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S5 Habla Chat Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
The S5 Habla Chat was powered by and is now powered by This great little module gives you the ability to add a simple chat functionality to any Joomla site, letting you talk directly to your customers. Use our default images or create your own with ease. Best of all it is FREE so download it today and enjoy!

Uses OLARK network:

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Reviews: 5
It might take a while to configure and install the extension (you need to creat and configure an Olark account) but the support is great (online chat) and the module works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
Amazing Component, great freeplan, super personalized!!

Cellphone and PC, Integration.
Reviews: 2
Million thanks for this extension! I love it, I am exploring it now on localhost..everything is easy and simple and the tuts are great. I hope when my site goes on a web server to not encounter some difficulties! But as I said there are great tuts :)
thanks thanks thanks.....thanks
Reviews: 5
Excellent extension, used to work perfectly, until now.... for a reason It always shows chat is offline, but on pidgin it shows users....weird.
Reviews: 1
*NOTE* This plugin is out of date, check out

This was a great plugin, but then became, see the link above for how to set up Olark with Joomla now.
Owner's reply

This module has recently been updated to work with

Reviews: 3
I didn't even have to integrade the code in the template. Just installed and enabled the module and set all the settings in Olark. Added my Google Talk (Gmail) account, accepted all connection requests in Google Talk and now the chats from my site can be seen in my Gmail when I'm logged into Gmail. Nice work Shape 5, this rocks
Reviews: 2
After reading through the few posts I was not sure... But after trying it out on my site, I am delighted with the lightweight approach compared to other extensions. I will admit there were a few hoops to jump, but the on-site documentation on's site was easy to follow--I had a working chat client in 5-10min. Offloading the heavy lifting and using your own ichat, aim, jabber or google talk account fits my needs, as I am using these anyway. Nice Job! Highly reccommended and FREE.
Reviews: 41
These guys just keep doing it! This little beauty does exactly what it says. Integrates real-time chat into your site with no overhead on your server. Plus, the customizable available/unavailable module is nice - easy to integrate into your site look and feel.

Not sure what Kendrascahefer is complaining about. I have been a member with Shape5 for a while now, and their site is not difficult to navigate. And to complain about signing up for accounts? Please! This is all offered totally FREE. If you want to take a few less steps, then PAY FOR SOMETHING. And, sorry to say, there is certain code which needs to be installed so this can all work so smoothly.

In the end, this extension is wonderful, and is yet another testament to Shape5, who continually seem to fly under the radar for reasons I just do not understand. Their entire offering is brilliant!
Reviews: 1
After running through all of the other extensions I could find on here and not finding any that did what I wanted, I decided to take a chance with this.

First, the good: This does exactly what I wanted it to do - it hooks up to one of several IM accounts, and displays a customizable "Online" or "Offline" chat graphic on the web page that allows users to click to chat with you without needing to sign up for an account of their own.

Works like a charm, and it's quite a brilliant little piece of code.

On the other hand, I had to jump through about 50 hoops to get all the components and do the install. I had to: Sign up for AIM / Googletalk, sign up for the developer's site to download, click through a maze of pages on the site to get to the DL page, DL and install the Mod, modify my index.html file as per instructions, sign up for the Habla back end with a separate account, install yet ANOTHER piece of code on my computer to get my IM sessions to co-operate with each other... jeez.

One click install, please, and one account sign-up at most!