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uddeIM allows users of your community to send Private Messages to each other (note that uddeIM is not a webmail component nor an email client). uddeIM wants to be simple and easy-to-use but it offers all the features you need in a Private Messaging System (PMS).

uddeIM is available in 34 languages. It integrates seamless with Community Builder, Joomlaboard, AlphaUserPoints, Fireboard, Kunena, JomSocial, Joo!CM, Agora, and Ninjaboard.

uddeIM runs on Joomla 1.0, 1.5 native, 1.5 legacy, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.

The list of features is endless and includes features like:
* Public Frontend,
* File attachments,
* Local-, Global-, Restricted Distribution Lists,
* General- and System-Messages,
* RSS Message Feed,
* Autocomplete Names,
* Popup and Email Notifications,
* Message Control Center,
* Autoforwarding,
* Autoresponder,
* Message encryption and obfuscating,
* Message Archive,
* Multiple Recipients,
* Message forwarding,
* phpBB codes,
* Static- and Animated Smileys,
* Flooding protection,
* Captcha Protection (incl. reCAPTCHA support),
* CSRF-protection,
* 3 Modules, 2 Plugins, 4 CB Plugins.

All features are configurable.
Importing messages from most other PMS components is possible.

On the project homepage you will find screenshots from the backend interface which shows all options and features.

There is a comprehensive FAQ available that covers lots of issues with uddeIM on about 100 pages. You find the most current version of the FAQ on
(choose "Links to HEAD:" -> Download)
or in the README folder in the uddeIM package.

You can follow development progress on Google+

Please do not forget to vote and to write a review. Thanks!

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Reviews: 6
Free PM's on your page. Works easy and is useful for site users. Still new versions coming out - great work!
Reviews: 4
outstanding extension, easy of use and install. thanks for developer.
Reviews: 1
It is simple in installation and in usage, it is easily customised, the pleasant interface. You have made very good product. I wish you successes and growth! Well done!
Reviews: 1
Rated excellent but I can't find the Default_Ex template
Owner's reply

There is a sticky for that in the support forum:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/catid,25/id,112847/

The template "default_ex" is currently not available as package so you have to pull it from the trunk on

Reviews: 1
I rate this IM-System as excelent because it is easy to use.

Exspecialy the new API. It helped me to intergrate it better into mij kunena forum.
I "created" a function to use UddeIM with the "report to moderator" option. OK I copied some code etc. But hey it works. Now I don't have to do the database queries myself :)
Reviews: 2
I just want to thank all the crew envolved on this project.
Incredibly configurable, professional and easy to use (all configuration backend has an explanation).
From light sites to huge business portals, this is a must have extension to your Joomla project.

Reviews: 3
Amazing job again Stephan, thank you very much. Attachments premiun plugin brought a feature what everyone has been waiting for a while.
Reviews: 6
This one of the best programs we can find for Joomla messaging! Congratulation. Hope many users support the producers!
Reviews: 3
Totally awesome extension. Easy to install and within minutes I had customized it to fit my requirements - I wanted a message system for admins to contact users and vice versa for support and notifications, but not allow users to contact other users. Easy, just disable the userlist and its sorted. I give it 5 stars because it really deserves it, and more.
Reviews: 5
Excellent. Superb!. Amazing. Flawless....
For the firts time since I use Joomla that I install a component without bugs, missconfigurations, etc.
This guy deserves the nobel prize!
Reviews: 3
Looking for a messaging system? You can stop looking now. This is simply the best you will find. Easy to install, easy to setup, easy to adjust if needed since the code is very well written, integrates smoothly with CB, has a brilliant documentation (a perfect showcase to study for some others...) and the support, if needed, is splendid. Among all other componenents, plugins and modules I have on sites, this is the one who has only given me joy! Should have more then five stars! I recommend you all to donate at least a small sum if you use it to ensure the future development.
Reviews: 1
Too bad there are only 5 stars. The ease of installation and configuration and integration into CB should be a target for all developers.
Keep up the excellent work!! RESPECT !
Reviews: 3
This is a heavy-duty private messaging suite that suits the needs of today's on-line communication. It was a breeze to install and integrates exceptionally well with Community Builder. It will probably take a few hours to get the parameters in place, but that is more of a testament to the number of custom choices provided. The documentation included with the file is superb.
Reviews: 9
I installed UddeIM and what I can say... Just amazing component - easy to configure, easy to use, ready to work and integration with other components like forum or community and looks very good. Is there an option to vote 6 stars of 5 ?
Reviews: 2
I love this extension because it does exactly what you want it to do, has all features requested from PMS (notice on email, CB integration, easy configuration and blending with template etc.). I have never had a problem with it. Excellent work!
Reviews: 1
I received an urgent request from my client to install a simple private messaging system. Finding uddeim has definitely been the best thing that could have happened. What I like:
1. The code is very well written and I have received no conflicts with existing scripts
2. 70 page documentation with FAQ. Saves me of pouring through forums for answers
3. Installs easily with no hitches
4. Up and running within minutes
5. Intuitive and easy to deploy
6. Integrates with CB (this was actually a requirement from my client and it was good to know that they had already thought of it).
7. Ability to create userlist. Very easy to do.

This is the first review that I have every written at this site and I whole heartedly this this 5 stars!! All the best with future releases and enhancements.
Reviews: 2
Has a lot of options and works great! I really fill good now when I found this component. Thank you for such a wonderful component.
Reviews: 41
Although I've spent years in the Joomla world, including loads of installs of CB, I had never had the need for a PMS system. That changed last week.

A new client had a requirement for integrated PMS, so I spent some time looking around the JED and stumbled upon uddeIM. With all of the great reviews, I decided to give it a try. I am very glad that I did.

The installation was clean and seamless. There are loads of configuration options, but everything is so well documented and described that I was able to blow right through it to get exactly what I wanted.

Integrating with CB is absolutely mindless, and as it comes with all the plugins you'll need - right in the single download. Again, everything is documented so well you should have no problems.

I have paid substantial money for extensions that did not provide half of this level of professional development. If you want integrated PMS for your site, you have GOT to give uddeIM the first try. You will not need to go anywhere else! Thanks to the developers!
Reviews: 2
Already got fireboard running on a live site and decided to install a pms system. Literally 5 minutes after downloading uddeIM 1.7 it's up and running. I haven't had to change any css to make it fit in with my style and it's the easiest component install I've dealt with!
Reviews: 5
The developer has invested a lot of time to create a very nice plugin. Installs easy and comes with great support documents.

If any problems arise, the developer is quick to issue fixes and offer support.
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