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uddeIM allows users of your community to send Private Messages to each other (note that uddeIM is not a webmail component nor an email client). uddeIM wants to be simple and easy-to-use but it offers all the features you need in a Private Messaging System (PMS).

uddeIM is available in 34 languages. It integrates seamless with Community Builder, Joomlaboard, AlphaUserPoints, Fireboard, Kunena, JomSocial, Joo!CM, Agora, and Ninjaboard.

uddeIM runs on Joomla 1.0, 1.5 native, 1.5 legacy, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.

The list of features is endless and includes features like:
* Public Frontend,
* File attachments,
* Local-, Global-, Restricted Distribution Lists,
* General- and System-Messages,
* RSS Message Feed,
* Autocomplete Names,
* Popup and Email Notifications,
* Message Control Center,
* Autoforwarding,
* Autoresponder,
* Message encryption and obfuscating,
* Message Archive,
* Multiple Recipients,
* Message forwarding,
* phpBB codes,
* Static- and Animated Smileys,
* Flooding protection,
* Captcha Protection (incl. reCAPTCHA support),
* CSRF-protection,
* 3 Modules, 2 Plugins, 4 CB Plugins.

All features are configurable.
Importing messages from most other PMS components is possible.

On the project homepage you will find screenshots from the backend interface which shows all options and features.

There is a comprehensive FAQ available that covers lots of issues with uddeIM on about 100 pages. You find the most current version of the FAQ on
(choose "Links to HEAD:" -> Download)
or in the README folder in the uddeIM package.

You can follow development progress on Google+

Please do not forget to vote and to write a review. Thanks!

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Reviews: 2
Without any doubt the best PMS component out there. Easy to use, integrates with other components like FireBoard and Community Builder and more.
Feature rich interface, flawless in every way.
It even comes with 5+ free templates, and even they are free they are quite nice.
Reviews: 1
This is a truly a magnificent and well written component for Joomla.
Easy to install, easily configured, full of features, and my users truly love it.
Reviews: 54
This Component is really tops !
Works really great, the Developers have put alot of time into this extension, Just have a look at the Component panel from Admin.

Works really great and its really got neat icons and lots of features and settings. If you have a community website, this one is definately for you !!!
Reviews: 8
I have tried MISSUS for nearly a year, after testing and dropping most others.
I installed this UDDE recently due to continuous (small) bugs and trouble with MISSUS (including it being stopped).
UDDE is stable and solid!
Reviews: 3
It would be more nice, if one can search among messages. Joomla search will not search inside messages.
Owner's reply

Since uddeIM stores messages obfuscated or encrypted in the database to ensure the confidentiality it is not possible to provide a Joomla integrated search. A uddeIM integrated search might be possible but this would mean a sequential decoding of each message which will exceed php time restrictions on most systems. So you have to live with the filter capabilities which are already available.

Reviews: 2
I was looking for a good pm system that had integration with Agora, but I couldn't find any. Then I stumbled upon UddeIM. This PM system works seamlessly with my Agora. Thank you for UddeIM!!
Reviews: 3
I tried 4 the best popular PMS placed here. But I have to say that uddeIM is the best (in my opinion of course). It does everything what I need and is simple to set it. I have translated it to czech and have sent translation to developer´s page.
Reviews: 6
A little more "eyecandy" would make this the best PM solution for Joomla.

The icons / smileys looks like 1995 ;)
Owner's reply

Please report this to the Tango Project and Famfamfam Icons Project.

Both provide free icon sets (GNU license).

The icon sets are quite nice in my opinion and if you do not like them create your own or replace them with another set of your choice.

Reviews: 1
No comment needed, such a complete package, nice work. Even the download package from the site is very complete with several plugins and 3rd party stuff!!! WOW
Reviews: 19
This is one of Joomla star extension! Just try it and you will be surprised about nice Udde is!

Excellent work.
Reviews: 11
Just integrated this into my Joomie and I really love it. Not only does it empower the site with user-messaging capabilities, but it's got a comprehensive admin back-end which let's you control the smallest of options (some that would probably never come to your mind).

Huge thumbs up!

Reviews: 2
I signed up here just to give this review

You did an excellent job on uddeIM, it even recognizes Agora avatars! (first plugin I've found that immediately picks that up without any tinkering). And there are a lot of options within this, from display options to actual usability (the contact list is a GREAT idea, and I love how it autocompletes user names)

Once again, excellent job!
Reviews: 1
I´m using this component for the second time now. First time was on a company website right out-of-the-box with no problem whatsoever, now on a community website with some css-tweaking. Again no problem and very well-structured css makes changes a piece of cake.
Great extension!
Reviews: 2
Great component: Neither installation nor conversion problems. And: Fast and friendly support!
Reviews: 2
Man, a big THANK YOU! great Tool. this is a must!

This component just simplify my life! I was using another component but after many hours of trying to fix some lyout problems(without any success) I decided to try uddeIM 1.4 and a got to say it's a realy great tool.

I highly recomend this component!
Reviews: 2
Hi, everybody!

This component is very useful for PM.
At first, I have got one problem. But with FAQ, I solved that.

Now uddeim works fine. No problem.

Thanks, developer.
Reviews: 1
easy to understand documentation, works with fireboard, pop-up notification, wow. this is by and far the easiest piece of joomla that i have installed since i started with joomla.

the only down side to this is if you want to use the Java popup window to notify users of a new message. every time you navigate to another page the pop up window shows up again. if there are more than 2 links to get to your inbox (PMS are accessed only through fireboard on my site) its a little bit of a pain. but all you have to do is use the xml floating notification that contains a link to the inbox right in the notification.

All in all this is an awesome piece of code~!!
Reviews: 4
WOW! Really amazing ! This component is really good. It works really fine and it's perfectly what i wanted for my community (plug in for CB are just wonderful !).

It works really fine with Joomla 1.5 and CB 1.2.

I would say again : REALLY REALLY NICE !
Reviews: 6
An absolutely essential extension for joomla. It does what it says and then some. The integration with CB and fireboard is excellent. And the development is ongoing. Yea!

Please support this extension!
Reviews: 2
uddeIM is the best choice for pm service in joomla !
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