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VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat ComponentModule

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VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat is a premium, 100% web based, high definition, P2P video communication software designed for instant 1 on 1 online video conferencing. It's a solution for conducting easy to setup face to face meetings without leaving your office or home. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet somebody and discuss one on one.

The free version can be downloaded for testing and limited use.

VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat component for Joomla provides an advanced interface for creating and managing 2 way video chat rooms.

VideoWhisper 2 Way Video Chat module for Joomla will list public rooms and rooms owned by current logged in user.
Rooms can be created, edited, deleted with multiple options, including resolution and framerate, bandwidh, usage limitations like credits that can be assigned for custom durations (daily, monthly).
This could be used for setting up paid services (offer 2 way video chat rooms to salesmen, sales companies, call centers).

Latest versions include P2P support, codec configuration (H264, Speex, Nellymoser), acoustic echo cancellation if supported by client.

The free version has some limitations and ads but otherwise works the same as the full version.

The component is developed using MVC (model view controller) for Joomla and same extensions work on Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 . Another component is available for 3.x .

Also supports JomSocial groups if component is available.

Joomla integration features:
Backend Features: Setup parameters, create and manage all rooms (including permissions) and room templates.
Front End Features: List latest public rooms & user's rooms, create room (from template), manage settings for own rooms.

All PHP integration source code is provided under GPL.

Full details about the integration component and installation here:

This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular php&mysql web hosting plan for the regular website features (you probably have that if you have joomla installed) and a special plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming and other instant communication required between chat clients.

You need 1 of these to run the interactive and streaming part of the software: Red5, Wowza or Adobe Flash Media Server. See the software requirements page on our site for more details. Red5 is free and open source but you need a VPS or Dedicated Server with root access to install it.

If you're not into these technical details you can also find this type of hosting with management services on our site or from other providers.

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Reviews: 1
First used a month's license for a web-project which proved fantastic, now going to buy complete package. Easy to install and not complicated to use. Additionally, the support was good. Would be great if trial version lifespan can be enhanced. So far appreciated by all users as good in 1 on 1 online conferencing. Saved the time and cost.
Reviews: 2
We installed the demo of three of these items as we were considering buying all three.

The support, or at least email exchanges were very frustrating. The people seem to be most defensive about anything you ask and are quick to get rude with you. Then again, it might be because I asked questions they didn't have answers for, I don't know.

The next problem is the so called trial version which is just 15 minute sessions then the server no longer accepts connections. This is most frustrating because it takes much more than 15 minutes to start a conference, walk people into getting set up, etc etc.

Internally, the video was very bad at times and for remotes, almost unusable. We did have a few successful moments however but they were always short lived by the 15 minute timeout.

I think the software looks nice, nothing any more special than other flash based solutions however and does seem to promise something good once the company matures a little more.

It is too easy to put out endless marketing materials that hype up a product and too many companies spending more energy on marketing and selling than actually supporting their users.

At this time, I would be nervous about purchasing from this company.
Owner's reply

The 15 minute limit in free mode applies per room. You can create as many rooms as needed from admin area (or frontend in latest version) and continue tests. Also you can configure room to reset credits daily so it can also be used the next day.

To avoid free mode limitations, software can be licensed for limited time (ie. monthly) and there is a 30 days money back guarantee enforced by most billing processors in case it doesn't work as advertised.

Reviews: 11
For such a hefty price tage ($350) I expected at least some support.

In total I sent four tickets. The first one was answered with a 3 word sentence. Honestly it did fix the problem I had but it felt like they didn't really care about the problem.

The second ticket was answered with a link to a page which, in my question was what I was asking about.

So far my third and fourth tickets have gone unanswered.

As far as the product, it is a good product. It works out of the box, it provides basic 2 way video chat. It was easy to setup rooms and the way it works fit perfectly into our website goals. It's actually a very cool component.

I do not feel it was worth the high price tag and now with the lack of support we are going to have to use a different system.
Owner's reply

Our policy is to discuss in written, due to the technical nature of the products and services, that requires exchanging authentication info, specs, links to specific relevant demos, descriptions, documentation, order pages.
Most inquiries usually require developer attention, some demand research, product updates or fixes, site testing, tweaks that can't be provided live.

Tickets are answered depending on availability, time zone, working hours (variable), working days (not including common non working days like Christmas, New Year and sometimes weekends). In conclusion tickets can be replied from minutes to multiple hours or days later.
Sometimes tickets are skipped or lost due to human or technical reasons. So, if you don't receive a reply in 48h you should include a reminder, follow up by replying same ticket. If in 72h you don't get an answer try submitting a new ticket.