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Udja Comments ComponentModulePlugin

Due to a distinct lack of comments and a high demand for a comments extension for 1.6 which can provide functionality which rivals that of jComments I created a simple but easily extended comments component+module+plugin combination. This has since expanded but I still intend on keeping it SIMPLE, not complex.

This enables you to use the comments module with non-content frontend pages, and the content plugin for content related pages. Making comments for things like Virtuemart/Download extensions etc a possibility.

2.0 beta

- Akismet integration (find this under the spam protection section)
- Manual email notification list for all comments being posted
- Improved manual spam protection using regex
- Frontend "delete comments" ability
- Improved reply embedding
- Export button in admin panel to download people who subscribe to receive EDMs

1.0.1 Fixes

- On some systems comments weren't deleting. Fixed.
- Email was being forced even when not selected. Fixed.
- Some German translation bugs. Fixed.

Bug fixes for 1.0 Stable

- XSS exsploit when entering website for comments
- Admin glitch where text jumped out of popup in IE7
- Bug where content auto-spammed itself
- Bug with category filter not working
- Error with development environments housing Joomla in a subdirectory

Security Release RC3

- Fixes a small XSS oversight
- Fixes category filtering for article glitch where catid=0

New Features RC2

- Added JComments import feature - this is early beta. Do not use on live websites.
- Added basic support for [code][/code] and [quote][/quote]
- Change the way the data is affiliated to content to make it easier to hook into other components such as K2
- User login restrictions - can now only show comments or allow comment submissions to registered users.
- de-DE translation - Thanks Gerhard Sopolinski
- Unsubscribe link added to notification emails

New features and bugfixes in 1.0 RC1

- ReCaptcha added (this will require a reCaptcha api key)
- Fixed language bugs for en-GB
- pt-BR and se-SE native translations have been added. Thankyou Alex Castro and Kristian
- users name/email pre-populated when logged into frontend
- Content plugin created to use with articles
- Content plugin hook to display X comments on blog layouts
- auto-updater fixed (please note due to a bug in Joomla this will NOT WORK untill Joomla 1.7 stable is released - due in the next couple of weeks)
- javascript reply to other post fixed

Pre-Existing functionality list:

- Supports nested comments (replying to others comments)
- Has basic spam detection, word/ip/email/domain filtering.
- Avatar & Gravatar support
- Fully using framework, LANG/HTML are both overrideable without core-hacks.
- Uses a module for the comments so can be used with any component, not restricted to content.
- Can be ordered oldest->newest or newest->oldest
- Form position (above or below comments)
- Pagination, and customi

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Reviews: 1
the way comments should be in joomla.. btw joomla, where are your comments?!?!?!?
Reviews: 2
Just downloaded after trying a couple of others. I needed a comments extension for a photography website. I needed something clean and easy. This ticks the boxes. It's self contained so doesn't need an external API (except for captcha), doesn't need signing up to any other service and contains no advertising.

I like the included CSS template as it makes the form look much nicer than not selecting it.

I'd like to see something like a PDF explaining the setup and customisation process. I'd say I am somewhere between a Joomla novice and intermediate and I worked it out OK. It would be nice to see some sample CSS templates, some input field to customise it or some guidance on how to tweak the included settings. Not sure if it's a bug or just my understanding of how to tweak it but I see the title displayed at the bottom of my Category Blog view so I've hidden the title.

So far so good. I really like it. It's well worth a try.
Reviews: 1
I have tried e few different comment components for joomla 1.6 and this is by far the best and easiest to use. Plus I found it quite easy to customise the look of the comments (baring in mind I am a developer). Thanks so much!
Reviews: 7
If you are looking for a very simple 'add comment' plugin, this is for you. Goes beyond easy, all you have to do is to download and enable and that's it.Well done developer.
Reviews: 1
This is freakin' great. Thanks m8, what more to say. And yes...if we ever meet, pint is on me.
Reviews: 1
cool extansion!! it worked on my joomla 1.7 test side so far.
Reviews: 5
I concur with the previous reviewer. Finding myself 'buggered', a line of code was sent by the author within hours of my airing the problem, with instructions for insertion, and Bob is once again my uncle and Fanny my aunt. All on a par with installation and use of the extension. Very simple; installed straight out of the box. Brilliant - and the man rides a bike. Thanks Andy!
Reviews: 1
This is a very simple, easy to set up and use commenting system for article comments in Joomla. Just installed the RC1, and other than a few minor bugs that I'm sure will be ironed out quickly, I am extremely satisfied. I do not need or want all the clutter that the other commenting systems have.

Thanks for the effort!
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