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  • This extension requires registration to download.
jAnswers Factory provides the perfect Question and Answers Solution for the Joomla CMS integrating features from the well know Yahoo Answers system.

Users can ask questions, Community provides answers. Once a question placed, this can be extended (as period) if not answered. A Ranking system for answers is also available. Users can Report offensive text, mark Favorite Questions or use the extended search through the Knowledge-base.

jAnswers Factory brings also several charging possibilities, so that the webmaster can transform his site to a profitable business. From this features it worth mentioning the followings:

* Pay-per-Question
* Pay for featured Question
* Pay-per-Contact
* Support for "beer money" payments
* Multiple Payment Gateways including Paypal and Moneybookers
* Native SEF integration (all question links are SEF!)

Other noticeable features are the extended User profile (avatar, location, yahoo id, paypal email), Community Builder Integration and multi-langue site support.

On the back-end side, the solution brings also important features and settings to offer the needed flexibility for the site administrator. Here a short list:

* set avatar size
* set time period for questions
* block offensive questions/answers
* manage abuse reports
* manage payments
* import/export questions & answers
* manage extended profile
* user statistics

The component comes also with a free 5.000 sample records database to provide a valuable start-up (due to this the downloadkit is approx. 5 MB). This is not a limitation of the database, it's sample data which can be imported so that the site can start already from 5.000 existing questions with answers. Bigger sample database packages are available upon request for an additional charge. Again, this is not a limitation of the database, just sample data which can be imported!

Available modules are:

* Latest Questions
* Popular Questions
* Open Questions
* Random Questions
* Featured Questions
* Tag Cloud, etc.




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Reviews: 39
I will not use "Extremely Primitive" but Extremely not good work. For this price, example, icons is not transparent and in grey background is white. When I saw icon: report as abusive, in first time I think that is doing some speak method / because icon is really strange / also all work, color, style - is not align, something is on left, something on to, button ... chaos. Sorry, for free is expensive script.
Owner's reply

You have to make the proper adjustments in order to suit your personal Joomla template! They are millions of templates out-there and we cannot match automatically to each style, CSS and layout.

We added new specially designed product themes, which are fully customizable in order to suit any webmaster's need.

Reviews: 2
I’m a big fan of Q&A and have tried a lot of solutions for my websites. I must say Janswers has impressed me in the best possible way. It’s really easy to manage and handle reports with it. It also integrates with Community Builder which is another great extension.
The support team (thanks Hash!) is very responsive and i could customize the solution to a great extent without needing to hire a developer.
I recommend this extension for anyone seeking to integrate it into a website or just wants to use it for a dedicated website.
Reviews: 1
I used this for a company project to increase worker collaboration.
Employees ask questions related to certain projects we are working on and colleagues reply, for us it matters less about the top rated answers and more about the usability. Janswers is really easy to use and our employees are seeing real benefits from having a platform like this. Great product.
Reviews: 2
Really pleasant looking extension, i use it as an addition to my blog. It's useful since it builds up a community, bringing in more people. I see i also has some charging features to generate some cash, maybe i will use them when the community evolves enough.
Reviews: 2
This is a very primitive production of a questions/answers component, with no style formatting and almost no functionality.
Owner's reply

Based on reviews from users (not all were so harsh as yours, but any feedback helps) we greatly improved on the product and i think you can now safely say that jAnswers got much more easier to customize and to style.
Also in the new versions you can use payment gateways and payment options that allows you to monetize with ease your website.

Thank you for your feedback and for helping us to get a better product for you and our users!

The Factory Team