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Kide Shoutbox Lite ComponentModule

- Languages: Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Persian, Polish
- Works in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1
- Captcha
- User color
- Ability to view history
- Ban users
- Icons
- Sound notification when a message is sent
- Template system


20 Jan 2014 - v1.4.4

# Fixed bug opening kide and smileys popups (thanks Stranger)
# Fixed bug editing icons in Joomla 3.0+ (thanks Stranger)

27 Oct 2013 - v1.4.3

+ Added Swedish language (thanks Jan Edelius)
# Fixed bug in Joomla 3 (thanks HN2021)
# Fixed bug adding bans from Kide Admin (thanks knathanail)
! Changed swf sound by a mp3 file

23 Aug 2013 - v1.4.2

# Fixed important bug in mod_kide_users_inline
# Fixed little bug in css dark template

03 May 2013 - v1.4.1

^ Restored "time bar" (thanks feddx)

11 Apr 2013 - v1.4.0

# Deleted http push method (a lot of problems with apache servers)
# Fixed bug with sessions in module (thanks fraenk)

02 Apr 2013 - v1.3.5

# Be sure mysql cache is disabled in "push" ajax request
# Be sure "push" ajax request ends with javascript abort
# Fixed bug when alert of new messages
! Changed default session time from 100 to 200 seconds
! Changed default max execution time from 90 to 60 seconds

01 Apr 2013 - v1.3.4

+ Change tab title when it's not actived for alert of new messages (pro version)
+ New option in kide config to disable privates
+ Show IP in admin kide messages

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Reviews: 10
I've been using Kide for a few months and suddenly the mod wasn't working anymore. At first I thought it was due to an upgrade to J2.5.9, but no, rather java trouble on my page. JoniJnm readily helped me anyhow, upgraded his files and was around until I had installed everything and it started working again. Big kudos!
Reviews: 3
We use this extension on a fairly intensive and large site. We use it on our Joomla 1.5 site and now also 2.7. Being the free version, i seldom expect great service but we did have a problem related to user access, seemed a general issue which i mailed the developer regards and found a temp solution myself. The awesome news... the developer not long afterwoods released an update with the fix in ... the version we have upgraded to! Nice to see developers taking pride. The extension works great and certainly fills our needs for what we are looking...keep it up guys
Reviews: 2
excellent program. The PRO version is fine. I encourage you rénumerer the author for this software. this is the only shoutbox I know that works. The shoutbox is very rare on Joomla. Thank you.
Reviews: 11
I like how this looks on my site configuration is easy and has lots of fetures, Only problem is description syas captch when in fact it's recaptcha and this poses a problem as there is no way to configure the way recapthca looks or it's size with this mod. Good idea but needs some work, Plain capthca whould be better as it would not push the size of sidebars like recaptcha does.
Reviews: 6
It's simple, easy to install and configure, and works fine. Pro version isn't expansive, it's a really good thing.

But, I would add some suggestions :
- How about multiple instance/chan ? I would use more than 1 box on my website, and not on the same chan. I don't know if it is possible. Didn't find anything on the forum about this, so, I think it isn't. And i'm not sure making a second install would be a great idea =P
- Disabling smileys didn't work on my website. Don't know why. But if disabled, I would remove the button above list of users
- With dark template, I don't have border on the chat, list of users, and text area, if the chat is on a popup.

Rest is ok. Really good extension !
Reviews: 32
thanks a lot for this amazing shoutbox ,,really nice,,it works without any problem even the pro version price is really helpful ,,,thanks again ,,i luv it :)
Reviews: 1
I like this shoutbox out of all the ones Ive tried. Its highly customisable to suit your needs.

If I have one complaint since upgrading from 0.9.6 the youtube links are broken and it keeps jumping to the top of the box when looking at older messages. I see that it says its fixed in the changelog but it doesnt appear to be??
Reviews: 2
i like this tool. it is easy to install, easy to use and has all basic options onboard.

In addition it works seamless in v1.7.3 :-)
Reviews: 1
Kide does what it promises but my hosting provider asked me to take it down as it was consuming way to much resources.
Owner's reply

In Joomla admin > Kide > options > you can change the refresh time.

PD: Change your hosting

Reviews: 4
This is a great component/module, very well developed, highly customizable and actively maintained and supported. I like my chat to be fully hosted in my site (in order to avoid the uncertainty/costs of external hosts and the bad behaving widgets of MSN etc). And this one has everything I want, and -most importantly- an excellent support!
Reviews: 1
Easy to set up and use. Works like a charm. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Thanks, just what I need!
Reviews: 4
The best way to have a chat without having to rely on a hosted.
Runs smoothly.
I've tried installing several times on different sites and always gives me jpfchat problems and errors.
Thanks for this great extension Joni!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for that type of box, just what I need!

However, it is not in french yet? Which file should I modify to set the front end in french for my users?

I'm just starting using joomla !!
Owner's reply

fr-FR language is not included. You have to edit the file language/en-GB/com_kide.en-GB.ini

If you create the fr-FR you attach it in my forum support.


Reviews: 1
First of all thanks for this excellent component.But if you write too long messages then table goes to endless, and you can't see the messages completely or it breaks down template of your web site.

And I wonder what did you do private message system in new version of the component? where is it now? why did you remove that useful feature?

Thank you...
Owner's reply


Fixed the first problem, I will upload the v0.9.2 soon.

Private messages are only in pro version, sorry

Reviews: 2
Good component, i liked it. Anyway i would like to ask and suggest some things.

Is possible to become users online in the chat as soon as they log in in the website? I mean, the user needs to go to the chat page to be "online"?

And is possible to implement user status (busy, away, etc) and add the private windows in the module?

Thanks for helping.
Owner's reply

I can get all users from the sessions table of Joomla, but if a user isn't in the module or component, he can't know that he has, for example, new messages. Kide is not created to send private messages, it's used to chat online.

The status... I think won't be implemented soon. About the private messages, the module alerts you when someone sends a message, so you can read it in component

Reviews: 2
I've been looking for this kind of thing for quite a while, and I have found nothing better than Kide so far... So many features of free version, working just out-of-the-box! Using it on two community sites of mine...
> Ease of installation
> Ease of use
> Nice features (sound, CB integr.)
> Fast enough

> Does not adapt to dark templates, had to fix manually via CSS
> (miiiinor one) Hard to replace notification sound, SWF; default is fine though not ideal :)

Looking forward to themes :)
Reviews: 1
I love this!

Easy to set up and maintain.
Reviews: 6
Best free joomla shoutbox. But I have sound button problem with new 0.8 version - it doesnt remember button state, after page reload its always off.
Owner's reply

Fixed! Thanks :-)

Reviews: 1
very nice application, worked first time after installing! only thing that bothers me is that "kide shoutbox vX.X" sorta "banner" but hey, gotta be something for non-commercial :) good job
Owner's reply

This text will be hidden when you write more messages (need scroll to see it) :P

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