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redMEMBER Component

Editor's Note
redMEMBER is a brand new member system for Joomla!

Get a complete overview of your members. Send out newsletters, collect a memberfee, start discussions in your own forum, make your own design by applying your own joomla template and much more.

•Helps your members get the files they need
•User groups can access files and folders from the frontend
•Give access to certain users (ACL)
•Users can upload files from frontend - if enabled
•Simple ACL enabled forum
•Using the Joomla WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor of choice
•The users can communicate and markup their posts
•Hosts facilities for customizing all system mails using mailcenter
•Add tags to create dynamic mail content
•Add subscription plans to your member system
•Apply unique plans to different user groups
•Supported by PayPal - more will come soon
•Segmented newsletters
•Send newsletters to primary and secondary mails
•Customize recipients according to fields
•Apply your own templates and make it look exactly like you want
•Simple templating with powerful tag system
•Template user detail views, registration forms, search results and more
•Apply predefined templates
•Categorize your users into different user groups
•Associate user groups with ACL groups for complete content control
•User groups can create unique fields or share fields with other user groups

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Reviews: 4
I would agree with the above review.

I have posted numerous requests on the forum for support and have yet to receive an answer. This has been nearly 3 days now. I think since paying a yearly subscription fee I would receive the support as soon as possible but this is not the case.

I have to complete a website in the next few days and am restricted because I am unable to continue without some help.

I am very disappointed but I hope they are able to prove me wrong and communicate with me soon.
Reviews: 2
I purchased the year long subscription. Before my purchase they were very responsive and helpful. Once I purchased the component I could not get the registration template working properly. I contacted customer support and they offered to build it for me (for a fee). Two weeks went by and I never heard a word.

Eventually, I had to look elsewhere. I had already invested in this so I had to see it through. In total, I hired three people to try and make it work and each one could not. I have never had this much of a problem with anything "joomla."

I wrote Ronnie and after much back and forth they refused to give me a refund and I was never provided with the estimate to build the template.

I do not advise using these products. It is way too much aggrevation and there are a ton of better solutions available.