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EasyDiscuss is a Joomla forum extension for Joomla! It allows you to build forums or a question and answer community on your site easily.

Sparking conversations of a certain topic or have an online discussion about a particular subject is now possible with EasyDiscuss. Best of all, these discussions are valuable source of content that search engines love.

Use EasyDiscuss to manage your customers inquiries, build closer customer loyalty, build credibility, engage in multiple conversations, gather valuable experience from users, or simply build a repository of information that grows over time. EasyDiscuss is as good as Yahoo! Answers!

- Display user profiles from EasyBlog, Gravatar, JomSocial, Community Builder, Anahita, and more.
- Built in conversation system.
- Private discussions
- Recognize users by rewarding them with interesting Badges.
- Best navigation interface in the user profile system.
- Advance access control in categories.
- Powerful points system to honor active users.
- Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
- User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.
- Blends into your existing Joomla template!
- Auto share discussions in Facebook, Twitter, and more.

- Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
- Attach files, images and URLs into discussions.
- You can add polls into discussions.
- Users can report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
- Search engine friendly titles and topics.
- Voting system.
- Integrates with Joomla articles, Google Maps, K2 and EasyBlog
- Allows code syntax usage for advanced users
- Set password protection for private discussions

More feature listing at

EasyDiscuss also comes with free modules and plugins that works harder for you.

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Reviews: 3
I needed to support RTL with a Rockettheme template, got a response and a full fix within the hour.

Reviews: 1
This extension was very helpful, I am glad to find it...great support and great update, I am sure that behind this component, there is a great team! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
We use this along with EasyBlog and couldn't ask for more. Support is great and always on the ball filling any request we have. Would definitely purchase other extensions by StackIdeas!
Reviews: 22
Let me start by saying this is by far - light years ahead of the average joomla component, great User interface and experience, very comprehensive backend which allows you to configure the work process to extremely precise specs, everything is controllable and editable, i am astounded by the amount of work and effort and quality of craftsmanship inserted into this module...
i love it!
if you need an FAQ / FAQ community tool, with subscriptions to questions and replies - this baby rocks!!!
Reviews: 1
I use EasyDiskas as a forum on my website for a year. During this time, came out a few new versions of EasyDiscuss, further improve its functionality. And the team does not stop to further develop and improve the "product."
Besides its own functional "question and answer", izi diskassEasyDiscuss involves built-in integration with many other components, and social networks.
And a great support team - team that pays attention not only to global issues, but also devotes a lot of time on the support and help ordinary users. Among application developers for Joomla I first met such a great attitude to the "consumer product" - immediate response, help and support in real time and, if necessary, additional processing functionality on demand.
Reviews: 26
I recently bought this extension for a client group that needs a communication type setup. I looked at forums but that was overkill for my needs. This fit my requirements nicely.

EasyDiscuss has many many options but is also fairly simple and straightforward to setup. It has a very pleasing interface on the frontend and I liked it from the moment I started using it.

The most notable part of the extension is the support. They are excellent and respond lightning fast. The really nice thing is they also respond and you know they read your question thoroughly.

Highly recommended for a discussion group or simple forum. I know I will probably buy more subscriptions for other clients.

I also may try their other extensions.
Reviews: 7
This is one of the best and quickest support I have seen so far. Your issues are resolved not even within a day but within hours.

The extension has a lot to offer, you have to decide well about how to use it. They keep improving the extension and new releases are issued very often.

Thank you Stackideas Team.
Reviews: 6
It appears that others have already said it very well, so I'll just say "Ditto" what they said. Add to that, with some SLIGHT MODIFICATIONS I am now using this versatile extension as a forum, and it works great. With Community Builder integration, member profiles and images (avatars) are consistent across the site. Support is second to none, with timely and attentive responses to all my questions - not that I had very many questions, as almost everything is very intuitive and easy to figure out. EasyDiscuss is very well designed, easy to use and well documented. The developers take a lot of pride in providing and excellent product with top notch support, and it shows. Thanks, Stack Ideas!
Reviews: 1
EasyDiscuss is a marvelous product with tight Joomla Integration. I purchased it and was able to get it up and running with just a few clicks. Rarely do I find such finished products for Joomla. Very impressive, indeed.

But then I had an integration question for the StackIdeas team. I run JFusion to integrate Joomla with a large VBulletin board (10M+ posts). I asked StackIdeas for any ideas on how to pull the VBulletin Avatars into EasyDiscuss. It was a complicated setup and I created the ticket during this Holiday season. I wasn't expecting much help until next year as this was clearly an enhancement. But guess what?? Someone (Mark) responded almost immediately (around 11PM CST) and we got the ball rolling. I had a very tight security setup and Mark was extremely patient as we went back and forth trying to give his access to my site. Finally, when he had the access, he designed a beautiful integration routine that integrated EasyDiscuss into my VBulletin. Now, my VB avatars are showing up in EasyDiscuss. Mark even offered to look into integrating JFusion support in the upcoming releases so that I can upgrade worry free.

Talk about a world class product with a matching customer service!! Thank you, Mark and StackIdeas!
Reviews: 1
Every time I have contacted StackIdeas, I have gotten a prompt reply back. I wanted to do specific things on my site and was getting frustrated, so I offered to pay them for a few hours of consulting. They instead provided one-on-one customization for no charge and made sure i was happy before calling the job "done". Wish that all vendors were like this...
Reviews: 13
After an amazing experience with Easyblog, I checked this out, saw WYIWYG editor, took a look at the interface and committed to the course. This component is definitely young in terms of features but what it does, it does extremely well and looks really nice. Lots of fine tunings (to modules mostly) but as always, Stackideas has gone above and beyond in terms of support -- which is why it's always a safe bet to go with one of their products, even a new and less well known one like this. Version 3.0 is going to be out soon, and I expect it to challenge every other forum system out there and quickly become a standard for professional websites. So those of you who feel that 2.0 is nice but limited in advanced functionality, I wouldn't worry -- it's about to make a major leap forward.
Reviews: 5
EasyDiscuss is very easy to install and manage. Definitely not only Q&A component, but something beyond that can take engagement with users to the next level. Easy installation, easy setup and excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Guys the Extension is super and more over the support they provide is the best part
i think every one should give it a try(if u are thinking to have a discussion tab in ur site) u will really love it.

Easy discuss,
Thanks for ur support
Reviews: 4
The support from StackIdeas gets 6/5, the extension gets 5/5 and the documentation gets 4/5. The support goes beyond their product sometimes. It is unbelievable.
Worth every cent and more.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a tagged forum and found EasyDiscuss, that is far better than expected. Besides the integrations with social networks and with other extensions, they have an incredible support.
It is very intuitive interface and I had no trouble installing. One of my requirements was a personalization on EasyDiscuss and they worked on it. Couple of days and everything working perfectly. 100% satisfied. Best extension that I ever bought and used.
Reviews: 2
I feel writing for Stackideas, the very first time when i installed - the app file did not get installed and i immediately raised a request for refund

Simultaneously, raised a question on app functionality in Stack ideas - An outstanding support within minutes - the application was up by Team - Stack ideas

I have raised multiple requests related to css customization, email customization, forum view customization and even paid member and redirection links - which were mostly beyond scope of any other extension - All these requests were not only welcomed but were aptly and brilliantly closed within hours

Must say - The support team especially Mark has win the hearts by providing an all sort of extended support

Will recommend this extension 100% - without any bias but the capabilities and support are flawless
Reviews: 3
I have used this product along with EasyBlog and the pros would be great ideas and extensive features.

The cons are, the functionality is filled with issues that require an update, but have not seen one in a while. These issues are fairly obvious if you set up a fair size site and use it, so not small issues. I believe less time has been spent on this product compared to EasyBlog as that site fails to have the same issues. Please look for an update before committing to this product as a paid extension.
Reviews: 5
Product = A+
Support = A+
Developer Skills = A+

seriously, all of stackideas products are TOP. NOTCH.
Reviews: 26
I used this to replace Kumena as it is easier for my members to use; that does not at all suggest that EasyDiscuss is not as sophisticated; fact is the interface and usability are better and clearer.
And that service everyone talks about. Ask a question and the answer is very quickly back - and the second.
A brilliant and easily customised product with A* service - and at a price that's extremely fair.
Take this one seriously.
Reviews: 5
Best (few) bucks i ever spent for an extension. Excellent support, Great component.
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