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PRASHAN ComponentModule

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Prashan: A complete package to add seamless questions & answers (QA) feature to joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5.

Prashan is available on GPL V2, so you can use it on UNLIMITED NUMBER OF SITES without any restriction.

Prashan can be easily installed and configure according to your need carrying affluence features with complete analytics display of each questions like views, answers, votes etc. Apart from that, Prashan provide complete control over SEO part like Meta title, description, and keyword.

Prashan can also be used as a support system to manage customer’s questions, product FAQs, support question and customer’s inquiries. It provides functionality to build entire portal based on question & answer. Prashan has nice & elegant user interface.

We provide remarkable technical support for FREE! which includes bug resolving or any other technical issue, even we can customize entire theme for customer at very low cost.

# Special Features
- You can install the component on Unlimited Domains
- Unlimited categories
- Recaptcha for spam protection
- Simple, fast and easy editor
- Editor permission can managed for questions as well as for answers
- Reported questions and answer will automatically marked as red in backend
- Best answer will automatically marked as green in backend
- Active email alerts contributors for activities like when answer is submitted, when best answer is chosen, when a question is reported etc
- Question can be filter by status like ALL, OPEN, SOLVED, ANSWERED, POPULAR
- Question filters are available in search and categories both
- Template is extremely easy with already define template tags

# Premium Feature of Prashan
- User level system, prashan has 5 level whose label can be custom define.
- Administrator can define following setting for every level:
-Points can be earned by following activities and number of points can also be defined by administrator
- Administrator can approved any question or answer by just clicking a link in email alert

# Features for Questions
- Automatically question status updated like open, answered, solved etc
- Question can be reported to the administrator by user or guest
- Questions can be voted by users as well as by guest
- Every question can be answer by users or guest
- Contributor of question can select best answer
- User and guest both can ask question
- Question can be reported to the administrator by user or guest
- When any answer is submitted, all contributor of question will updated by an email alert.

# Features for Answers
- Each answer can have unlimited number for resource url
- Answer can be submitted by both user and guest
- Any answer can reported to the administrator
- Voting for answers

# Features for Contributors
- Graphical representation for analytics like number of question, number of answers, points, contributor level etc
- View recent question and answer
- A permanent link for every contributor

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Reviews: 4
Very good extension - Excellent support. Was a little bug in 1 of the themes but a future release will fix that soon. Waiting for the 3.x version which is supposed to be within a month. Look forward to it.
Reviews: 8
Simple, elegant and well crafted extension. Support is friendly and overall we are very pleased with it. We look forward to the next version.
Reviews: 8
We've been using this product for close to a year now and have had no issues whatsoever. The support has been great in answering questions and providing insight on setup etc. For the money and the support you receive is well worth it.