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ActiveHelper LiveHelp Component

ActiveHelper LiveHelp is a powerful Live Chat Server component for Joomla. Interact with your website visitors through a real time chat communication providing a higher level customer and sales support.

Monitor in real time your website visitors. Know how many visitors are in the website, who referred, where are from, what keywords we reused to find the website and the visitors navigation history. Know decisive information of your website visitors patterns, conversations and agents service.

Geo Location based on IP to location for the visitors on your website. See the visitors hometown map. Run the Live Help on your web server having 100% control over your data and many domains that you have.

The ActiveHelper LiveHelp Server is UTF-8 multi language. The Live Chat system is translated to English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Turkey, Farsi, Greek, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, Russian , Hungarian ,Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese , Arab, Polish , Bulgarian, Slovak , Croatian , Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Estonian , Latvian and Georgian.

* Unlimited agents
* Unlimited Domains
* Unlimited Departments
* Multi Language Support
* Full UTF-8 Support
* SSL Support
* Agent to agent chat
* Agent schedule work time
* Joomla User Recognition
* Joomla Menu Item Status Indicator
* Country Restriction
* Chat Re-branding
* Image for each agent
* Multi Language Joomla admin panel
* Real-time Chats
* Multiple Chat Requests
* Auto Save Transcripts
* Capture Visitor Data
* Chat Queue Line
* Offline Messages
* Disable chat module in Offline mode
* Record Offline Messages
* Send Transcription to the Visitor
* Ratings
* Transfer Chats
* Visitors Tracking
* Visitors Navigation History
* Proactive Chat Invitations
* Proactive Messages
* Auto start invitation
* Disable Invitation
* Redirect URL offline form
* Website Push
* Typing status notifications
* Pre typed Responses
* Send Links / Images / JavaScript
* Sound & Visual Alerts
* Smiles Images
* Operator Rating
* Summarize System activity
* Support Statistics
* Geo Location based on IP
* Google Analytic integration.
* Online/Offline status images
* Proxy support
* Multi Language Images
* Agent spellchecker
* Support Panel desktop for Windows and MAC unlimited
* Support panel mobile for iPhone/iPad unlimited
* Support panel mobile for Android unlimited
* Live chat window re-brand options
* Static chat image position option
* Live Chat Skins

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Reviews: 4
thanks for this easy-to-installation and easy-to-use.
Reviews: 1
This component works really good. The customer support is excellent as well.
2 infos:
- Before upgrade you should uninstall the previous version. It means that your previous settings and logs will be deleted.
- After upgrade you will need to delete cookies in your browser when you would test your new component.
Reviews: 7
If you want to be able to interact with users on your sight - this is a must have extension. It offers more than just the chat feature - various reports, ability to use on all your sites that need live internet support.

Best of all, the developers of this extension are there for you like nothing I have experienced before. Very knowledgeable and very willing to help you work out a kink.

I just got mine running with a lot of help because I had goofed when setting the extension up. I can't say enough about the support I received.

So now I can just chat away with clients answering questions. It also let's you initiate a chat with someone or everyone on the site - kewl!
Reviews: 1
We looked around for a live chat module, and several that we found were hundreds of dollars, PLUS a monthly fee! This chat module is excellent, reasonably priced, and the support is top notch. They respond to your emails, or you can chat live. One time I was chatting live, and we got disconnected because of my internet connection, and they followed up with an email. They also are quick to respond to the forums, which you can't say for many other software companies. Great program and I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Great value for the money and the best support i ever met on the Internet (I have been online since Internet was born :-))
Reviews: 5
This is a robust multi-agent support/live chat solution which provides very good value for money (small one-time cost vs monthly fee for "industry leading" solutions). Support is responsive and effective too! A strong candidate if you want real-time chat support on a budget. Great stuff!
Reviews: 1
this extension totally changed my website, customers use it 8+ times a day to ask sales questions,this WILL increase your sales and ability to provide support. on my laptop win7 I had some problems but logged into the support active help and Peter Tsorted my laptop out remotely using teamviewer, I seriously think this was best money I ever spent...
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, tutorials and guides everywhere! Incredible Customer service. Affordable! Excellent job!

Just one Question? will be useful in the next platform of Joomla 1.6?
Reviews: 3
Lo he estado probando durante 25 días en producción y funciona a las mil maravillas. No he probado ningún otro software antes de ActiveHelper ni lo haré mientras éste funcione de la manera que lo está haciendo.

Por otra parte el soporte que dan es igualmente excelente. Si estás pensando colocar un chat en tu web no dudes en probar ActiveHelper.

Enhorabuena a los desarrolladores
I've been trying for 25 days in production and it works like a charm. I have not tried any other software before ActiveHelper never will as he works the way you are doing.

Moreover, the support they give is equally excellent. If you're thinking about putting a chat on your website do not hesitate to try ActiveHelper.

Congratulations to the
Reviews: 27
From start to finish I have been impressed with this product. I'm not one to read the manual but I got a bit stuck with this, and there's a "how to" video taking you step by step through the process. Sure, a manual would be nicer but it does the job!

The component sits on your main site, and you can add other sites as well - perfect for me as I'm rebranding at the moment and need to monitor both sites. Modules are automatically created, you just download them and install them!

You can customise the images to match your corporate branding which is great.

Also, the desktop client is really nice. Easy to use, sensibly laid out and professional. I'll definitely be considering the full version once the trial expires.
Reviews: 1
Since I installed until I did work properly without acquiring the component got excellent results and immediate response to the support group to correct and explain to me as it was the correct configuration.
* Excellent component.
* Excellent service.
* English and Spanish Support

Better impossible

many thanks / Grupo Porteño Host
Reviews: 1
Excellent support service or queries online, easy installation, great attention on support. I recommend it.
Reviews: 1
It's a great tool, easy to operate and install and it's powerull.

I have used other tools and this is the best
Reviews: 1
Great job, excellent extension. The chat is also very helpful. A five star extension !
Reviews: 1
I use and recommend ActiveHelper, easy to use and install
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and work that needs some improvements for sure in the next update will not disappoint.
By far the best tool in this category that have tested so far. thirty days of trial and excellent support is always ready to help in any way needed.
Reviews: 4
Uncomplicated installation, excellent support, mulitlingual and indispensable tools concerning customer support or living sales support. From me concerning all 5 stars and especially recommendable!
Reviews: 3
This component works "out of the box", easy to install and use, the support is also very helpful.

Great work !
Reviews: 1
Just what i was looking for.....After installing the product, work first time, although a little conflicting problem with another module..I got onto their customer support via their activehelper and within a few minutes the problem was resolved. Cant beat a product when you get A1+ support like this. still got another 27 days to try it out. But its a big YES.
Reviews: 2
First off, the User Interface of this product isn't very good. To be honest, the desktop component is outright bad.

That being said, this component is absolutely fantastic! The functionality of it is unbelievable, and the support staff is so helpful that the poor UI really doesn't seem to matter. They step you through what you need to know and then you're off to the races.

My only fear is that some users may never explore the amazing features due to some being hidden away by poor UI design.

Here's some things you best NOT miss:
You can track who's on your website, where they are from, and what page they are currently visiting.

Then you can send a prompt to that user asking them if they need help.

If they accept your request they are immediately brought into a live chat with you.

That right there is an unbelievable sales tool in and of itself!

Everything else functions just as one would expect. Overall, extremely satisfied. By far the BEST chat client for Joomla.

The only downside is there is no desktop client for Mac. This will unfortunately hinder us from being able to use this component for some clients. Oh well! Everyone else will be getting it!!!
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