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Core Design Shoutbox Module

This extension is a powerfull and lightweight Joomla! module that allows you to easily add an interactive shoutbox (mini chat) to your website.

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Reviews: 2
I went ahead with the full paid membership to be able to get this slick looking shout box and had to give up on it.

My first issue with it was that if you choose to close the shout boxes on one page and you go to another, they all open again. This is a bit of a pain if you are working on designing a site for normal peoples monitors as it covers up a part of the page. The author of this did say he was working on changing this in the future. This is not why I gave up on this though. The support was friendly and quick. Thumbs up to that.

Why did I give up? Way, way to many java script disputes and interference with other components, modules and plug-ins. Every time I solved one issue another would come up.

It's not technically the module but rather the "Core Design Scriptegrator plugin" that most of Core Design's extensions run with including this one. This caused issues in the administration and the front end for me. They were the type of issues you scratch your head at till you want to give up. Low and behold, disabling the Scriptegrator plugin solved every issue I was having.

Core Design seems to have a lot of really good ideas but they don't seem to be building them with the whole picture in mind. I hope to find something in their collection that will help me with sites but if the Scriptegrator is involved I will not waste my time.
Reviews: 1
Very powerfull minichat,
Take a look at the Demosite.
Only thing it require full paid membership
Not just registration like description above.
Anyway i will buy it.
Exellent work throw away boring Shoutboxes get this one.