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Adding Live Support Chat button to your Joomla site is as easy as installing this module. Just paste button HTML code and you are ready to offer live help to your visitors. is a service that allows you to chat with your website visitors, enabling you to give instant online customer support and pro-actively sell your product. is a hosted system which means you don’t have to worry about server capacity, bandwidth usage, system upgrades and other issues.

# Why

* Ease of use
* Improve customer satisfaction
* Instant Sales Leads
* Better First Impression
* Know your web sites visitors in real time

# Features

* Easy Integration with Your Web Site live chat is a hosted service. No software installation on your web server is required. All you need to do is enable this module and select your chat button

* Free stand-alone chat operator application
We provide a free downloadable chat operator program. This makes chatting with your websites visitors easy and comfortable.

* Email Chat Transcript for Visitors
Visitors may request a chat transcription sent to their email address.

* Customizable Chat Buttons
You can use on of our ready made chat buttons or upload you own graphics.

* Automated Chat Distribution
Visitors are automatically directed to the first available agent.

* Administrator Control Panel
You can control every aspect of the system via easy to use control panel.

* Simultaneous Chat Sessions
Operators can chat simultaneously with multiple visitors in different chat windows.

* iPhone/Android Chat Window
Don't miss any Visitor. Answer chats from Visitors using normal web browser and those on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

* Real time visitors tracking
See in a real time who is on your site and auto invite your visitors to chat with your support team.


How to set up this module - watch video tutorial

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Reviews: 2
Easy implementation and great features. I've been using this chat system for a while now, in different projects, and it has never disappointed me.
Reviews: 5
Exactly what I was looking for. 30 day free trial and 3 Euros a month subscription. Works great. Nice job!!!
Reviews: 3
I must say that it is just perfect.
Reviews: 3
great etention
try it for free, it works great.
thank you
Reviews: 114
I write a lot of reviews for Joomla and some are not always very positive as the modules, components or plugins are out of date or unfit for healthy website use and you sometimes wonder how they got given the go-ahead, but this has changed that........

The support page on their website when I clicked with an issue said 48 hours wait, and I was thinking, another basic website window on a thurday afternoon means I wont get support till gone Monday, but then something amazing happened. 8 minutes later, yes I counted every minute as I am a sad web developer.. LOL and there was Chris on Teamviewer with all the answers. WOW... FANTASTIC SUPPORT.


Reviews: 5
I absolutely love this live chat platform. I have TRIED to use several other live chat software with very little success or lots of bugs that have no cure or too much technical know how to cure it. The guys here are very helpful and fast at answering questions. Thanks Guys!!!
Reviews: 4
This live chat module works just perfectly!! It took me about 10 minutes to install it and try it. You can even track what the customer is doing after you chatted with him! So simple and nice looking!!
Reviews: 4
i download that and installed and start sleeping like i am on ice. it wonderful keep it up guys,

it give 30 day free try
but if in 10 days i want to buy so from where i can buy? there is no only download shop available for this module. i don;t want to try till 30 days i am already very very happy. pls tell me where is the buy now button on your website.

Reviews: 1
Just installed and it looks great and works great (no one has chatted yet :-D )

Very professional looking
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best chat service there is out there.

You got 30 days to give it a try before u decided if u want to continue (and u will - trust me).

First time I rate anything on this site, I just felt the need to do it, since its easy to use.

I worked with the owner and we set a full Hebrew pack for this package, might be helpful to others as well (full RTL + language).

You can't really ask more from this.

Btw to the person who commented below me - u can upload any button image u would like for both online and offline mode.
Reviews: 11
The only thing missing is admin initiating a chat.
However, after experiencing the the clean interface and appearance of the actual chat pop up, you forget all about the chat initiating ability.

Monthly pricing per Admin is extremely reasonable and you get 30 days to take it for a spin. I'm not sure that you can use your own graphics for button though (the buttons are scripted, so I think you probably can). I recommend it!
Reviews: 8
First off, this is by far the best one available for Joomla. Second, it is so slick and has a really great MSN like client that makes it easy to chat with your guests. The alerts are awesome. I actually get a nice sound when someone wants to chat.

DO NOT BOTHER with any other chat client for Joomla. You will waste your time and end up here, hopefully, leaving a review!

Excellent, excellent, excellent!
Reviews: 3
I have got to say that in the 15 minutes since I installed this mod to my business web site that my jaw is on the floor! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! This is without a doubt the absolute BEST Live Support Chat module I have EVER seen made available to Joomla web sites! It even allows me to chat in the exact same application through EVERY major Instant Messaging program to include Yahoo, MSN, Skype, AOL, Myspace, Facebook etc all at the same time. Everyone just needs to remember to reboot your computers after installing the client to their computers.
If I had to say anything other than positive statements about this mod it could only possibly be a couple of added feature requests. #1 I'd set it up so the client installer required a system restart and #2 Add a sound player that would initiate a sound to be played whenever a chat session was requested. Other than that, like I said this is the best I've seen after nearly 8 years of working with Joomla! Keep up the great work!