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JA Comment ComponentPlugin

The component was developed to meet several needs such as easy administration, powerful front-end features, fast comment moderation and easy integration with other content components. It was designed to be easy for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users to administer and control. We can just keep on bragging about this unique commenting system, try it to believe it!


* Powerful moderation - comments are split in four tabs: approved, not approved, SPAM, all, with comment highlight capabilities;
* Supports gravatar, k2, jomsocial, community builder, kunena, twitter and even facebook avatars.
* Supports K2, EasyBlog and JomSocial (activity stream) by default
* Easy to customize E-mail and comments templates - right from backend.
* Strong security - SPAM filters, ban IP and e-mail addresses, bad words filter and more;
* share videos and other resources;
* Janrain support for integrating social logins.
* Supports moderators with frontend moderation.

Whats new : Now supports character counter, location detection, voted comment tab and comment author list.
Checkout all new demo site for features.

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Reviews: 5

we tried alot of extensions to have a litlle comment tools in our blog.

And after a lot of tests, we found JA Comments. Whoch is very stable, very easy to install and configure, and very simple to use every day.

So a very good component. Thank to the Joomlart Team for this good work!
Reviews: 3
It works good. It's not too complicated and offers great features front and back.
Reviews: 2
Due to some reviews here I was a little bit sceptical but I was disabused. Simple to install and configure and everything is working well. For a little problem I faced I found instantly a solution on their forum. A lot of settings to fit for your needs. And I can also use the other extensions well so the money for the extensions club was for me a good investment.
Well done, joomlart !
Reviews: 4
I worked with JA Comments support forums for literally one year next month. To this day, they still have not resolved serious bugs with their system for any site with a large number of comments. The English translation is also very poor, and sends out incomprehensible emails. We spent days trying to correct the language file. What a waste of time. Do not buy this component.
Reviews: 8
I had looked around for a comment component for our site and glad I chose JA. Initially, I had some set up problems but contacted the developer who worked tirelessly via backend, ftp and cPanel to rectify. It did take a week, due to 3rd party extensions but they got not only my software but other software on the site working flawlessly. I found the cost was not an issue when I looked at what the software does and also the access to other downloads for subscription. Delighted with the support over and above their obligation and attention received, highly recommend both software and tech support. Thank You!
Reviews: 1
Hi there,

although it's a paid extension, I feel lonely :-). I have submited ticket one week ago with no clear response. The reason is insufficient documentation of component. While product desc says " easy integration with other content components", there is not any docs related to that. Support has not answered my question about it, just pointing me to wiki, where is not even one word about that.

Becouse I have bought the subcription just and only becouse I need to integrate it with 3rd party componenty, It's very frustrating for me. And I could go into code (and will probably need to do that), but when I paid for component, I have expected, I'm going to save some time.

The extension itself looks quite good, it's sad that support takes my opinion about JA down.
Reviews: 26
Not only is this v1.7 friendly, it also does exactly what I need.
Sure, it could be presented a little differently and more options for front-end appearance would be nice; but, hey, that applies to almost anything.
I can work with the way it looks because it does exactly what I need.
AND the service is fantastic.
I had a display problem on installation - they just went into my site and fixed it - no fuss, lovely responses and good service.
You want a comment/feedback box? This is the one!
Reviews: 10
Good, this extension working well!
Posting as guest or member! But ajax not using for login popup!
Also, comment form is very hight! i think you should cuting hight to display other (exam: other article bottom)
Reviews: 1
I want give a low rating for this component 1.6 version, however, this was a personal experiences. If your site is new , you would not experiences the following.

My major unhappiness : No title/subjects , not support display in “tree”(childe and thread function in JAC)if you import from 3rd component , not migration friendly, support slow …..

1 No titles & NO tree display for import item
JA comments was not the most popular comment component, so when webmaster turn to JA comments, the comment title submitted by in other component will lose. What is more , I found without titles, the comments in the same threads , or called child comments in JA , could not display right in JA. The reader may not be given the relations of those comments. Some time, the debate / argument build by these relations was the most attractive part.

2 Not Migration friendly

JA comments was the only few comment component in the market. When I upgraded my joomla site , it did showed those comments in Jcomment in its import function , however, when I press the import button, it failed and told me 0 item was imported . I could not found any document on this issue.

3 support ?

T_T, I buy a develop member ship for $499. I did not get a pro services. Import trouble from Jcomment? Ok, you should turn to Jcomments. ………. At least , I thought they should provide a little info on this issue so that the client could figure it out themselves.

I paid the membership for I thought my visitor`s comments worth that price. However, JA failed me.
Owner's reply

We are sorry, you seem to have had a difficult time. However, as i see JA Comment for J 1.6 is very active project with 38 fixes in the svn in these 13 days alone. We are still fixing the reported bugs.

Last update for J 1.6 version was 3 months back and has not been updated for the J 1.6.2 and J 1.6.3 versions. If you would check the J 1.6.2 changelog, you can see its a major release and has broken the then working version of the JA Comment 1.6 . You dont need to pay 499 $ for the extension alone please, its just 40-50$ only all backed by 7 days refund no question asked.

We have just released major updates for Joomla 1.6 for all the templates and some extensions, you may check the same on the update page of our site, It has taken up lot of time and we apologize for the same. You are welcome to ask for refund or further help, customer satisfaction is very important for us, thats the reason we are the only one who offer money back for electronic goods, no questions asked.

Reviews: 18
On my sites I have JA templates together with many of their extensions which all work beautifully. JAComments is no exception. Recently I had a problem with the type face being too dark. The response to the support ticket I raised was rapid and competent - problem solved. Thank you Joomlart for all the aftersales help you offer, I have found it to be second to none.
Reviews: 8
JA Comment looks way more professional and embeds well into my site. I've used other free comment systems but they looked kinda junky.

JA Comment installation didn't go so easy for me so I needed assistance. You can measure the level of success of a paid product by the level of support afterward. Joomlart provided professional level support with ticket system for any site concerns I had after installing JA Comment.

I now have a great product, and a site with commenting enabled.
Reviews: 4
At first JA Comment didn't work with Joomla 1.6.3. I submitted a support ticket and within 12 hours the problem was fixed. Very professional support and the app works nicely.
Reviews: 1
I am extremely impressed with JA Comment. I installed it and was prepared for a long process of figuring out how to make it work. When I went to see what it does by default, I was blow away -- it already did everything and then some. I had a ridiculously powerful comment on my articles with all bells and whistles literally after installing and enabling. I have customized some, but did not need documentation, the admin component was self-explanatory. Awesomeness. Now I can watch some stupid TV instead of tinkering further.
Reviews: 5
The best comment system I've ever experienced, better that jcomment, jomcomment and native k2 comment system but there are some problem that I can see:

1. I want it to automatically approve guest comment but there is no option in backend,
2. K2 Integeration hast some problems: like K2 Avatar does not show and Username does not link to K2 profile
3. the latest comment need to be more mature.

By the way I'm satisfied of this, Thank you
Reviews: 3
Although this may be a little expensive, I found the support very professional and speedy. I had a conflict with a plug in and they were able to fix it promptly. I don't at all mind paying as long as the support is there.

The comment system itself is a breeze to use and install, with a tremendous amount of options. It has a very smart looking front end (and back end) with nice roll-over graphics.

Please be aware that it does not support vBulletin avatars as listed above. The developer advised me that this was a mistake when documenting for Joomla extension.
Reviews: 1
The smartest, conflict free commenting system out there. Tested with mosts popular template frameworks and comes out tops. I am currently replacing JomComment and RS Comments on many sites with this one.

Setup is a breeze and the scripts used and the overheads are very light.

The previous reviewer is certainly mistaken about the price. This extension is part of a bundle of different extensions.
Reviews: 3
Hello, the features of this comment system are very good and it seems that JA did it again. The only problem is that compared to other systems like Jomcomment, it price is too expensive. (30 dollars more expensive)
I think that the developer must reconsider this price as someone who only wants to get the comments system (and no other component of yours) cant have it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it. Actually, the price is not component specific and its the price for the Extension club membership, with which one gets access to all premium extensions presently offered and coming up. Pricing individual extensions might prove more costly to users wishing to use more than one extension for their Joomla! sites.