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EasyDiscuss is a Joomla forum extension for Joomla! It allows you to build forums or a question and answer community on your site easily.

Sparking conversations of a certain topic or have an online discussion about a particular subject is now possible with EasyDiscuss. Best of all, these discussions are valuable source of content that search engines love.

Use EasyDiscuss to manage your customers inquiries, build closer customer loyalty, build credibility, engage in multiple conversations, gather valuable experience from users, or simply build a repository of information that grows over time. EasyDiscuss is as good as Yahoo! Answers!

- Display user profiles from EasyBlog, Gravatar, JomSocial, Community Builder, Anahita, and more.
- Built in conversation system.
- Private discussions
- Recognize users by rewarding them with interesting Badges.
- Best navigation interface in the user profile system.
- Advance access control in categories.
- Powerful points system to honor active users.
- Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
- User friendly toolbar to manage, sort and search discussions.
- Blends into your existing Joomla template!
- Auto share discussions in Facebook, Twitter, and more.

- Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
- Attach files, images and URLs into discussions.
- You can add polls into discussions.
- Users can report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
- Search engine friendly titles and topics.
- Voting system.
- Integrates with Joomla articles, Google Maps, K2 and EasyBlog
- Allows code syntax usage for advanced users
- Set password protection for private discussions

More feature listing at

EasyDiscuss also comes with free modules and plugins that works harder for you.

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Reviews: 5
Best (few) bucks i ever spent for an extension. Excellent support, Great component.
Reviews: 3
The component is very easy to implement. It has a very nice styling on the back end. It has a very strong functionality.

I did encounter a small bug but support team inmediately fixed it.

A small con: Guest users are unable to vote. They promise to change this in the near future.

I have never have experience such an excellent support. Keep it up you guys!!!
Reviews: 2
Although I manage a number of Joomla websites and use literally hundreds of extensions, I seldom feel this compulsion to write a review in JED. But I felt this for StackIdeas' EasyDiscuss.

First and foremost, this is THE best question and answer forum solution available in the JED. I tried comparing this with few others but this one's far ahead out there... in fact, this extension sets the standard far higher for any joomla extension available today. I say this because, this has
+ Neat and clean front-end and back-end interfaces
+ Highly customizable to every details (developers have even given options for Akismet integration / ReCaptcha / Adsense integration / Pingomatic etc. all within its setting)
+ Integrable with common profile management systems e.g. CB, JomSocial etc.
+ Social integration options included (fb, tw, g+, digg... you name one)
+ Points/ badges
+ Notifications,e-mail (also crontab setup possible)
+ Customizable Likes, Accept this as answer (or reject) type features
+ and many many more.

Last but not the least, they have the best support people available - and I mean it. I asked them -
1. Customized feature - and they did it
2. Goofed-up something in the backend settings - and they fixed it
3. And all the responses were in an hour's time.

That's why I say, they set a pretty high standard for any Joomla extension out there.
Reviews: 6
This component is excellent, it works as described and the support has been phenomenal.

It is also very easy to use.

When I needed the extension to do something slightly different, they made the changes to the code for me very fast. This was better than expected support. I highly recommend this component to anyone looking for something a little more modern looking than a traditional message board.
Reviews: 4
It has been said before, but I still have to add my two cents: the level of service received from those guy surpasses everything I have ever seen. I needed a special adaption for my site (ability to display video in responses because the site is intended to be run with signing as a main language). They promised an adaption on my own site this morning. 10h later they apologize for the delay and present me with a solution that offers a lot more than they had promised. Incredible, really. If you're in for an excellent extension with a perfect service, look no further.
Reviews: 2
This is the second application I have bought from those guys the first one being EasyBlog, and I can say this is the best investments I never did on Joomla Applications.

I really appreciate EasyDiscuss, this new generation of forums and concerning the support, personnally I would give 10 stars for the one I got this week.

You ask a question, you get a fast answer that gives you the solution to your problem. And they're so fast.

Thanks you very much.

Reviews: 5
I'm normally not the guy who writes reviews but this time I have to.

For the component itself I just can say "Amazing!". It's easy to install, easy to manage, looks great, works out of the box what else to say. I've you're looking for a component where users can discuss under each other, this is is the component you need. This may sound as I am an employee of stackideas, but I'm not.

The support is thus even better as the component itself. After Installation of a new plugin (I have to mention that it was in beta state) I had some problems. The guys helped me out in no time and fixed all issues directly on my page... No action needed from my side.

Absolutely every penny worth!
Reviews: 1
EasyDiscuss is a great way to get users involved in your site but that's not why I'm posting a review. The support for this software is worth many times what I paid for the software. I had some unique needs that required support. They went beyond what anyone could expect. This isn't a business where they want you to download and go away. They expect to help you. That's a good deal.
Reviews: 4
Very good product. Streamlines very well with Joomla and Jomsocial. Wonderful product, amazing customer support! As i've said with EasyBlog, thank you Mark from stackideas for your excellent customer service and support! I am definately sticking with their products over others even if it's just to support their future development! THANKS STACKIDEAS!
Reviews: 5
after using kunena for years I just found easydiscuss and already love it. No matter if you want a q&a like yahoo answers or a complete forum, this extension will fit your needs. for me it's the best forum component and the best support I've ever seen.
the guys really know their job, are friendly and very quick, no matter if it's weekend or in the middle of the night - really awesome.
also they're open for new ideas and help if there are conflicts even if they were brought in by othere addons - usually other developers would say "this problem is from extension X - please go there" - not stackideas - these guys fix the issue so that your site is running - best decision I ever made. same goes to their other extensions as well ;-)
Reviews: 2
Remember the Honda auto ad of about 20 years ago? where various car parts rolled and fell into perfect place and a resonant voiceover said, "In't is nice" (or) "Don't you love it" "when things just work.."

Well, dealing with you guys is just like that ad. (That's not the case with some other software.)

Your software is fantastic. Your after service so much ahead. And bug fixes, just work.

Love it.


I added the fix and it just work perfectly, thereby again reminding me of the old Honda commercial :)

Many thanks,
Reviews: 1
This extension has helped me alot in my site,that what I was searching for long time,it has all what I want,nice,simple design ,yet strong module,has lots of most wanted mail to post,that allow users to send questions via mail to the forum.

I really congratulate the developers,for their great effort PLZ KEEP UP :)
Reviews: 1
undoubtedly EasyDiscuss is an excellent component for discussion board. But the most disappointing part of it is the issue with UTF-8 characters in alias. It cannot render UTF-8 characters in alias totally :(, generate alias like "-", "---" etc.
Owner's reply

Hey sktanmoy,

Thank you very much for the kind feedbacks! Greatly appreciated. The support for unicode aliases has been added in EasyDiscuss 2.0 which will be released soon :)

Reviews: 1
EasyDiscuss is ideal for what we needed in a forum/discussion app. The support has been superb.

Easy to set up and the technical support folks have done tweeks for us in a matter of hours. Great stuff!
Reviews: 2
excellent component with a real devoted support team. thank you for your work. I was looking for a new forum social integrated component and this one is just perfect.
Reviews: 1
I needed a forum like solution but not exactly. The client had requirements that made my journey for a solution unique. EasyDiscuss nailed it beautifully. This is a great component and a perfect example of why paid/commercial add-on's are worth every penny. The support is unreal and they showed great patience with me and gave me correct and accurate guidance. BUY THIS!
Reviews: 1
This is one of those must have extensions for Joomla.

I purchased the extension and had an issue with the configuration which had nothing to do with the extension itself. The guys from the support were happy to solve my issue within minutes.

Cannot praise this product and their support enough. One can just hope they come out with more useful extensions - Thank You
Reviews: 9
The support alone is worth getting EasyDiscuss. All of my questions and support needs have always been adressed with in hours if not minuets.

Easy discuss is simple an easy to use, love this extension for Q&A it seems to be working great!

Another great extension from Stack Ideas!
Reviews: 3
It looks simple than most forum solutions, very clean and easy to use, specially for users, it quickly invites to participate and The Support team is amazing there were some conflicts and they even created a plugin to fix in a matter of hours.
Amazing all around!

ten stars!!!
Reviews: 3
This has the makings of an excellent product, when the developer has finished making changes to his excellent EasyBlog I have no doubt he will keep improving this.

If you are looking for something more casual than a forum this is a great option.

Support is quick and responsive. Great to see components with this level of design and configuration.
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