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You have a comment to make? Make it today!

CComment Pro is a very simple, flexible, ease of use with great integration with 3rd party component, comment importing from numerous extensions including Disqus, and great templates for that professional look your organization is going after.

- Plugins for: Articles(com_content) Adsmanager, Jomsocial, Community Builder, Docimport, Easyblog, HwdMediashare, JEvents, JPhoto, Mtree, Ninjamonials, Phocadownload, Virtuemart, JDownloads, JoomGallery, HikaShop, CommunityPolls, DPCalendar, Redshop, Zoo, Hotspots, K2, Matukio

- Top of the line Documentation & Support
-- Our subscribers get comprehensive documentation, fast and competent support!

- Ajax-based
-- Comments are added on the fly without reloading the web page saving your server bandwidth and making you look cool cutting edge with the latest technology.

- Spam protection
-- Beside our standard captcha image, BanIP and Censorship features we've now integrated Akismet and Recaptcha.

- Tightly integrated in JomSocial
-- You can use JomSocial's features such as User Points and Activity Stream. You can also use the comment system as a wall application in JomSocial.

- THREADED / Nested comments

- Multilanguage support
-- We use UTF-8 to store all comments

- Import your old comments from other comment systems like Kommento, JComments or Disqus

- UBB code support, image support, emoticon support, quote support

- Clean and professional template based on the bootstrap markup

- Avatar support & Gravatar support.
--Do you have Community Builder or JomSocial? Do you use Gravatar? on your web site? We support them out of the box! Now that is COOL!

- AlphaUserPoints support

- Allow comments per category

- Front-end comment moderation
-- You don't have to go to the backend for every operation. Comments can be deleted and edited in frontend!
-- comments can be published/unpublished by clicking a link in the email

- RSS-feed
-- Readers will be able to subscribe to the discussion via RSS.

- E-Mail subscribe
-- Do you hate RSS? Then you can subscribe to an article through e-mail option.

developed by compojoom

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Reviews: 4
What a Joomla user is two things: users and great products. These comment system is great and D. Dimitrov is always ready to help. The support is very important for me because i'm not a programmer. A must have.
Reviews: 1
This extension is worth every penny forked out for a subscription. There is nothing more that I can say that has not already been said, nor are there any superlatives left to describe the product and support excellence one gets from Daniel (*makes obeisance on both knees*)...
Reviews: 5
This extension is superb, 1st class in every way. The ability to refine who gets in are logically laid out, but the standard implementation is perfect. Thanks Daniel.
Reviews: 1
Three things make this worth every penny/cent.

a) the product is excellent and very flexible in allowing you to configure where commenting is allowed etc
b) the documentation is very good and, unlike most documentation, it explains where to look if you feel you want to hack the code/stylesheets a bit to suit your site
c) the support is fabulous via their forum

Don't dither. Just buy it!
Reviews: 3
The Joomla! Community Magazine now uses this extension for our comments. It has a lot of features that we wanted, such support for BB code, comment ordering, captcha, great css styling flexibility, reply and quote on a comment, author notifications when comments are submitted, comment moderation, and voting for comments. Everything works as expected.

The developer Daniel Dimitrov was extremely also helpful in customizing how the extension works for our site.

I would recommend this extension to anyone who is looking for a great Joomla! comments solution.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for over a year now and really think it's a great one. If I run into any technical issues at all, the developer is very timely and helpful with the support. Highly recommend it.
Reviews: 2
This product has great support by a developer who knows how to talk to clients and get what they need done, something I find hugely important. I look forward to seeing future versions of the product and more from them!
Reviews: 4
Article comments are an important & central feature to my website. I downloaded and used the free version of compojoom for a year and was so impressed with its robust features that I was happy to buy the subsequent upgrade. Overall it is very simple to set up. One possible concern was the small amount of modification to the docman template php code that had to take place before the full features of compojoom could be integrated and used. This is not a nice thing for a newbie to face. However, the instruction manual was clear, concise and does make the task relatively straight-foward. A worthy purchase.
Reviews: 1
Hey guys,

I looked very löong for a professional comment component and finally found this one. Ok, it costs a few bucks but it's worth every penny.
Unbelievable fast support and I can concentrate on the content and growth of my website instead of coding to get a component working with other components. Thanks for such an easy and good working component to the devloper!
Reviews: 4
This is awesome joomla comment component, full of useful features, Very secure (Akismet, recaptcha..), come with many nice templates so i could configure the look to much my website appearance last important thing is the perfect support of the developer. I had an issue with recapcha was not working and really the developper worked with me until i resolved the issue. Thanks.
Reviews: 5
I don't really leave as many reviews as I should, but the support provided by Daniel is on par with the other leading extensions support groups.

I bought the component and installed it, and had questions about some customization (support for JomSocial + Avatars). I posted my questions on the forum, and within a couple of hours I had a very helpful response. I used to use the free !JoomlaComment extension, but when I saw that they went "pro" I definitely trusted their work on my site.

I tried JomComment before using this, but their compatibility just wasn't working out, so I got a refund and converted. Glad I did :)

I'd put this in my list of top 5 components, those being: JReviews, JFusion, CompoJoomComment, MyBlog, and JomSocial.
Reviews: 1
Easy and quick install, a lot of features (antispam protection, quoting previous comments, reply to comments, rss and e-mail subscription...). I've tested some other comment modules for joomla and compojoom is one of the best because of the features and I've found no bug at all during testing. The subscription fee for one year is really OK.
Reviews: 5
I am going to be doing a bunch of writing, that I hope get's printed, and I just wanted a comment area. I started with joomlacomment, and noticed the comment came up on print (all aspects i.e. smileys etc.) I went to your site, and read that you were going to put a fix in for the print thing, then I checked out your CompojoomComment demo, and does the same thing.

I think your script is very professional, except for the print deal, but the new CompojoomComment is just way more than I need.
Owner's reply

Hey bairjohn,
Please read this:

I forgot to put this fix in 4.1.2

Reviews: 5
Professional, Easy to install, easy to configure, with pretty templates and supports multiple languages.
I am very happy to use it
Reviews: 1
This very nice, stable and powerfull component with great configuration possibilities. The main thing is developers support - they really cares about their users.
Also it is good importing system for migrating from other comments sytems.
Reviews: 1
The installation was easy enough. I had few problems, but the support was amazing! The value of this software is 1000€, not the 15€ they ask for the support package. Don't wait, take it!
Reviews: 9
Awesome comment system, that helps the site to live.
Comments are the most secure method of getting feedback from users, and this product integrates everywhere on the subscription package!

Compojoom take user issues seriously, and fix the problem as fast as I have ever seen from any product! And now it has gone commercial clearly tells me it is going to be a stable investment.

And it supports Norwegian!
Reviews: 3
I have tried many commenting tools but this one is the best

it has many templates, excellent security featers and great support

we have integrated the commenting in our own custom developed components also
Reviews: 1
This is a great comment system. It's really simple for the end user to use - a nice UI for them and proper anti-spam protection against postings.

For an administrator there's a simple to use interface and custom skin options so you can make it fit with your site.

I've tried a few different comment systems, and this one is definitely the best.
Reviews: 1
im using this component as a guestbook.
its amazing!!
-easy setup
-good spamprotection (captcha, recaptcha, akismet)
-easy template edit

i had a few problems by my webhoster to setup some at joomla but the support
of was great and now all is done!

download this!!
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