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yoonique[.]net Zopim Plugin

Zopim is a simple live chat widget that lets you sell directly to your online customers.

See who is on your site in real time. Provide live customer help when they have a query, or lose them to competitors.

Zopim works with nearly every browser, IM client and mobile phone out there. Enjoy the flexibility to provide live support from anywhere. See demo on this page.

You can get a free Zopim ID and see a Demo here .

Please also note, that on some servers the convenient "automated" retrieval of the zopim id doesn't work. In that case you can always manually retrieve the Zopim Id. Please also read the installation instructions.

Version 4.2.14:
- Updated mobile detect
- Prevent library conflict

Version 4.2.0:
- Zopim discontinued v1 widgets
- Updated mobile code
- Updated build

Version 4.1.0:
- Merged v1 and v2 widgets (since Zopim resolved all v2 issues)
- Re-added "force language" option to v2
- j32 compatible

Version 4.0.2 v2
- Added new Zopim Widget version "v2"

Can be downloaded here: [removed, because merged in 4.1.0]

Version 4.0.2
- minor fix

Version 4.0.1:
- Joomla 3.1 compatible

Version 4.0
- Added option for Tablets
- Added option for Mobiles
- Added option to show Zopim live chat only on certain pages
- Added option to activate, but hide live chat on certain pages (lets you track your visitors)

Version 3.1.1:
- Updated Zopim link

Version 3.1:
- Updated Zopim widget code

Version 3.0:
- Easy activation of zopim id

Version 2.3:
- Updated Zopim widget code
- Joomla 2.5 compatible
- dropped support for j17

Version 2.2:
- Joomla 1.7

Version 2.1:
- Added optional two character ISO language setting
- Added asynchronous code to make website load even faster

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Reviews: 1
Very good extension, easy to setup, working like charm. Most use to site...ty
Reviews: 18
Thx for this free plugin, works as expected, easy to configure, bugs free.
Reviews: 1
It is a good customer care/ live chat/ live support plugin for joomla. I am using it in my website and happy. It is very simple to install and get started.
Reviews: 9
I have no real use for this other than the 1 chat free version but if I had a use for it in the future I would have no 2nd thoughts about going with this, love it.
Reviews: 7
It was a great plugin but it no longer works since zopim changed the plans they offer. It doesn't work on the free service.

Zopim itself works very well.
Reviews: 9
A very professional chat functionality for your Joomla webpage. I managed to install this is less than two minutes in our real estate page. I strongly recommend.
Reviews: 5
Easy to Setup & Works as Required
- no hassle up and running in no time, no bugs or problems, just what you want ;)
Reviews: 1
Although I am using the free version, just to see how many requests I will get, I have to say, it works perfect!
Simple installation, and the backup on their website to chat with your clients looks even smoother!
Love it!
Reviews: 8
Amazing extension and very prompt and helpful support. Must use!
Reviews: 8
This is one of the rare times I've given a 5 star rating.
I feel guilty that it's totally free for my level of use.

Don't think, just do. This is the best chat system out there.
Bravo, bravo!
Reviews: 3
If you are looking for a simple and powerful chat-system, you better try this one. It´s perfect. Amazing support too (online, sure). The best so far!
Reviews: 1
This zopim is like a breeze, most welcome thing is that its too simple to setup and the second best thing is that there tech support team is very helpful, i was looking a chat solution from past 1 week and not found any one good enough and then it came and my searc ended here, i am very happy with this
Reviews: 1
I've spent some time looking for a web visitor chat option and this program fulfills my needs perfectly. The plugin implementation was extremely quick, a few minutes to register on the website and I had my first live chat with a client inside of 5 minutes. The website widget it creates is very professional looking. I'm using the Lite (FREE) version at the moment but as business grows, I'm glad I will be able to upgrade to the commercial version. If you're looking to try a web client chat program, I would suggest you do yourself a favour and check this out.
Reviews: 1
I have the Zopim chat in my site, and i have to tell you that is awesome!!! it works really fine and it´s easy to install, maybe one minute or less, the technical support for me was via chat (they have the Zopim chat of course) and was fast and friendly, don´t search for more online chats, this is cheap (if you want to upgrade) and you can customize it, thanks to all the Zopim team and keep working friends !!!