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Livezilla AJAX Status Module

Editor's Note
  • Livezilla v4.0.1.1+ Requires a commercial subscription.
Livezilla AJAX Status (free) module displays the chat status (online/offline) and with ajax refresh every N seconds checks the status.If status has changed then will refresh the status image without the visitor need to refresh!

Instant Chat - Without to fill the visitor name,email etc. If is logged user it passed from Joomla

#Minimum configuration

#Install Ready without need to add custom code at every site.

#Ajax status refresh,this mean will refresh only module status not whole page

#Completly control of your module

Pro version is out, with operators list status, so you can compare and choose!

Fixed Tracking Code

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Reviews: 1
Great thanks for contribution and an exceptional support. They added a new feature for me and released a new version upon request within hours ! That is great, higly recomend to use it on your site like I did.
Reviews: 2
I would put 6 stars if we could have a clear detail instruction sheet with details... in English. Fortunately, the support is great! The commercial version is for me a MUST-HAVE module. Thanks to the team.
Reviews: 10
usefull, nice, simple, bugfree.

I like it to use on my website - many thanks for this FREE Stuff, please goon with this good work!

Sunny regards from Germany

Reviews: 4
Very easy Installation module, Plus Owner's Super Excellent Service; what Can I say?-- Thank you!
Reviews: 7
livezilla is free and very easy install with joomla,just copy livezilla js code into joomla custom html module.and everyone can customize livezilla with livezilla itself.
Owner's reply

it's unfair your review.Module does what exactly is says.If it is so simple why you buy it?
Yes easy for some users to themself. This modules main feature is ajax refresh for now on.Soon it will have many others features and it will be much better.

Reviews: 6
It works exactly as expected and installed as easily as left click...!!!! Thanks!!!