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  • This extension requires registration to download.
You have a comment to make? Make it today!

CComment Pro is a very simple, flexible, ease of use with great integration with 3rd party component, comment importing from numerous extensions including Disqus, and great templates for that professional look your organization is going after.

- Plugins for: Articles(com_content) Adsmanager, Jomsocial, Community Builder, Docimport, Easyblog, HwdMediashare, JEvents, JPhoto, Mtree, Ninjamonials, Phocadownload, Virtuemart, JDownloads, JoomGallery, HikaShop, CommunityPolls, DPCalendar, Redshop, Zoo, Hotspots, K2, Matukio

- Top of the line Documentation & Support
-- Our subscribers get comprehensive documentation, fast and competent support!

- Ajax-based
-- Comments are added on the fly without reloading the web page saving your server bandwidth and making you look cool cutting edge with the latest technology.

- Spam protection
-- Beside our standard captcha image, BanIP and Censorship features we've now integrated Akismet and Recaptcha.

- Tightly integrated in JomSocial
-- You can use JomSocial's features such as User Points and Activity Stream. You can also use the comment system as a wall application in JomSocial.

- THREADED / Nested comments

- Multilanguage support
-- We use UTF-8 to store all comments

- Import your old comments from other comment systems like Kommento, JComments or Disqus

- UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support

- Clean and professional template based on the bootstrap markup

- Avatar support & Gravatar support.
--Do you have Community Builder or JomSocial? Do you use Gravatar? on your web site? We support them out of the box! Now that is COOL!

- AlphaUserPoints support

- Allow comments per category

- Front-end comment moderation
-- You don't have to go to the backend for every operation. Comments can be deleted and edited in frontend!
-- comments can be published/unpublished by clicking a link in the email

- RSS-feed
-- Readers will be able to subscribe to the discussion via RSS.

- E-Mail subscribe
-- Do you hate RSS? Then you can subscribe to an article through e-mail option.

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 1
Easy to install, Easy to configure very flexible and after all that great things great and very fast support! with Daniel's explanation I managed to integrate this component into my 2 components !!! Daniel thank you very much for this component and keep up the good work !
Reviews: 5
Support of this component is fast and reliable!

My problem was solved under 12h and the developer personalty do everything to find the problem.

I recommend this component to everyone!
Reviews: 3
If you want comments in Joomla articles it is inevitable to install the right comment extension. There are quite a few solutions to choose from, both free and commercial ones.

New users naturally look at the free extensions first and the statistics prove that at the end of the day most of them stick to a free extension.

I have tested several comments extensions, which some of them either lack essential features, boast unnecessary features, didn't work how they supposed to do, have annoying bugs or simply didn't appeal to me.

Compojoom Comment (former JoomlaComment) was the most convincing comment extension. First of, there is a wonderful written pdf documentation available for download, which should clear up most of the questions beginners may have. After installing it (like all other extensions), there appears a new item in the component drop-down list, which splits in 6 sub-items/tabs (Manage comments, Settings, Import, Maintenance, About, Live update).

"Manage comments" shows a list of all comments with detailed informations. Compojoom Comment supports many components apart from Joomlas own com_content. You can choose from what component the comments should be displayed. This is very usefull in case you have for instance K2 installed and want only to manage the K2 comments. Many other components are supported, such like myblog, jevents, docman, easyblog, adsmanager, hotspots, virtuemart, phoca download and many more.

In "Settings" you can easily select for what component Compojoom Comment should be enabled. Once selected, there appears 5 tabs(General, Security, Posting, Layout, Integrations).

You can set general settings like including/excluding categories, improving the security by for instance install a reCAPTCHA, exclude guests from posting, manage a censorship black list, ban list, assign different user groups, enable gravatar support, use akismet spam protection, enable avatars and more. Nested comments are supported and can also be disabled.

Compojoom Comment's Layout settings are awesome. 9 templates, 5 stylesheets and 7 emoticon packs are included. People with some html and css knowledge can easily make a custom template in the backend via a smart built-in template override function. Unfortunately there is no option to add custom emoticons in the backend. You must directly add them via Compojoom Comment's index.php file.

If you were using a different comment extension and want to change to Compojoom Comment, you can import all your comments via the Import option. If your old comment extension is supported, you can easily import your comments with one step. If it's not supported, then you have to do the mapping manually. If you are not experienced enough to do this yourself, you can get help in the compojoom commtents support forum.

The "maintenance" item displays the current used Joomla version, PHP version and Database version.

Under the "Live update" option you can update Compojoom Comment to the lastest version if possible.

Compojoom Comments comment rating feature is unique compared to its competitors. Instead of summing up all positive and negative ratings and displaying the overall value, it works excatly like the popular rating system of Wordpress, which is awesome. Negative and positive ratings aren't summed up together, which means you always know how many positive and negative ratings a comment did recieve.

With Compojoom Comments visitors always have the option to use a comment title. Unlike some other comment extensions it is not possible to disable the comment title field in the backend. One have to remove the code from the core files. Hopefully an option to disable the title will be integrated in the next version.

There are several plugins for Compojoom Comments available and a module which displays the lastest and most commented comments in a module field. There are also a lot of language packs available for download.

Last but not least a few words about the support. I never had to ask for support because Compojoom comment just works. It's easy to use and the documentation is good. The forum is publicly visible and my impression is that the support is awesome since problems were always addressed by the developer himself. I had a few email converstions with the developer and he is a very very nice guy :)

Bottom line, if you are looking for a high quality comment extension that boasts many usefull features with excellent support and that just works, then Compojoom Comment is the right extension for you.
Reviews: 1
I just got this component to replace jomcomment and i am so happy i made that decision. It is quite easy to manage and and quite versatile.
But what i am extremely impressed with is the support. That guy daniel responded to my forum question within 5 (five minutes) and practically stayed with me for hours getting down to the bottom of my issue.
I recommend this fantastic comment system to anyone using Joomla 1.5 or 1.7.
Reviews: 5
The component is great! Very easy to install and configurate. Very easy to import comments from the other components because the import system is universal, just need a little knowledge of SQL. And if you don't know SQL, the support will help you or answer any other questions.
Important that there are many different styles, so if you don't know CSS, you can just choose the one you like. The other components hardly are able to boast in this. You can also change smilies :)
Definitely worth the money!
Reviews: 1
The support is wonderful. It's very simple: great integration with Jomsocial, comment importing from numerous extensions including Disqus, and great templates for a professional look. Oh, and Joomla 1.7 compatible. Don't be fooled by the dated look of the compojoom website comments, they have many good options.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a 1.6 comment extension, and I just found this one.
A very simple and effective tool. Highly customizable (If you know a bit of css)

About the support : very helpfull !
Reviews: 1
This is a great comment system for Joomla with very good layout and flexibility. It's easy to install and supports 1.7 out of the box.

Another thing that really shine is the support level offered by the author. I had another component that did not support Compojoom Comment, but the author logged on to my site and fixed this within hours.

That's what I call customer care, highly recommended!
Reviews: 32
I use Compojoom comment both on Joomla 1.5 and on 1.7. To the basic advantages I want to carry the following: convenient management of comments, multilingual, a considerable quantity of the options, well thought over protection against spam (integration with Akismet, reCAPTCHA, the filter of obscene lexicon, blocking on IP), support UBB of codes, smiles, search in the comments, the built in templates of registration and styles, integration with Community Builder and Gravatar. There is a possibility of import of comments from other systems in Compojoom comment. The component is updated regularly. On a site there is a big forum. Technical support at good level.
Reviews: 1
After upgrade from Joomla! 1.5 to 1.7 my old commenting component stopped working (JComments), and I had to start looking for a new one. The choice fell on this one, one of few available... I was expecting some issues with the import of my old comments, but the complete installation and migration was over in a couple of minutes and I didn't loose one comment!

Since I use JomSocial I needed a plugin to integrate Compojoom Comment with the Activity Stream, I found one on the Compojoom site. The plugin was old and didn't work with 1.7. I wrote a question about it in the support forum, and suddenly there was an updated plugin available! Wow! That's something you won't get everywhere, support this fast and this good is hard to come by!

Compojoom Comment is a very good commenting platform and has all the features you would expect, the import function seems to be able to import from almost any commenting systems.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for at comment component for Joomla. I looked at the different alternatives. AFAICC the compojoom extension is the most comprehensive and and it supports comments for DocMan which was a mandatory feature for my project. I had some problems after installation and Daniel Dimitrov from compojoom worked day and night to help me. I am really excited about the component and also the level of support from Daniel!
Reviews: 1
I am using an older version of Compojoom Comment and was doing an upgrade to a slightly newer version. The tool works great but I wanted a few of the newer bells and whistles. I ran into several difficulties - getting pagination sorted out and problems with Compojoom causing my page to become far too wide (turns out this was due to changes I had made to some of my Joomla files).

During the upgrade (and the problems) Daniel worked with me to sort everything out. I was quite concerned that like many extensions I was going to be on my own but that was not the case. I ran into some tough issues but I have them solved. The product is very good and the support is excellent.
Reviews: 3
Compojoom is a very good component for Joomla. It works well, but due to some mistakes with my previous component I had some issues. I had yvComment installed and the import of these comments to Compojoom did not work. Daniel, the owner of Compojoom, offered a lot of support. He even had to do a lot of extra work in my database to make the import possible. He is very helpfull and very kind, and when you post something on the forum he replies very quickly to help me out.
Compojoom CSS is also very easy to adjust and I could easily make a new CSS style template to adjust the look and feel of my website. This is due to the fact that in the back end Compojoom has a copy button of the template you can than easily adjust to your own preferences.
Compojoom is just a great component. One thing, some members of my site say that sometimes they cannot comment and that it takes to long to post there comment and that it fails. But most of the times it works just great and this is the best I have seen yet.
So enjoy Compojoom, it is worth the payment :)
Greetings, Tassie
Owner's reply

Hey Tassie,
Thank you for the NEARLY perfect review :)
The last sentences shocked me when I read them... I was on your website and I posted comments with IE8, IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and everything was looking great! Perhaps I should visit some of your members and stay behind their shoulders to figure out what they did wrong :)
Anyway, you know that I'm always open for discussion and if you present me with some use cases where the component doesn't work I will be sure to fix it immediately!

Kind Regards,

Reviews: 24
Often, when reading the reviews, I get the feeling, that they are fake or, at least, just some "friends" of the developer, writing it to pleasure him.

So this ist not such a review, this is out of the wild, I am a customer for 4 days now and I never had contact with the developer Daniel Dimitrov.

Our goal was to get an article comment component for JomSocial, which really works. Activity Stream, Points and a nice interface in German was on the wishlist.
To break it down, there ist only "Compojoom Comment" which promises all this... yeah, on paper everthing looks good!

Installing the compo and the JomSocial plugin was easy, no hassle there... but the nasty part is always at the details.
Little problems came up, weird characters and the "like" / "dislike" button klicking did not show up at the activity stream. Here we go, I thought.

Nevertheless, I wrote to the developer and some hours later I already had the first solution in my hands (weird character problem came from another plugin)... and as well the promise, that Daniel will have a look at the other the next day. Sure, I heard this before... "next day" means very often "never".

But it was not like that! The next day Daniel really updated the JomSocial plugin and solved all my problems within 2 days! Thats a new record!

So to all out there, having this bad feeling, paying for something they couldn´t test, do not fear! Here is THE solution for comments on JomSocial. It´s worth every penny, go for it!
Reviews: 1
I tried many components which allowing adding coments to articles but this is the best what you can get !

Many settings and many templates allowing you to customize comments that fit to your website

Easy set-up, many languages (UTF 8 isn´t problem) and the best support what i met making this component must have for your sites !
Reviews: 2
After installing the CC plugin - I ran across a little questionning about using it for special purpuse. Daniel Dimitrov answered me almost immediately and in less than 60 minutes we exchanged email up to the resolution of the problem... and the problem was me. The program work perfectly and the new JoomlaPraise template is superb. Thanks Daniel for your care and attention.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for a sylish integration with CB look no further. Daniel responed within minutes of a my sending a request for support. There was a a conflict with a SEF component. Within less than one hour he had modified the PHP and all now works exacly as it should do. I also have an excellent integration with MyBlog. Many thanks. A model of what support should be.
Reviews: 4
This comment system has worked great for us and the support is top notch.

One excellent feature of this comment system is that you can create different "instances" for each component you assign it to. So you could have one setup for your articles and then completely customize something else for another 3 components independently. I love this feature the most.

Works right out of the box,but highly customizable and a ton of plugins for things like Jomsocial and MyBlog. (for all of you trying to make Jcomment work with MyBlog - try this, it just works)

Finally, the themes look very professional and work with my RocketThemes seamlessly.

I did see some others complaining about having this extension be commercial, but I have no issues paying for a great extension with great support.

Overall, 10 stars!
Reviews: 1
The product is solid, easily configurable and customizable, and support resources are great.

Daniel has been extremely helpful and friendly and has always taken care of my questions very quickly.

I have to say it is worth every penny.
Reviews: 2
I was a regular user of the free version of compojoom comment and was a little disappointed that it has gone commercial (thus one less star); but ya, does not matter as from the options available, it's by far the best and plus, one of the things that actually makes me like commercial extensions is the support i get along with that - and saying that Daniel delivers with the support is an understatement to say the least

thank you Dan!
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