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VideoWhisper conference ComponentModule

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VideoWhisper Video Conference is a 100% web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool.

Video Conference component and module for Joomla allow easy setup of the VideoWhisper Video Conference software and creation of video conferencing rooms from backend and frontend.

This provides live web based video conferencing, public & private chat, multiple rooms and file exchange features. Ready to be used for online communities, business meetings.

This software is great for meetings, trainings, conferences, live events, recruiting, consultations, coaching and of course casual community chat.

This brings people together instantly and without travel costs. These benefits open a wide range of new business opportunities and bring the extra value needed by established sites struggling to go ahead of their competitors.

Latest versions include P2P support, codec configuration (H264, Speex, Nellymoser), acoustic echo cancellation if supported by client.

The free version has some limitations of the maximum number of users, rooms and simultaneous video panels but otherwise works the same as the full version.

The component is developed using MVC (model view controller) for Joomla and same extensions work on Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 . Another component is available for 3.x .

Also supports JomSocial groups if component is available.

Joomla integration features:
Backend Features: Setup parameters, create and manage all rooms (including permissions) and room templates.
Front End Features: List latest public rooms & user's rooms, create room (from template), manage settings for own rooms.

All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL.

Full details about the integration component and installation here:

This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular php&mysql web hosting plan for the regular website features (you probably have that if you have joomla installed) and a special plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming and other instant communication required between chat clients.

You need 1 of these to run the interactive and streaming part of the software: Red5, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server. See the software requirements page on our site for more details. Red5 is free and open source but you need a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access to install it.

If you're not into these technical details you can also find this type of hosting with management services on our site or from other providers.

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Reviews: 2
I have been using quite a number of free extensions for video conferencing but nothing gives a quality streaming yet. But this extension does have indeed a flawless streaming and I tested with up to 5 users and the streaming results are great.
Reviews: 1
Easy and efficient plugin. Very good tool for making e-instructions or for recording any special moments or occasions on computer webcam. For example, online classes can be recorded and forwarded to students. All recording files have great audio and video quality. Excellent product for staying on top of your choice.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best video conference plugin I've used. There was someone here that posted a review saying the service is bad - I though it was damn great! And it's not just the service, it's everything, period.
Reviews: 1
This Great Applications! was nice cost effective for the Chat room development projects using Joomla. An excellent addition for projects which required built-in support for webinars on private portals.

If you need more customization i think you have to pay for it. And it needs a bit more in-depth documentation, but overall it is a great applications! Cheers!
Reviews: 2
I needed video chatrooms for my site and my friend recommend I try this plugin. Boy was I surprised how quick and easy it was to setup! When I had any questions the staff were very responsive and very helpful. The tool itself is working as advertised and I would definitely recommend Video Whisper for your video conferencing needs.
Reviews: 1
This extension is pretty cool and the documentation guides the full installation steps. The size of videos windows is looking good. This free version is extremely effective for the chat room projects and a real file sharing tool. It is really a helpful product for beginners. In fact, this product is remarkable.
Reviews: 2
This free version was very cost effective for the Chat room projects developed using Joomla. Also, it was a great addition for projects which required built-in support for webinars on private portals.

It needs a bit more in-depth documentation, but overall it is an awesome extension.
Reviews: 1
There are two positive things in this program. It works (sometimes, depend of your host), and doesnt look very expensive.

And there are a long list of negative things:

- Documentation is very poor and the forum is permanently close (you can imagine why).

- The VideoWhisper support is the worst ever. Speak with them is like speak with a wall. Try it yourself, maybe is better if you ask in romanian lenguage?.

- If you need to adapt the program to your Joomla webpage (and you will need because the layout is quite agly), without documentation, forum and support, you must begin for read the source code.
Forget to change anything if you dont have Joomla and Php skills. And even when you are a expert, you will have dificults to change basic things.

- If you need more customizacion you have to pay (yes, it is the bussiness). For example: to remove the startup messages (from VideoWhisper firm) it cost $500. If you ask them to custom application, the money begin to run (but the standar of service is maybe the same).

- The program use there own video player. It is a secret flash encripted file. It is permanently connected to the VideoWhispers servers to control if you bought the licence. The point is, what kind of control they collect over your webpage, your videos, rtmp address?. I dont know if they use this information, but to know external rtmp is very interesting (specially, because they offer hosting services).

You can try the free version, but I dont recommend anybody to buy this program.
Reviews: 1
It's a great component! I've installed it (the free version) and it works fine. But I'm having a slight promblem: I'm using vw component in a site that's served in an intranet with a strict security policy and every contact with the internet is forbitten. In order to get connected to the rtmp server the application first communicates with the firm's ( license server to check my licence's validity. This is not going to happen in a closed intranet with no access to internet and the component won't work.
Reviews: 1
i dont use the confrence version of this product i use the streaming version..i have to say for a "free" product,this is sooo nice.

once you have red 5 installed on your server installing this is a breeze .combined with the admin plug in and the ease of which u can stream id say this product is outstanding .slick interface,adjustable,user boxes.simply put one fantastic piece of software.
Reviews: 1
This is a great product. Demo looks great and the app comes in various flavors. However, a little attention to customer service (rely tickest/emails) would make this line of product fly high!!!
Reviews: 3
Hi everybody,
for short i'am System Engineer and do not write code. Play with joomla for fun.

When you have the two needed machines up and running the installation of the com_videowhisper is easy as described on
Pay attention in creating the Menu entry with your on external URL to LAMP.

LAMP on ubuntu 8.04.3 and Red5 on ubuntu 9.04 with an exellent "how to" found with "red5 up and running" in a search engine ;-).

I guess Red5 could be a killer for newbee's. The describtion from videowhisper is a bit out dated.


Play with it and have fun. Oh, be the way, i do not have any contact to videowhisper ;-).

A happy joomla user.
Reviews: 1
Great components, all of them are truly excellent! Took me a while to get it set up. *Tip* just set up an external link or wrapper link to:

If you've entered your rtmp path in the the components parameters in the backend, your golden! I haven't tried to host the rtmp on my own server. I used their minimum shared hosting package 6gb to set up and test.
Way to go guys if you're interested in suggestions I'm sure I'll eventually develop some.Thanks Again!!!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this software a week ago. It still isn't working. I have submitted emails and trouble tickets and still have not gotten a response. The software has excellent features and documented on the product's site. I was using another webcam program and was excited about features such as uploading video for visitors to my site and having the ability to ban users from chat rooms. It sounded so good, I immediately purchased the software. Installation was most difficult. Support is almost the worst I have encountered! So I am stuck with software that does not meet the needs of my site and developers who seem unconcerned about service after purchase. I hope someone else will provide the features noted in this software and provide technical support to ensure the enuser is pleased!
Owner's reply

1. The software can be downloaded and installed for free. By ordering a commercial license all limitations (including ad panel) are removed from license server - the software is the same and does not need to be updated.
2. The rest of the comment doesn't make sense: installation was difficult but it isn't working? We offer free installation with each purchase as long as your host meets the requirements. We also offer managed hosting - meaning we setup everything including the rtmp application. Please double check that you are indeed our customer because you also mention another similar product in your comments. Include your domain and order number in your tickets and use the same email used for ordering to avoid confusions and get fast answers.

Reviews: 1
hi there,

the instalation its true is not for beginners but its true also this component have the last techologies so only for that is wrong thinking that is only download and install !!! we need set ! but a litle of patience it works.....

Bad Points for me:
1. It works on a "separate window" why not as a normal component that it works under a joomla site?
2. We dont have any custom control of the frontend window. By default she is at left. Why we cant center or put here at right?
3. exception of rooms(create/delete etc ...) dont have op's control's (bans, kicks, +op, -op etc ...)

Good Points:
1.Nice and cool size of videos windows

at the end i wait for the next release ...
Reviews: 3
Installation is easy, no worries about that one. Documentation is limited, one is left in the dark about what exactly needs to be added to a streaming server. Also, the php code stating the component's target is not clear. When installing the extension, a tip is showing using VW & raw, which does not show when adding a menu item. But there is no way to recall this information!

The idea behind it is great, but some more in-depth documentation is really needed. State exactly what needs to be put where and allow test content to be used. We have a streaming server running, but are met with really infuriating 500 server errors, which means that we will de-install again and look somewhere else.
Owner's reply

The documentation page explains what needs explains full installation steps.
To install the fms application for the streaming server copy contents of com_videowhisper_conference\fms_applications in zip file to your "applications" folder in your Flash Media Server installation folder.
The component page and now also in installation instructions there is an explanation about adding the link to the special view of the video conference: Add a link to the video conference to your menu. It must be an external, absolute link to your joomla installation (with full website url) for component com_videowhisper_conference, view vw, format raw:
Thank you for trying our component - if you need assistance you can contact us by tickets.

Reviews: 1
Joomla is place to easy, free and helpful extensions. This chat looks nice, but setting are total poor. Too much confusing things without any helpful informations. RTMP,FMS... God knows whatever else. I think some of us need half life to set this component.
Owner's reply

This software allows live web cam video streaming on website pages - features not possible to create with regular website technologies (php, mysql, html, javascript). To achieve these special features the application requires a RTMP server used by flash to stream video. This is required just for the streaming, in addition to the regular web host where the component is installed and run from. That is explained on the requirements page from our site. There is also a rtmp hosting page that includes information about downloading the free developer edition of adobe flash media server. We also provide our 100% managed rtmp hosted plans and links to most popular providers of this of hosting. Thank you for downloading and trying to use our component!