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Skype Status AJAX refresh Module

Joomla! module displaying your Skype status with periodically AJAX refresh (refresh Skype status module without reloading entire page).

Set your Skype username and customize refresh interval, command on status click, texts and online/offline/away/busy status images.

Languages: English, Italian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Persian, Portuguese, Russian - send your language from download page

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Reviews: 1
This module is not valid! The following error occurred at W3C:

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Reviews: 18
What a lovely extension.. Had it running and showing my skype status in no time. It's free, i can easlily change icons and it works!! Kudos
Reviews: 9
I've now used this extension on about half a dozen websites. Easy to install and configure. Easy to use. Makes you look like a genius when you put it on client sites. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
Module does what it says, but... It is breaking front side functionality of VirtueMart shopping carts and orders.

Any way to fix this?

I guess it's Ajax related.
Owner's reply

Might be something related to jQuery inclusion. Try to switch off "Include jQuery" option in the module.

Reviews: 10
I relly love this module! I had my skype statuss in my website after just few minutes. Really easy setup. Instructions on configuring skype were also very handy.

I really liked that you can add your own images for skype statuss.
Reviews: 2
I didn't know this type of extension exist. I was trying to add this functionality into a website. After using it I am very happy with it. Simple but Great tool.
Reviews: 1
When running the skype client as an app on windows 8 it seems that the status of my skype account is not properly shown. Only when running a skype client on a lesser version of windows it is shown al right.
Owner's reply

- On Windows 8, in order to let the module fetch your status from Skype server, you have to use Skype for Windows Desktop: Skype for Windows 8 (Metro UI style) doesn't allow to show your status on the web.
- Login only with standalone Skype account: status from Skype account created from Microsoft or Facebook account cannot be fetched.

Reviews: 8
This is an elegant solution and nothing like it is available for Joomla so far.

I had a problem with getting this to appear on a Joomla 3.0 site and the developer, Stefano, fixed it within a couple of hours and made the updated version available on his site immediately.

The status update is very accurate and if there is an issue about this, it is most likely to do with Skype itself (it can have performance problems on some days) rather than the extension.
Reviews: 1
Its good, but take too much time after I change my skype status, the efresh Interval is 60 sec., but some time it take 3 to 4 minutes.
Reviews: 1
Perfect and easy to configure and use! Thanks for your work
Bravo !
Reviews: 1
It's very, very nice! BRAVO!
Reviews: 6
Got to say that is perfect.
New version v2 has all statuses included, but somehow today isn;t working like it should, but i think is not module problem, but Skype problem.
Reviews: 1
Terrific module.
It was very easy to install and setup and works perfectly.
I was very pleased with the automatic update of the status without having to refresh the entire page.

thank you for a great module.
Reviews: 18
This module rocks! Simple and does what it supposed to. Thank you for great extension.
Reviews: 2
It works very well and is very easy to configure.