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Komento is an advanced comment extension that allows your website visitors to comment on articles, blogs and product pages.

Komento was one of the winners of the Community Choice Extensions in the JED in December 2012 because of its powerful and useful features.

Komento is highly secured, lightweight and compatible with all Joomla versions and it is free to download.

Why Komento?
1. Instantly activate user interaction and get feedback from visitors to your site.

2. Professionally control all incoming comments or spam in one easy centralized system.

3. Migrate comments from EasyBlog and other comment extensions and have them display in Komento.

4. Komento handles comments in K2, EasySocial, JomSocial, FlexiContent, ZOO, EasyBlog 3.5, VirtueMart, redSHOP, and more.

5. Control certain activity that a particular user or user group can do in the comments area.

Main Features:
- Insert comments and share in social networks
- Share the location of the comment with Google Maps.
- Built-in Access Control List (ACL)
- Excellent comment spam protection
- Word filtering and automatic word replacement
- View comments in-line or nested style
- Email notifications of new/updated comments
- Layout customizations using CSS styling
- Able to report inappropriate comments

View the Komento demo at

Additional Features:
- Sticky comments to feature the best comments
- Users can 'Like' comments posted
- Conversation bar displaying other involved commentors
- Avatar integration with Gravatar, EasySocial, EasyBlog, JomSocial, Community Builder, and more.
- Bundled with 4 themes to match (only for Professional version)
- Built-in comment migrators for other comment extensions

Komento versions:

Komento Free:
- Joomla Articles
- EasyBlog
- Cobalt 8

Komento Pro*:
- AceShop
- FlexiContent
- HWDMediaShare
- JEvents
- K2
- MosetsTree
- Ohanah
- RedShop
- SobiPro
- Virtuemart

Integration provided by 3rd party:
- MijoShop
- JUNewsUltraPro
- FW Gallery
- FW Real Estate
- HD Video Share
- Music Collection

* For pro components

For full features listing, visit

The paid Komento version entitles you professional technical support. The free version gets community support from our forums. Details at

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Reviews: 1
This text was translated with Google.

A long time I use this channel for information. Here at Jed is a good place to find great apps. This is one of them. I really was amazed how a company could provide something as precious and precise as this one.
Be sure, so I start with the bill Doatorium, thanks you received in the form of money. (Promise registered here, huh :)). Seriously.
The site addresses the issue of environmental sustainability and donations.
I was so grateful that I would put them as one of the partners of the site. I could do this?

Thank you.
And as I say to friends ... when they come to Brazil let me know.
My wife and I do a great Stroganoff Shrimp :)!
Reviews: 6
best out there!

unlike DisQus, Komento is connected with the Joomla login, and has a module with latest comments. perfect
Reviews: 29
This one of the best commenting system for Joomla. Easy to install, many options and very nice design and responsive layout.
Reviews: 2
I find Komento extremely complicated. There is a truck load of configuration options, most of which are directed (probably) to high-end websites. However, we will never know because there is no documentation. Well... almost none. It is hard to guess what each option does or does not do, when it actually does something, which is a crapshoot at the best. Was it a configuration issue? Bug? Your setup? You'll never know.
Support is quite responsive and nice, but they can't compensate for the lack of documentation. The user interface is bulky and consumes way too much space. The editor is OK, but why not just use the standard Joomla one? Why re-invent the wheel?
In addition it is not lightweight. It will most definitively slow down your website. In summary, if you have a big website, are techie and have lots of time, go for it. On the other hand, if you are just starting and need a quick commenting plugin / module, this is most definitively not for you. You have been warned.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your valuable feedback and we take every feedback very seriously! I have to agree that we are lacking on the documentation part for the settings but most of the settings that you see in the component comes with a great amount of tooltip when you hover over each of the settings.

As for slowing down your website, we have not received any feedback from our users that slows their site down, so far. But if you have any issues at all, please feel free to post them on our support forums :)

We would really like to hear more from you and we hope that we could work together and get things straighten out.

Thanks again!

Reviews: 2
Guys your are the best!

I love you. Really

You make my life easier whit this component. And it's the best comment box.

Reviews: 2
This is a very simple to understand extension especially since I am not a computer type person, it is hard for me to understand how to work with a website. So this extensions are very easy to use and they do help your business if customers need you to reply or call and why they need you to contact them is like a voicemail in your own website.
Reviews: 5
This extension have excelent support!

Also it one of the best comment system. Recommended to all devs!
Reviews: 2
I tried this out of necessity, as there simply isn't a 3.x comment system for articles that otherwise comes close to doing what it's supposed to do. This one still has holes, like the captcha is lacking, as its default is useless, along with recaptcha. Maybe the author needs to add keycapthca and other image based capthca's, which is the current web standard. Overall... a very easy system to install, good options to control and manage comments. With Jcomments out for 3.x, this one seems the best available.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your suggestion. We will definitely add this into our to-do list. If you have any other feature that you would like to suggest, we will really appreciate it that you can create a thread in our forums.

Reviews: 6
It is an amazing comment system and the integration with cobalt is wonderfull, i hope such integration with EASYBLOG (i will purchase 5 easyblogs, 1 for each departement)
Reviews: 5
I test many plugin and modules since many years.
I just bought Komento and install it.
I have a problem in IE and the team answer very fast at my ticket.
WOW, you worked quickly and efficiently despite the difficulties posed by the protection of the site.
Perseverance, professionalism are your trademarks.
Thank you for your patience and thank you for setting what was wrong.
Reviews: 5
The best comment extension for joomla is kOmento

in comparison with jcomment , komento just has not click to show feature , but komento has many features that jcomment does not have

i really love komento and recomment it to everyone
Reviews: 10
It's a nice looking comment form and has many features but it will devastate your site in terms of seo. Even though it looks sharp, I uninstalled it the moment I ran pagespeed and yslow. If seo is not an issue then this is a very attractive comment form.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the compliments and feedback! We have addressed this issue internally and we'll be posting an update shortly to address this :)

Reviews: 1
We have downloaded the free version for testing purpose and little we knew it would be: simple, fast, reliable, worryless, basically Easy, and indeed they deserve their name "Easy".
It took us 10 minutes to play around with the configuration and try it out on 2 existing pages, we didnt even had to modify a thing afterward, litterally 1-2 Go.
Highly recommended, and if you wonder how good it is then try the free version you will drop everything else on the spot.
Reviews: 7
The best component for comments I've ever tried!!
It works perfectly with any type of component for content management and avatar integration is perfect
Reviews: 18
Komento is a very, very impressive free comment tool. It's very robust with numerous options including capatcha. Comments are also written into HTML so good for your SEO as well.
Reviews: 1
About 2 hours ago I installed version 1.5.3100 free. It took only about 30 mins to completely set it up and integrate it on to a standard joomla article. I had a minor problem and posted a message on the forum (Sunday my time) and surprisingly, my question was answered within a very short time... turns out I just didn't read through the settings as thoroughly as I should have.... Anyway, it is up & running and just the best.
Reviews: 2
It was easy to install, lots of configuration options and works without hassle. I can really recommend this component.
Reviews: 13
This extension looks to be pretty amazing. I'll just say quickly that I believe this is on the only one that does the import right from the DB. All others import from other commenting systems. This is an EXCELLENT feature and the real reason why I went with Komento. After reading the other reviews and the support I got, I was totally right! Amazing job guys!
Reviews: 15
I have tried almost all the commenting systems, from jcomments, udja comments, sli comments and every other extensions. This one looks the best without any tweaks and looks even better with a little tweaking. It has the power of jcomments and looks good too and the support is incredible, i had a problem with the plugin and reported it on the site and they cleared it in five minutes! identified that the problem was caused due to the conflict with rocket theme mission control admin template.
The people behind it are cool!
Reviews: 3
Very nice opinions of component by user reviews convinced me to try it. Yes, it has many, many features, but do we really need it all? I deactivated a bunch of features and when I check the requests through firebug, page speed, I see around 60+ http requests added to page. It's not lightweight as it says. It looks nice in frontend and backend, but it's more important that it adds much delay to page load time. And lastly not working with the jch_optimize plugin.
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