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JooComments ComponentPlugin

JooComments is a Free,Easiest extension to help your website visitors to leave comments on the articles.
One of the compact, fastest comment component available

v1.0.5 Features( Pending release )
> Paginate comments
> Improved UI
> Approve/delete/disapprove comment from mail itself, no login required.
> Comment preview
> Comment form compact with alignments
> Single installation package

V1.0.4 Features
Editor buttons: You can choose which buttons would appear in the comments form. ( will be a beta feature)
Category include/exclude.
Like/Dislike a.k.a voting features.
A link to the article page from the administrator page.
Edit comment.

V1.0.3 Features
Captcha configuration: change the color of background and foreground. Add noise which makes difficult to read by non-human readers or even disable it.
>Different views for both approved and unapproved comments.
>Get notification on mail about new comments or even send a quick mail to the commentator
>Gravatar support and configuration: You can enable/disable gravatar and can choose default image for non-gravatar users.
>Auto-approve and configuration: You can now choose to make the comments auto approved.
>Know If any new version is available to dowNload.
>Now you can show comments link from the feature/Home page or even category blog layout.And configuration from administrator to control these settings.
>Choose comment order.
It will include the following features.
BUG FIXES from v1.0.1,performance improvement
> Enable/Disable Comments on Article: A unique way to enable and disable comments on articles. In this case neither the comments nor the comment form will appear if disabled for an article.
> Allow /Disallow new Comments on Articles: Configuration for disallowing comments on articles. In such case if there were comments already made on the article, but the administrator doesn't want any new comments to be made on the article,yet he wants to display the comments already made.
> Published Date: Now each comment will display the date commented in front end.
> Pre-populated fields for Loggin in users: A user already logged in the website will now see the name and email fields pre-poluated in the comment form.
> Bug fixes from v1.0.0 and v1.0.1.

Full ( admin and site ) Language pack available for:
>French. ( 1.0.2 )
>Portuguese.( 1.0.2)
Want to contribute for translations ? mail me at bullraider(@)

Note: All the translations are done by volunteers,I don't take any responsibility of correctness on translations.However the language pack is prepared by me so if it has any problem feel free to raise a bug.

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Reviews: 4
After struggling with kunena discuss, udja comment, yvcomment etc I landed on this one. Thanks God I did! Life saver! And the other life saver was Joo reCaptcha I got from the same developer I believe. Simple, easy, does what it says: What else do you want? User interface is extraordinary. Don't waste your time with other complicated options. This is the one! Thanks Joo, you must be commended for the ease of use of your applications. Thanks a billion...
Reviews: 4
It has no configuration options to change component's behaviour at all. The editor is too complex for just commenting in most of the cases, the majority of the options are spare, and there is no way to disable them.

On the other hand, captcha is too simple. The most basical OCR can broke it in in the twinkling of an eye.

Also it includes a backlink to the author's page on comments form that is not noticed on the extension page.

Otherwise it looks promissing, but in very first stages. Hope it is improved in the future.
Owner's reply

Components behavior configuration:

Configuration option is added in 1.0.3 ( Releasing in late Jan 12)
Captcha will be now difficult to read by OCR ( 1.0.3) including configuration like backcolor,frontcolor and noise.

Configuring the Editor button in 1.0.4.

Thanks for your review

Reviews: 2
very simple and easy install.but
without rating,avatar,top rating & commennts,latest comment and other modules
Owner's reply

Avatar is coming in 1.0.3 ( releasing in late Jan 12)

Like/dislike or voting in v1.0.4( releasing in late Feb)

Reviews: 1
This is a really simple but excellent component, which works right out of the box. I had a problem with some mootools files having been corrupted whilst migrating the site from localhost to the server (somthing I would never have worked out myself)

After a significant amount of head scratching / troubleshooting, I contacted the developer and received a reply and solution within minutes. Great support and a simple component that's easy to use. Good job!
Reviews: 1
I usually try out a piece of open-source software and if it works use it and if it doesn’t just move on to another. The problems using a particular extension can be varied. This time was different with JooComments thanks to the developer and his assistance which extended beyond a simple response. He clearly cares about his work and code.

I needed an extension that would allow guests to comment without registration, allow moderation before publication, allow article selection and provide captcha to keep the spammers out and was clean in design. Installation and configuration of JooComments were complete in minutes but when I went to test it I discovered two problems. The first was minor; the alignment was off just a bit. The second was a show-stopper. It didn’t work.

Nothing I typed would allow the captcha code to be accepted so a comment could not be posted. I usually rely on others to work out the bugs but after having already tried 3 other comment extensions I really wished there was a way to get this to work. I recognized the problem was probably not with his code which looked clean but with another program I was running since I had encountered difficulties other extensions as well. But I am a self-taught joomla user and maybe I was wrong.

I left the developer a comment with my dilemma: I am using Joomla 1.7.3 with the Gratis template and cannot manage to get the captcha to be accepted. I reasoned his response would be a simple, “I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do since this appears to be a problem with another extension.” I thought at least he would know that there was an issue, even if it wasn’t his. Feedback is helpful for developers. He sent me two emails in response; the first of which I missed seeing. The second was in follow-up to the first since I hadn’t responded. This in itself told me something about him as a developer. He cares that a problem be addressed.

Within minutes of my response he identified the software on my site causing the conflict. This gave me a starting point to try to work out a solution. He also pointed out the alignment problem which I hadn’t mentioned and provided me with a fix. (This fix will be automatically included in the next release of JooComments 1.3). I thanked him and told him I would see what I could do but this was an SEF extension I couldn’t forgo using. He wasn’t familiar with the extension and downloaded it himself to replicate the problem for himself trying to find a solution so his software would work with this other program even though it wasn’t his code causing the problem.

As it turns out, 2 days earlier a new release on the SEF software had been released and after I updated, JooComments worked with no problem. How embarrassing on my part after a dozen or so emails over several hours with the developer. His final response was a “Yipee!”.

My conclusion: Always keep your software updated. Feedback in the Joomla community can help everyone. JooComments is a wonderful solution for a beautifully simple comment system. I thank Abhiram Mishra from for his patience and assistance.
Reviews: 4
Thank you author for great support. I have installed JooComments in Joomla 1,73.
This componnent don't have special manager.
The options to configure comments appear near every article in Joomla backend.
There is possibility one day to stop comments, by leaving the old for the article.
Great support when asking for a Lithuanian translation, and I was welcome to translate it;
Abhiram Mishra created language pack.
I look forward for possibility to import comments from Joomla 1,5
Reviews: 1
Great comment system, which does what i need it to do. Great support when asking for a Danish version, and i was welcome to translate it.
Reviews: 3
JooComments looks like early beta as someone previously said. For the first you should add some configuration options. For example, I can't add some polish diacritic characters because of keyboard shortcuts. Another minus is that JooComments isn't integrated with Joomla users system or any other profile.
Reviews: 8
Thanks to authors for a great app for Joomla.
Installed quickly and easy both C and P.
Not many options to adjust or change, so no problems with that.
On website looks and works pretty great!
Would like to suggest foolowing adjustments:
1. add multilanguage option/ability for such sites (language files should be for sure, folks will translate and add own languages quickly)
2. in C or P should be option to select in which categories it add comments,
3. in C some filtering by ... (users, categories, etc...) would be great
4. would be very nice to hav a module to put on website in a some position - newest comments, most voted, etc (by any available parameters), even with some cool scripts that shows comments scrolling, changing (but this is not top most priority - better to have any module to show them at leats)

In fact, very good and potential C&P - keep growing!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for review.
I have already considered the language support and releasing with v1.0.2, Support for letting to which article could be allowed to be commented as well.

I am considering other options of your suggestions.

Reviews: 3
I was attracted to this by it's simplicity. I was looking for a comment system that was basic, clean, easy to set up, and easy for visitors to use. I was surprised and disappointed by exactly how simple it is.

This is about as bare bones as a component and plugin can get. While it worked once installed (unzip download, install component and plugin as usual), I went to the plugin to enable it and found not a single configuration option.

I then went to the component, and again, not a single configuration option. I've tried a few commenting systems before, and I assumed at least the basic options could be set, like which categories to include or exclude, set email notifications of new comments waiting for approval, or what types of input (html, links, images, none, etc.) should be available in the comment field.

Nope, nothing to set.

So, every article on your site can be commented on (and apparently, forever), and you'll have to keep checking in to the component to see if a new comment has been posted.

The only real pluses are, it has a built in captcha (extremely readable, so not sure of it's effectiveness), and the css appears to be very well structured, so adjusting the design should be a snap for css tinkerers. The out of the box design was pleasing to by itself.

This may eventually be a good component, but right now it just lacks too many basic features to make it useable on anything other than a test site.
Reviews: 1
Installed, enabled plugin. Did not work.
The only thing which appeared is "JooComments powered by". No editor, no comments :(
Owner's reply

> Do you have a quote ( " ) character in your article title you want to display the commments ? ( A bug, going to be fixed in v1.0.2 ), try seeing the comments in a different page which doesn't have a quote ( " ) in its' title.

> Are you sure the JavaScript is not disabled in your browser ? If so please enable JavaScript from your browser.

> Are you using v1.0.0, if you please upgrade to v1.0.1.

IF you have a problem to be resolved, please use the support link above to raise your concerns.

Reviews: 1
Works fine thank you Bullraider.
Will be definately the best if we could set another language and disable bullraider copyright.
Maybe in next updates i hope :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review,

I have plans to make the language support very soon. With this I request all the other language speakers to submit the translations, in the feature request page,

Regarding bullraider copyright: having a link back to my website helps me to know who is using my component. This way I visit their site and verify certain details/bugs which usually a user/web administrator will not notice or not raise a bug.By this I make this extension ever better.And here in Bullraider we promise a lot and we keep it.

I request you all not to remove the copyright link,it helps you indirectly.

Reviews: 4
Hi! I have just tried this component on my localhost. Joomla 1.7.

Having tried several comment plugins, I decided this is the best one!

The installation process is very easy (Don't forget to unzip the folder, there are 2 more in it).

The only small issue: the Lists do not work so well.

The rest works good, including the option of inserting the image.

The css file is super!! Resizes according to my fluid content column and setting it to 50% worked too! ( but sure you must change the colors to your own taste;)

The conclusion: the component is preety good, not not perfect due to this bug with a list.

If it's NO problem for you, you should take this!

Good luck and thank ypu for the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you Vita, for your review.

This extension is still in the starting phase with lots of promises coming up, in near future.

Yes, true that the list item in the editor is confusing to use and yes my component lacks few customization on the aspect of theme and certain other areas.

I assure you as it grows in feature it will continue surprise the users.

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