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This Joomla module adds live chat functionality to your Joomla site. Your visitors can chat with each other right in your website without refreshing their browsers. It's almost like chatting on an instant messenging network! And it's all powered by AJAX, a hot new old technology that powers things like Gmail, Google Maps and other brilliant web apps. Now you can get a piece of all this in your own site. For problems with installing please contact me instead of using the review function.

List of features:
Live updates
Guest posting
Guest tags
CSS Styling
Smilies support
Option to let only registred users shout

Version 1.6 is now compatible with Joomla! 2.5. Note that there are different files for Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5.

Version 1.7 fixes a possible SQL injection

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Reviews: 3
Installation was smooth, simple and painless.

I am using the Pro version, the only thing missing from my point of view to make this a killer, is the JomSocial avatars from members on the Shoutbox.

Either way, this is a great addon.
Reviews: 10
I use the pro version on J 1.5 and it works fine just out of the box.

Everythink you will need to customize, you will find within the developers forum.

Very good job !!!

Sunny regards

Kurt Steiner
Reviews: 1
If you had a 10 stars category I would have given this extension 11, that much I am pleased with the Shout Box and the service/support I received from the developer. Not only he showed unusual patience in listening to the tweaks that I asked him to modify in the software but he went one step further and implemented other aspects as well.

So now I have two Pro versions installed on my site, One open to the public to shout as much as they would like and ANOTHER Pro version which is accessible only to me and serves as a lightening fast broadcasting medium to reach only the registered users of my site. It has the sound option enabled so that when I speak, those tuned in, are alerted and are able to immediately see my message.

I don't know enough about Programming to suggest detailed revisions or modifications, but I would imagine if the Shout Box could support other forms of data and not just typed text, delivered at such high speed, the value of it as a channel of communication/broadcasting would certainly rise. I am thinking for example of being able to embed Photos, graphs, small maps etc, along with the text.

A sophisticated feature could be the ability to open a private channel from within the public Pro version to enable two parties to terminate or continue their exchange of ideas without others being able to view their conversation.

Final verdict, if you are looking for a Shout Box or a live messaging board, this extension is well worth your while to check out. You can first try the free version which is just identical to the Pro, just that the Pro will give you more controls/options.
Reviews: 3
sorry to say this gets spammed like hell!

GUEST MOD is off but does not help!
Owner's reply

Are you sure you are running the latest version? This was indeed a bug in an old version but has been fixed in the most recent one.

Reviews: 1
Easy to set UP, it's doing exactly what is needed for!
It's on my web site and users like it and use it very much
Reviews: 1
This is the best shoutbox i have ever seen.
Reviews: 4
Perfect one. The only problem which I saw is that it breaks some other Ajax components (for example mod_rokintroscroller) if they are on the same page...
Reviews: 1
Wonderful Module ... would like to have it very much on my site, but
after module placement, my pull down menu can not work anymore... The pull down menu works only to the 1st level pull down, can not show 2nd level and beyond.
It's a shame that I can not use the module due to that. If there is a solution, definitely I'll have the module reinstalled. Good work!!
Reviews: 2
At long last there is a shout box that actually works with Joomla 1.5.X!

Go ahead and give the free version a test-spin. Aside from some text characters (ampersand, quote marks, etc.) displaying incorrectly, it works well enough. But after paying the few extra dollars for the PRO version, I am quite pleased with this module's features and functionality.

It was easy enough to tinker with the module's css file to adjust the colors to match my site, and removing the text link for "SMILEYS" was easy as removing a line from the default template file. Piece o' cake!

Worried about dishing out a few bucks? Don't fret. Go PRO... It's worth it to get the only shout box that really works in J1.5
Reviews: 3
Very simple to install and get working. The members of my site are finding it very useful and it has made our club site more interactive without me having to put in a lot of effort. Can't wait for the new version
Reviews: 2
this is a absolutly nice module!
ist easy to customize (css) and runs straight out of the box.
there are only two things missing in version: 1.2 b2
1. display username instead of realname
2. antispam functionality

looking forward for the next release!
Reviews: 1
Installed this extension within minutes. The few options to set are OK. The only minor is the display of the "realname" when logged in instead of "username".
For this is an "YES".
Reviews: 1
Work great for me ;)
Reviews: 7
I've been using this component for over 2 years now and have just installed the latest version on a 1.0.15 site - it works like a dream.
Reviews: 2
Running J1.0.15 and it isnt running stable in internet explorer and other browsers except firefox. even the lower version of the shoutbox.
Reviews: 1
I installed this component and modul. I think that this component have very nice effects.
But I have a problem because turkish characters. When I'm using like "_,ç,,ü, etc.", its are changing and writings are not reading.
I think this cause ajax and I try a lot of different way, and I'm not fixed this problem...Pls helpp ...
Reviews: 3
Incredibly simple to install. Worked easily straight out of the box. Purely easy to use too.
Reviews: 1
It`s excellent thank you so much. Easy and powerful.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to configure, easy to set up... under 1 minute from download to install...
Reviews: 2
There is a conflict between RocketThemes RokFlow script/module and this shoutbox. After installing the shoutbox component, the window.addevent statement of rokflow doesn't execute or produces error resulting incomplete flow of pics. :(
Can anybody tell me the solution for this?

Except this problem, everything is good :)
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