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Kide Shoutbox Lite ComponentModule

- Languages: Catalan, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Persian, Polish
- Works in Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1
- Captcha
- User color
- Ability to view history
- Ban users
- Icons
- Sound notification when a message is sent
- Template system


25 Nov 2014 - v1.4.5

# Fixed security bug (thanks Thomas)

20 Jan 2014 - v1.4.4

# Fixed bug opening kide and smileys popups (thanks Stranger)
# Fixed bug editing icons in Joomla 3.0+ (thanks Stranger)

27 Oct 2013 - v1.4.3

+ Added Swedish language (thanks Jan Edelius)
# Fixed bug in Joomla 3 (thanks HN2021)
# Fixed bug adding bans from Kide Admin (thanks knathanail)
! Changed swf sound by a mp3 file

23 Aug 2013 - v1.4.2

# Fixed important bug in mod_kide_users_inline
# Fixed little bug in css dark template

03 May 2013 - v1.4.1

^ Restored "time bar" (thanks feddx)

11 Apr 2013 - v1.4.0

# Deleted http push method (a lot of problems with apache servers)
# Fixed bug with sessions in module (thanks fraenk)

02 Apr 2013 - v1.3.5

# Be sure mysql cache is disabled in "push" ajax request
# Be sure "push" ajax request ends with javascript abort
# Fixed bug when alert of new messages
! Changed default session time from 100 to 200 seconds
! Changed default max execution time from 90 to 60 seconds

01 Apr 2013 - v1.3.4

+ Change tab title when it's not actived for alert of new messages (pro version)
+ New option in kide config to disable privates
+ Show IP in admin kide messages

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Reviews: 1
Thanks for a great shoutbox. We tried a few others that worked Ok but had a few problems getting them to fit in our site as we wanted. We also had trouble getting sound to work through safari and as most of our users are MAC converts and use safari we never knew if others were sending shouts. Since installing the Kide Shoutbox we have had no problem with sound and the shoutbox is easy to fit where wanted. We are also impressed with the ability to have as modue or as chat popup and the history feature is also great to go back over what people have said as we often use it to help new users navigate and learn. Thanks again for a great job.
Reviews: 1
Wow nice shoutbox i have to say,very easy to use and very good looking.Good job.
1 noob do i remove the name and the Kide Shoubox version0.x.x

Reviews: 1
Excellent shoutbox, the best one for me. you'll need to adjust css settings to integrate it perfectly in your website but it works great and it's really easy to configure...

Only two things : we can't set number of messages showing in the shoutbox in panel admin ... and we can't set a delay to empty the history ... The last problem is that i don't know how to connect my CB profiles on shoutbox's profiles ...

Great job.
Owner's reply

You can set the messages to show, in the admin, in "Messages to show".

You can also set the limit of message to save and how many messages show in the history.

And, you can connect the profiles with CB in "View profile" > "Community builder"

This options are in Joomla Admin > Kide > Preferences (top-right, next to the buttons Save, Cancel, ect)

Reviews: 7
Very nice and easy to install and use with joomla!!!
Like it a lot.
Reviews: 5
10/10 for this. Easy to download, easy to easy install, easy to customize for your use, easil the best shout box i've used. Thanks for a great component.
Reviews: 3
I had tried (and modified) may-be all the ajax/javascript or flash shoutboxes of the market.
With no very good reults.
In one word, this one is PERFECT. All the features you need, easy to customize with CSS, easy to hack with a clear and simple coding style, stable, no compatibility problems, despite my site is running Mootools, Jquery and a lot of custom JS scripts. And sooo fast !
Installed in two clicks, works out of the box.
Congratulations ans so much thanks to the author fot this wonderfull piece of art.
Reviews: 1
This is a very nice and powerful component/module.

It has everything to be used as a chat.

Only downside I can see is that it's quite hard to get your way through its Spanish homepage if you don't understand a word of Spanish.
Owner's reply


You can change the language of the site ( Post a message in kunena is easy, other people have posted in english. But what about the com, did you vote it?

Thanks for the review :-)

Reviews: 1
I have tried to install 2 other shoutboxes, the other wouldn't fit in well to my site, and the other just didn't look so good... anyway, when I installed this one, which was so EASY, (I'm really new to Joomla, you know so it really helped!), I immediately liked it! It looked so nice! I loved all the colors, and the smilies, and all that. Not really perfect I guess, but the best one I found!

Just one question I'm concerned about, will I not get SPAMMED because of not having captcha? 'Cause again I'm saying, I'm quite new to this. Thanks in advance. And thanks a lot to the developer. Thumbs up!!!
Owner's reply

There is not spam by bots because there is not a submit botton. To send a message you need press the botton enter. But maybe I will add captcha, in the next version :)

Reviews: 1
I searched for a shoutbox for my website and tried four others, that either didn't work or didn't reach my requirements.
This shoutbox is just great, it works fine (!), and you can easily delete messages from the backend. Just what I wanted!
Thanks for that great work!
Reviews: 1

Really great component
Simple, fast, does the job.

I was wondering if you are thinking of giving an option for the direction of the messages. Now the new messages are on the top.
Can we get an option for the new messages to be on the bottom?

Otherwise it's amazing
Reviews: 2
Finally I can find a good extension for my new website Thank God! Oh sorry thank to team who build this extension. :D
Reviews: 1
To the creator of this Kide Chat, I just want to say, "Thank you!" I have tried, realistically, five or six others with no avail. Either ran into an ajax problem or they were extremely slow.

This loaded and ran great immediately. Your help message about needing to load the component was very helpful, as well.

I am definitely going to "Donate."

One question...How do I get rid of the buttons above chat module box. I do not want to let people change/leave/power on/off/options/history, etc.?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Owner's reply

Hi Kent,

The buttons are in the file:

- (module) mod_kide/tmpl/default_botones.php
- (component) com_kide/front/views/kide/tmpl/default_botones.php

One line is a button

Reviews: 2
After I have tried several shoutboxes this one seemed best. Posibility to connect to CB, ability to use in a separate window, sound notifications.

The only thing that could be improved is the orange margin, a posibility to be changed in the backend to change the color can't be difficult to include. And the option to set the default writing color.Maybe I don't want users to change chat color, rather i will select the color for the chat.

Other than that.. absolutely great component
Reviews: 1
This is a great tool for our community Website. Thanks for this.

My only comment is that there is a typo in the "last message" line at the top of the shoutbox. When the Last message was 1 Hour or more ago, the line reads "Last Message: 1 dour and 15 minutes. It should read 1 hour (not dour)

Thanks again for this great Shoutbox - keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
this shoutbox is the one that works for me, I love it. If I can suggest: the way to make it perfect is to make it remember if the sound is on or off when a user turns site page.
Thank a lot.
Owner's reply

The status of the sound is saved in a cookie (kide_config), so Kide remembers it :)

Reviews: 1
I tried all the shoutboxes listed, and I must say that this was the best in respect to errors encountered and functionality.

Only one thing I would like extra. The option to have an audio alert each time someone added a shout.
If it had this it would be excelent, according to my taste.
Owner's reply

Added in the v0.5.1 :-)

Reviews: 1
The component works great and the creator was kind solving a little problem the chat has.
Reviews: 3
I get the same problem with IE. The page cannot load. Visited the forum, but I don't know Spanish. Is there information in English available on how to solve this, cause I think the component could be great?
Owner's reply

Fixed in the v0.4.2 :)

Reviews: 1
I love the shoutbox although it doesnt work with internet explorer. When I open the page it says internet explorer cannot display page, operation aborted. I researched for this error and its caused by java script. It is easily fixed by adding a code to the java script tags. Also the orange color scheme doesnt work with a lot of templates so you should add an option to customize color schemes. The smiley buttons and icons on top of shout box look bad in dark template backgrounds. Minor bugs but in all its a great shoutbox.
Owner's reply

Can you send me an e-mail or use my forum to ask you some questions? Thanks

Reviews: 1
I love this chat module alot. my site does not load on IE7 need help to slove that one problem.
Owner's reply

Please, tell me you website (using e-mail or my forum) for test

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