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My MSG ComponentModule

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My MSG is the component and module that user can send message between each other within the website. By using My MSG, user can send, read, mange message and setting via Front-End. Also it can work well with My Content & Workflow when Approval Request is given permission form My Content & Workflow. Allowed user that has the right to publish will be able to receive the message.

- Support Captcha - ReCaptcha Joomla plugin.
- Support to attach files to a message.
- Support My Content & Workflow
- Display personal messages of each users.
- Send personal message to others.
- Change status the message as read when you click to read message.
- Set your own configuration by yourself.
- Search the messages.
- Delete messages by yourself.
- Select user to receive a message when the Content gets approval request by choosing from a group of user or specified user by the id / name.
- Can be sent to many users simultaneously, both in normal form and cc form.

Update v2.7.0
+ Added settings to allow a user to send a message to himself.
# Fixed display disabled and unactivated user query to select.

Update v2.6.2
# Fixed method settings of messaging pattern to recipient groups.

Update v2.6.1
# Fixed missing default asset for My MSG menu permission.

Update v2.6.0
+ Added messages can be sent to many users simultaneously, both in normal form and cc form.
+ Added written router.php to tidy up url.
+ Added configuration in using jquery and chosen.js
# Fixed cannot download files sent to many users simultaneously

Update v2.5.3
# Fixed JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths
# Fixed constant language in message not translation.

Update v2.5.2
# Fixed message can't be sent when Enable attach file is off.
# Fixed purge message on frontend.

Update v2.5.1
# Fixed pagination override back to joomla core pagination.
# Fixed notice undefined variable on new message form.

Update v2.5.0
+ Added Outbox message page.
+ Added bootstrap 2.3.2 for support another Joomla! template.

Update v2.4.0
+ Added support Captcha - ReCaptcha Joomla plugin.
+ Added support to attach files to a message.
+ Added Joomla button insert images.
# Fixed plugin missing index.html file.

Update v2.3.2
# Fixed support Joomla! 3.2.1
# Fixed toolbar class icons in the template site used Bootstrap v2.3.2
^ Changed pagination limit box style.
# Fixed missing translation.

Update v2.3.1
^ Changed admin dashboard interface.

Update v2.3
+ Added config select user group for receive message.

Update v2.2
+ Added compatible with CCK bridge plugin
+ Added plugin bridge support com_zoo v3.1.2

Update v2.1.1
^ Changed permission registered group can access, Create, Edit State and Delete message to default.

Update v2.1
^ Changed to package for one install/Uninstall.
+ Added support Joomla! 3.x
+ Write messages with editor.
^ Move remaining words to language file.
# Fixed pagination display.
+ Mark as Read the message

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Reviews: 1
This product like their other products has very limited capabilities. Actually unusable sends links to users for them to login into admin panel and not the frontend portion. No way to modify any of the features. Totally unuseable. Pricing is outrages 1 month fee is more then you pay for a year of other items... Buyer beware - before you spend your money here.
Owner's reply

My MSG component is designed for use in messaging via front-end. You can set the user group to allow to send a message within the user group that available. The component is compatible with all user group that has permission to access the menu on the front-end including the guest can use when editing permission configuration by administrator in My MSG component. If the user is sending a link that require to access the back-end, the recipient must be able to access those links also.

This is a section of the ACL defined in the Core Joomla is NOT RELATED access rights to My MSG. My MSG has a module which will display the number of messages in the message Inbox and also unread messages on the front-end. And we are adding more features that make this work better such as captcha, attach file, template for message and more.