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AVConference Video Conference Component

AVConference 1.2 is an awesome video conference software that runs in the browser.

Some of the features:
* intuitive and easy to use(drag&drop) flash user interface
* many 2 many real time audio and video streams with automatic webcam and mic detection
* enhanced text chat with bad words filter and formatting options
* users list with gender/camera/mic/admin icons,
* limit video time and video speed for users
* limit the number of cams users can watch.
* separate moderator interface from where you can kick and ban users, delete and create rooms.
* keeps text logs of the text chat on the FMS/Red5 server for later review
* moderation feature: each tech chat message must be first approved by a moderator
* file sharing trough the file panel
* screen sharing with third party apps:
* supports pushing higher quality video streams trough the free FMLE tool from Adobe:

This software is great for meetings, conferences, live events, recruiting, trainings, consultations, coaching and group chat.

Separate components are provided for Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 !

15 day trial available!
10 day money back policy for the purchase!

All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL.

Requirements: a Joomla website and a media server (FMIS/Red5), more info here:

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Reviews: 2
The product has very good quality and when I had questions there was allways an excelent and friendly support from the members of this company.