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ActiveHelper LiveHelp Component

ActiveHelper LiveHelp is a powerful Live Chat Server component for Joomla. Interact with your website visitors through a real time chat communication providing a higher level customer and sales support.

Monitor in real time your website visitors. Know how many visitors are in the website, who referred, where are from, what keywords we reused to find the website and the visitors navigation history. Know decisive information of your website visitors patterns, conversations and agents service.

Geo Location based on IP to location for the visitors on your website. See the visitors hometown map. Run the Live Help on your web server having 100% control over your data and many domains that you have.

The ActiveHelper LiveHelp Server is UTF-8 multi language. The Live Chat system is translated to English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkey, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, Russian , Hungarian ,Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese , Arab, Polish , Bulgarian, Slovak , Croatian , Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Estonian , Latvian and Georgian.

* Unlimited agents
* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited Departments
* Multi Language Support
* Full UTF-8 Support
* SSL Support
* Agent to agent chat
* Agent schedule work time
* Joomla User Recognition
* Joomla Menu Item Status Indicator
* Country Restriction
* Chat Re-branding
* Image for each agent
* Multi Language Joomla admin panel
* Real-time Chats
* Multiple Chat Requests
* Auto Save Transcripts
* Capture Visitor Data
* Chat Queue Line
* Offline Messages
* Disable chat module in Offline mode
* Record Offline Messages
* Send Transcription to the Visitor
* Ratings
* Transfer Chats
* Visitors Tracking
* Visitors Navigation History
* Proactive Chat Invitations
* Proactive Messages
* Auto start invitation
* Disable Invitation
* Redirect URL offline form
* Website Push
* Typing status notifications
* Pre typed Responses
* Send Links / Images / JavaScript
* Sound & Visual Alerts
* Smiles Images
* Operator Rating
* Summarize System activity
* Support Statistics
* Geo Location based on IP
* Google Analytic integration.
* Online/Offline status images
* Proxy support
* Multi Language Images
* Agent spellchecker
* Support Panel desktop for Windows and MAC unlimited
* Support panel mobile for iPhone/iPad unlimited
* Support panel mobile for Android unlimited
* Live chat window re-brand options
* Static chat image position option
* Live Chat Skins

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Reviews: 1
We have purchased several Joomla software over the years, but this is one that stands out for two reasons

1. The Software works for what it is advertised for and then with some more. It is based on a simple architecture that is easy to install and operate, working on multiple platforms including PC, Mac and Android. This ensures ready availability of connecting with current and would be customers.

2. The customer support is A+. Had a minor issue installing. Peter went in personally and sorted it out for me. Hassle free.
Now if that is not a package deal for the delivered service of this software, not sure what else is.
Excellent ;)
Reviews: 2
I am not a web developer but I have a very complicated website so when I decided to introduce a live chat option I had to make sure it wouldn't upset any of the other parts of my site and it had to be easy to install and operate.

After doing a lot of research I found Active Helper and read the reviews. This decided me. Having excellent support is crucial for me and even though it took me a few hours to install, set up and start testing (becaue I'm not a developer), I had the bones of everything working but with a few glitches I couldn't figure out. I emailed the problems to Peter and overnight (because we're in different time zones) he fixed them. I woke up the next morning and it was all as I wanted it!

The only thing that is missing is documentation for the Support Panel that runs this program. That would have saved a lot of my questions to Peter.

I agree with other requests that it would be good to block my IP as a lead.

I will definitely recommend Active Helper to my web developer.
Reviews: 1
This really is a great product. I am a managed service provider and I am using it on a client site with no issues. I did have questions after the initial purchase and Peter answered them all promptly and perfectly. I highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 2
This extension is perfect and support fast and efficient. the components is is updated regularly with new features always more efficient. This component runs on 3 sites a site with more than 600 visitors per day and 5 agents without any problems. great work. thank you
Reviews: 1
I must say that Peter is very polite and quick help. He was able to help me get Activehelper running on 2 sites with little or no hassle. The only flaw I see is it isn't possible to block our local Ip from showing up as a lead. When I asked him about this he told me they would soon add this feature to the desktop app. Continue the good work Peter.
Reviews: 2
I purchased and installed Active Helper for my client and they have several staff that now use it to help generate sales on their website. The software works great and the after sales service has been very helpful and friendly.
Reviews: 117
We were looking for an easy to customise and functional chat component to use on one of our client web projects and Activehelper did the job 100% for us. I am going to make a recommendation to other clients as well about this component, so thank you.
Reviews: 3
We originally purchased this extension 3 months ago as a basic chat module for a clients Joomla site. After installing and testing it out, we found the huge number of additional features it offers for viewing website traffic in real-time, and it's ability for the website admin to interact with visitors. This extension is easily worth 5 times what it costs, especially for us, because in addition to live chat it also provides features to replace two other extensions that we have been using (until now).

My biggest compliment though is to Peter (one of the developers), who replied almost immedietly to every email we sent him, and who spent several hours with us last week troubleshooting a website where the module stopped working. With Peter's help we discovered the issue was NOT with the extension, but was due to a bad cPanel script that one of our server admins installed on our server. We even offered to pay Peter for his time to help us fix it, but he wouldn't take our money. In the 10 years that we've been building Joomla websites I've never seen this quality of support from any Joomla extension developer.

This is now one of our favorite Extensions! We use in in almost every Joomla & Wordpress website we build, and our clients love the robust set of features it provides.

Thank you Active Helper for the OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!!
Reviews: 2
You don't need to look any further! This is a great tool, live communicate with your customers, even with you mobile phone app.

Even better support! Had a small issue, but customer support solved it directly.

Thanks Peter.
Greatings Jarno
Reviews: 7
This component is what I need. Before the presentation with my client Peter gave me great support. The presentation was successfull! One of the best components I know!
Thank you Peter
Reviews: 1
Active helper is so rich, and you can use it on any support (computer,mobile,tablet...)
You can trace easily any customers before to answer in the live support.
I can't imagine find a so good component.
Thanks for the work and continue like that
Reviews: 3
I purchased it and received immediate help to get it up and running. Thanks Peter T for the chat assistance. Now that I have it is an exceptional tool for any business that can provide chat support!
Reviews: 1
Our contact centre is using ActiveHelper. This software is an extremely inexpensive solution and at the same time a quality product. Support is great and the developer answers questions quickly. Thanks!
Reviews: 4
have tried for hours to install this ..... no support.. no work .... no time..... another quality extension NOT
Reviews: 6
I have tried many chat solutions on the websites that i have developed and none met the needs of my clients, Active Helper component solved all of my needs. And also has great advantages over other chat solutions.

The cost is more than excellent!! and the support is amazing, they have solved all my doubts and technical needs in no time, the response time is very fast.

I highly recommend using this amazing component. It is well worth.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a simple live chat solution for Joomla. Activehelper was super easy to install and configure and the support panel has many powerful features that not only allow you support your online customers, but also to give you insight on the visitors that are on your site.

The technical support is Excellent and the $99 premium support package is well worth it.

I highly recommend this product for anybody who is looking to implement live chat on their Joomla website.
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says in does and more.

I have it running all day without the live chat displaying and it gives me invaluable intelligence as to is visiting our sites.

Great work
Reviews: 1
We were looking for an easy to customise and functional chat component to use on one of our educational web projects and Activehelper did the job 100% for us.

Not only is the component easy to use and customise but the support team from Activehelper is also a bunch of helpful guys ready to be of assistance to their customers. I would recommend this component to anyone looking for an efficient and reliable chat component to use on their joomla site!
Reviews: 4
I was banging my head against the wall trying to either write my own app, or find a way to have a link trigger a SMS message to my phone. I don't want any more monthly fees (I have quite enough of those) and my open source live support options don't offer phone apps.
When I came across this extension I immediately jumped at the chance to try it.

It has a ton of cool features that my open source solutions don't have or don't do well.

I give this extension 5 stars not because it is perfect but because it does everything it says and I can see past the small surface issues it has.

I only have two issues:
1. Changing out the online/offline image doesn't work from admin area. (there are work arounds)
2.I would like to see status bar notifications to be added to the mobile app. That way I can choose how to be notified. Currently it rings with my default ring and does a really quick vibrate. If status bar notifications was available I could have my phone pick from various tones, alerts, banners, vibrations etc. with third party notification app. I hope to see status bar notifications in the future.
The desktop support panel is very cool and works well, page pushing works, send invite works, it ALL seems to work.

Like I said, a few quirky bugs. But since this is the only one of it's kind I give it 5 stars.

Peter T is very helpful and quick in getting you setup. (be prepared to call you hosting provider) and ask the change some settings in the Apache mod_security if you want to monitor other domains.

If you want a way to monitor you website 24/7 this is the only extension with apps for android/blackberry/iOS.
Reviews: 2
Although it has taken me some time to understand and deploy this tool across multiple websites, the tools (both the Joomla extension and modules) and the Activehelper Support Panel, are great, and represent excellent value for money. The support, when I have needed it, has been prompt and effective!
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