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  • This extension displays a visible backlink to the Developer's site.

Mad4Joomla is a very easy-to-use Joomla component for the creation of email forms. Preferences of this product are a better usability, classification in categories, working with templates, helptext to formfields, file upload as attachment, special routing technics to destination email addresses, integration of content in form pages and a very special new captcha technique. Thereby it is possible to build complex and huge contactsystems. Examples: jobs, reservation, contact, donations, polls etc.


The appropiate package is also available at the download section.

Download Modules, Plugins and Hotfixes here:

Mad4Joomla Mailforms used to be the first form extension focused on usability. Our aim is to provide a component which is easy-to-use and stable out of the box. Meanwhile there are nearby 1000.000 satisfied users of Mailforms.

For whom is this extension?
- For those who don’t want to care about complex settings and need a quick and easy form creation.
- For companies who are providing Joomla services to customers.
This is an extension which every customer does understand and can create forms within minutes.
- For beginners, advanced users and professionals needing an extension which doesn’t cause trouble and saves time.

If you have problems first read our F.A.Q.'s:

Dear User, this extension contains a small visible copyright link to us as copyright holder. We consider it as a small thank you. It helps to promote our company. This is common practice on many joomla extension and supported by the FSF. See also the footer of JED.


English , German , Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese , French , Dutch , Slovak , Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Spanish , Russian , Japanese, Romanian, Czech, Indonesian, Macedonian, Portuguese (front), Hungarian (front) , Danish (front) , Polish (front), Swedish (front), Croatian (front), Greek (front), Norwegian (front), Catalan (front), Hebew (front)

2012-08-16 Version 2.0.1 Bug Fix release

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Reviews: 2
I spent a lot of time on trying to make a form using this extension but I didn't manage to make the form I wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't recommend anyone to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
I believe Mad4Joomla is a great extention and easy to use as well.
In addition, the Mad4Joomla team is very helpful and willing to answer to any question/problem you may have.
Nice work guys :)
Reviews: 13
I'm an old user of Mad4joomla and I really loved this extension, so now it deserves a good review :) it's an easy way to create forms, one of the best around, and it can still be improved in the future to be even simpler to configure.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

Please note that Proforms (Basic or Advance) is the offical follow up of Mad4Joommla.
If you like to have an improved version please use Proforms.

Anyway, we are planning a brand new version of Mad4Joomla for the new J plattforms.

Reviews: 1
Mad4Joomla is like a good old friend.
Since I started building sites in Joomla (2008) I used Mad4Joomla.
Whenever I had an issue the guys from Mad4Media helped me out without asking for a fee.
I still find it very easy and use it for my projects even the following Proforms is more powerful.
I really hope that Mad4Media releases a Joomla 2.5 version.
Reviews: 1
A very helpfull extension... Easy to install and use...
After having researched many form extensions for joomla, this extension has fullfilled all(!) my needs by now.
Thanks to providers.
Reviews: 1
My problem was done quickly and easily. I am thrilled by the staff of Joomla. You make a great work, keep it up!
Please make the page of Joomla in German, which was great.
Reviews: 4
The installation of the extension is easy and without problems. Configuration of the forms is easy and there are many possibilities.

I surely will use this forms module more in the future because of its versatility. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Use this for a long time. Never had a problem until using this (bought) template.
It has covered the calendar pop up.
Sent a support request and got a solution within 10 minutes.
Probably it was my lucky day to get the solution that fast... however it is the best FREE support I ever got.
Mad4Joomla doesn't have that many features but in general Mad4Joomla is very stable.

The best free form for Joomla 1.5
Reviews: 3
The fact that the component uses hacks to get linked to in the menus and the fact that it doesn't integrate with Joomfish! makes it very uncovenient (or impossible if you don't pocess the php-mysql knwoledge) to deal with on multilingual websites.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension!
But i had a slight problem
When i set up the forms, the submit button was not vision, any one had any idea on this?
Owner's reply

You can not miss the submit button because it is built in!
It is allways visible even if you don't use a captcha.
Think there must be an issue with your template.
In many cases not standard compliant templates are working with layers or alter form elements.
As your template provider if (s)he uses any techniques to alter form elements and turn it off if so.

Reviews: 1
I've try 2 or 3 form modules, and Mad4Joomla was the best of a kind...

i'm already awaiting for 1.6 version.

keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
I really like Mad4Joomla.

considering I am a novice who doesn't bother reading documentation unless I absolutely have to, it didn't take me that long to setup! I have found support to be good on the forum too.
Reviews: 6
I was surprised that it was so hard to find a good form component, and very relieved when I found this one. Once you understand the fact that the forms are actually made inside the templates, it all makes sense and falls into place. Great component overall. *favourited* :)
Reviews: 16
I have used this component on several sites and it is easy to install, versatile and does everything it says on the tin! In addition, i wanted to use this on a Spanish website and something was glitching in the code. The guys at mad4media came back to me with a solution within 24hrs...and it was EASY! Plus, I am a free user so I am totally impressed. Great job guys all round : )
Reviews: 5
Excelent customer service.
Easy to use. Easy to customise.
Reviews: 1
I really like this component. It's clean, easy to use and I actually like the captcha system. The only issue I have is the menu setup system. For some reason instead of allowing you to add the menu through Joomla you have to use a link within the component. When it adds the menu item it adds it as a main item even though it is supposed to be a sub item. Looks terrible. I have had to bury the link in order to use the form.
Reviews: 3
Form building features are pretty good for a free program. However, if you have to jump into the code to fix any issues, good luck. Captcha functionality leaves a lot to be desired. It's quite buggy, captcha refresh actually refreshes the whole page, etc. Bottom line is, it's not worth the time figuring out the absolutely cryptic captcha coding in this component to fix any of it. If there was an option for using your own captcha code (like reCaptcha or some other) it might be a little bit less of a headache. Spend some money on a decent forms component instead.
Owner's reply


On the project site you can find the technical requirements.
There we point out that the GD library with true type font support must be installed on your server.
Otherwise you can not use the native captcha's.
Furthermore, Mad4Joomla does have 4 different captcha techniques. Those don't have been tested by the reviewer.

We also provide information via the F.A.Q's about issues with captcha.

At last we provide a pro version (Mooj Proforms) of Mad4Joomla. This is commercial and does support reCaptcha.
Mad4Joomla and Proforms are the same software with different names.

So talking about spending money for a decent form extension, when there is a commercial pro version (with all the missing features :) ) sounds extremly like a malicious review.

Reviews: 16
I am writing to report some issues I am having with Mad4Joomla Mailforms form-component

1) the textboxes extend beyond the designated area (into/underneath the right joomla menu module) and beyond the form's template width, as set in the configuration
2) the Balloon tips are not positioned properly in the latest edition of Chrome and in IE8. They appear a few centimeters above the question-mark (they work fine with FF3.6.10)
3) The calendar pop-up box doesn't work in latest Chrome and IE8 (it works fine in FF3.6.10). No pop up at all is presented
4) when cliking the reload captcha button, the whole form is reloaded, emptying the completed fields.

Apart from the above, this is an easy to work with and it produces great looking forms.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this review.
First of all we want to state out that almost all of these issues are based on the Joomla template and misapplication of the software.

1.) PierreB hasn't set a width value for the fields. By Setting a value like 250px or 99% this issue doesn't appear.

2.) We answer this in our FAQ. PierreB must not have read the FAQ's. The balloon tip of Mad4Joomla is based on a 3rd party script. This script does have problems with complex templates. This is why we have changed this script in the pro version Proforms and wrote a new script from scratch.
If you have problems like this we suggest purchasing a subscription of Proforms.

3.) Also the calendar popup is a 3rd party script. The problem is that this script is often used by other extensions and also by Joomla itself. This can cause some issues. There are also some templates causing this issue.

4.) We don't know from this issue and are going to check it out.

All of this issues could have been solved if PierreB has had a service subscription.

Mad4Joomla is "free as in beer" and we ask you to understand and respect that we don't provide tech support for this component.

By purchasing a subscription of the pro version Mooj Proforms you will get a much improved Mad4Joomla, tech support and will support the whole Mad4Joomla Project.

For public interests: We are planing to transform Mad4Joomla into Proforms Light and hoping thereby to purge such issues.

Reviews: 1
I am making a pretty long info form, and after 38 fields i just got blocked. I don't know if there is any max. amount of fields? Also it doesn't change the title of some fields. I don't get any error message, just click save, and then the changements just dissapear. It works quite fast, but now that i'm stuck, i had to search an other form creater. DISSAPOINTMENT. I've tried to ask help from the creators. I got a quick response at one, the've asked me if i had the pro version or not. I responded that I have the mail version, and havent heard from them since. Such a same, it could have worked for me...

Without it blocking, i would rate them 4 stars...
Owner's reply

We know this issue very well and it is not caused by Mad4Joomla or Proforms. It is an issue about misconfigured server and Joomla. We solved it even it isn't a extension bug several times for our customers which have bought service.
Well I understand that Perihan is disapointed if (s)he doesn't get support but we are a company and support costs also money for us. So if people who have purchased the pro version proforms are getting faster support is the most normal thing in the world.
If Perihan would have been patient (s)he would have got also an answer.

Perihan is rating the service which doesn't say anything about the component.
She is disappointed because (s)he doesn't get support which is normally only for customers who have purchased service time.
This is commercial dispute which is not allowed by the rules of JED! This is why have reported this review to JED.

Reviews: 2
I am experienced about 1,5 years with Mad4Joomla. As the name Mad4Joomla Mailforms says it is a form extension sending the submissions by using email. This is why I decided to buy the pro version Proforms because I need database support. Nevertheless Mad4Joomla is an excellent component for creating forms. If you need more functions I suggest testing Mad4Joomla and deciding to buy the pro version. Mad4Joomla is enough for many of my customers. In any case it is better than using a contact extension because of the freedom to add any number of fields.
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