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SIMAnswers is the complete Questions and Answers solution for Joomla. Many Q&A extensions claim to work like Yahoo Answers, but only SIMAnswers works in *exactly* the same way as Yahoo Answers, down to the last detail!

Admins can create categories and subcategories, set points and levels for different activities, and administer violation reports. By creating appropriate categories, you can create MUCH more meaningful content to your website. With more questions asked and answers provided, search engines will rank your site much higher (just like Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia, with a ton of user created content).

Admins can set points for the following actions:
- Starting participation
- Choosing best answer
- Login/visit per day
- Answering a question
- Voting on an answer
- Selected as best answer
- Receive thumbs up on best answer
- Asking a question (minus points)
- Spam answer removed (minus points)

What are Points for?

Points are required to reach a particular Level in SIMAnswers. Admins can set the different privileges each user has on each level. Eg. Set users to require 200 Points to reach Level 2, and 10 questions per day is allowed at at Level 2. There are 7 Levels that can be configured altogether.

Users can do a TON of things with SIMAnswers. Here's a quick list:
- Ask questions
- Answer questions
- Provide sources for their answers
- Select a best answer and rate it
- Answer open question, vote undecided questions, or discover resolved questions
- Attach files to questions and/or answers
- Add code snippets to questions and/or answers
- Bookmark and share questions using social bookmarks/websites
- Add to their private watchlists
- Add a question as interesting/starred
- Select a best answer or put their questions to a vote
- Extend question expiry by twice the time
- Comment on questions
- Report violations for questions, answers or comments
- Thumb up/down a question or answer, providing better community feedback
- Search questions easily, or with an advanced search feature
- More!

Other features:
- Top users
- Notifications feature
- JomSocial and EasySocial's points and AlphaUserPoints
- JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder and JomWall activity streams
- JomSocial/EasySocial/Community Builder profile plugin to display user's QnA activities
- Special AJAX pagination that improves SEO. Search bots will be able to page through list of questions.
- Admins can allow users to use the WYSIWYG editor to ask and/or answer questions
- Administer questions/answers/comments in the backend
- Set ACL rules for every action. eg Only Authors and above can Ask Questions. Activities include Ask Questions, Answer Questions, Post Comments, Rate Questions/Answers, and Vote for Best Answer.
- More!

There is just TOO MUCH to list. Please check the Documentation for full features description.

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Reviews: 11
I have been using SimANSWERS for over a year on our educational website. It's an excellent component that comes in handy for Questions and Answers. The display is attractive, it is very easy to use and we have been using it to help students and our visitors on many educational topics.
I have never experienced any trouble with it and if you need help, just send an e-mail and their knowledgeable staff is available to help.
Reviews: 1
Support here is excellent and you have timely updates. I have been using SimAnswers for over a year and they have been more than helpful. My questions have always been answered on time and I am very happy to say I own the pro version.
Reviews: 11
1. We like the concept of this extension which is similar to Yahoo Answers.

2. However, without support what is the purpose of paid subscription? We purchase and installed and it wasn't work as it should.

3. There is no documentation at all (such a lazy business).

4. We submited support ticket on working day. It has been 4 days still no answer!

5. You can read a lot of bad comments even in the forums.

I will not recommend this extension at all.

No Support, No documentation, No forum moderator/admin.
Owner's reply


2) The errors, as we have replied, were not errors. You did not translate the language file properly, which is why you see untranslated strings on your site, like PI_FP_FRONTPAGE_DESCRIPTION.

3) Yes there's documentation. It's on the website A file install.txt is also provided in the package.

4) You submitted the ticket on Thursday. It was Thanksgiving, which was a public holiday. We replied on Sunday 3 o'clock *in the morning*. I think that's some support.

5) We do not use the forum for support, because it's very time consuming and sometimes users post information that should be private. There is a dedicated support ticket system.

Again, as we have replied, you posted your ticket on a public holiday. People do take a rest on holidays.

Reviews: 101
This is certainly a well thought out component, and is quite interesting. I especially like the "Interesting list" where users can in a sense "like" a post. Well done!