to keep users communicating and engaged. It's by far the best chat tool I've evaluated and it integrates so well.

The JBolo! team also did a great job customizing the application to our site per our specifications for integration with other third-party components (at an additional cost, of course, but worth it).

The only suggestion I had for them was to make the look and feel more customizable via CSS, since the design is rather rigid as of the current release. However, I'm told that they've added this to their development schedule, so I enthusiastically give this software 5 stars!
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the review ! Yes the few elements in the structure that are not controlled via CSS will be in the upcoming releases..

And the customization we did is to be released to all very soon :)

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