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Komento is an advanced comment extension that allows your website visitors to comment on articles, blogs and product pages.

Komento was one of the winners of the Community Choice Extensions in the JED in December 2012 because of its powerful and useful features.

Komento is highly secured, lightweight and compatible with all Joomla versions and it is free to download.

Why Komento?
1. Instantly activate user interaction and get feedback from visitors to your site.

2. Professionally control all incoming comments or spam in one easy centralized system.

3. Migrate comments from EasyBlog and other comment extensions and have them display in Komento.

4. Komento handles comments in K2, EasySocial, JomSocial, FlexiContent, ZOO, EasyBlog 3.5, VirtueMart, redSHOP, and more.

5. Control certain activity that a particular user or user group can do in the comments area.

Main Features:
- Insert comments and share in social networks
- Share the location of the comment with Google Maps.
- Built-in Access Control List (ACL)
- Excellent comment spam protection
- Word filtering and automatic word replacement
- View comments in-line or nested style
- Email notifications of new/updated comments
- Layout customizations using CSS styling
- Able to report inappropriate comments

View the Komento demo at

Additional Features:
- Sticky comments to feature the best comments
- Users can 'Like' comments posted
- Conversation bar displaying other involved commentors
- Avatar integration with Gravatar, EasySocial, EasyBlog, JomSocial, Community Builder, and more.
- Bundled with 4 themes to match (only for Professional version)
- Built-in comment migrators for other comment extensions

Komento versions:

Komento Free:
- Joomla Articles
- EasyBlog
- Cobalt 8

Komento Pro*:
- AceShop
- FlexiContent
- HWDMediaShare
- JEvents
- K2
- MosetsTree
- Ohanah
- RedShop
- SobiPro
- Virtuemart

Integration provided by 3rd party:
- MijoShop
- JUNewsUltraPro
- FW Gallery
- FW Real Estate
- HD Video Share
- Music Collection

* For pro components

For full features listing, visit

The paid Komento version entitles you professional technical support. The free version gets community support from our forums. Details at

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Reviews: 3
I really liked this component. It's modern designed, lot of integrations with other extensions and is well supported. thank you stackideas.
Reviews: 7
Komento is my favorite of all comment extensions I've ever installed on my site. Easy install, clear tool-tips to help you adjust settings, clean and sleek design, extra features I never thought I needed, but do see a great benefit to having.

I love that you can customize which categories it appears on, which fields will show, which social networks it can be shared on, permissions, display name and others.

I couldn't get the Recaptcha field to save my keys, and the create/publishing dates disappeared from my articles, after installation, but I will tinker with it, and see if it's a settings issue. Even so, there's a default captcha to use, and I will investigate what happened with the article dates. Regardless, it's a great extension and I'm grateful that it was free.
Reviews: 1
I purchased Komento and had a few difficulties with warning codes showing up on my frontpage. within 24 hours, Jason Rey solved the problem. I am now a Stackideas fan. The program was the exact solution I was looking for. Thanks for your professionalism and superb products.
Reviews: 37
Yes, Komento don't work with all extensions.
But show me comment system thats works with all components?
I can say, that Komento is really the best comment system. It's looks beatiful and professional.
There are tons of options and settings.
Seamless integration to other components.
It's only needs to integrate it with most popular components, for example adsmanager, community polls, dj classifieds.
Thanks guys for your next masterpiece!
Reviews: 6
I was having trouble with the free component after it initially, and Mark of support patiently guided me to the solutions. All were correcting issues I had introduced. Because the feedback, I am considering the paid components.

Bob Sprague
Reviews: 1
This, Although highly rated, Lacks AdsManager intigration and hence rendering it useless for sites using it.
It would be great to be able to use it with AdsManager extension. Lets just hope we get it in there next update.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind compliments :) We will be adding support for AdsManager in the future version of Komento.

Reviews: 1
Very beautiful and user friendly user interfaces, both backend and frontend.

Very reactive support.

Thanks for this FREE extension.
Reviews: 11
Excellent extension, great functionality, great interface.

Guys, great job!

For the link back to you, the elegant thing to do would be to make it an option in the configuration.
Reviews: 14
Finally, an excellent commenting system for Joomla. Well coded, professional design, and no issues with installation or having to tweak it to make it integrate properly.
Reviews: 7
I tried it and i liked it actually. I think its a good or one of the best comment extensions but i figured out that the translation, in my case spanish, you can download are not completed. That would actually no problem if the non translated part would be still in english but they are completely missing. And to completed the translation you need a account for a extra tool. So any other language then english is actually useless. To bad, i would even pay for it but so long i can't use it in a other language then english its useless.
Reviews: 1
I bought the software some months ago and over the time I found 2 very small bugs (nothing critical or something which could be seen by the user, more cosmetic). I reported them via web formula and on the next day I got a fix. So they are VERY fast in order to fix stuff which is reported.
Reviews: 6
Seriously excellent component. I use this in conjunction with YooTheme ZOO and it knocks the socks off of ZOO's commenting system. They use HTML5 and drag and drop UI, editable subscription emails, live notifications, social sharing, and many more cool features.

Again, Komento is AWESOME!
Reviews: 10
Might be a good commenting system for other things, but it states it integrates with sobipro, yet there is no plugin, or anything to click on in the integration area. You'll find no documentation on it, and there is nothing in the forum about it.
Owner's reply


Thanks for letting us know of such errors! We have fixed our release yesterday (We were having some packaging issues with the component) but the latest release, which is released on 10/08/2012 will work with SobiPro :)

You can upgrade by accessing our downloads area.

Thanks once again!

Reviews: 2
I tried a free version and it is perfect! I´m from slovakia and I translated a language files and all it works. I will buy a full version! Komento is the best component for people, who need comment for her joomla sites!
Reviews: 29
I have been using JA Comment but, after buying EasyDiscuss I decided also to try this - it is streets ahead of JA with so much more functionality and easy of use - and it imported all existing comments from JAcomment.
Brilliant and amazing for a free extension - all Stack Ideas extensions are really well worth using!!
And service - I posted a question and then came here to write this review and whilst writing this, back came the answer to my question - that's service.
Reviews: 1
Honestly, this is the best Joomla experience I have come across in the past 6 years. The component is fantastic as is the service. I paid for the professional version simply to offer my support.

This, to my knowledge, is the only commenting component that allows registered jomSocial users to post as guests on K2 items. It is such a pain for registered users to have to login before they want to comment on our content. Komento has solved this for us!

Way to go, StackIdeas - thrilled with your products, your design, your interface and your support!
Reviews: 8
Very well done Commment system! Nice design, a lots of possibilities, works on multilingual environment. And free as well... Keep the good work!
Reviews: 11
I was searching a way to ad user interactivity to articles on my site and stumbled upon this. Even though it's the free version and shows a link, this is the neatest interface i have seen on a joomla component.

works great the front end and back end is perfectly thought and coded!

why i gave 4 stars! you guys should make a question and answer module!! please!!
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your kind words and support!

The questions-and-answer component was long been available at our site. It's called EasyDiscuss and it is also listed in the JED. Feel free to explore more about EasyDiscuss.

Reviews: 2
Komento does what it says, with simplicity and an admirably clean interface. I like it a lot. Not only is it well designed on the surface with an intelligent admin interface, I've found it equally well organized under the hood, which makes customization surprisingly easy.

Even more remarkable is the support provided by StackIdeas, which is superior to anything I've encountered in decades of programming and systems administration… cheerful, competent, generous, and _fast_.

I use both Komento and EasyDiscuss and tend to fuss over my implementations. I don't rave casually, but the support really is remarkable. In some cases, StackIdeas solved my problems while I was cranking out another espresso before sitting down to solve them myself.
Reviews: 2
There's three reasons to use StackIdeas software.

1) Their software is great.
2) The support is great.
3) Their attitude is great.

In the last two weeks, I have bought EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and I have downloaded the free Komento. I'm using all three because they really are that good. But the thing that really sets these components apart isn't the software, it's the people behind them.

I'm no coder so I've had a few questions I needed answering. Each time, I got an email back really fast (one within a minute, several within 6 minutes). In other words, their support is unbelievably fast.

But the thing that is best about them is that they don't just identify and fix your problems for you, they will even fix conflicts with other software that has nothing to do with them.

When I encountered a problem with another provider's template not being perfectly suited to using with Komento, Jewell at StackIdeas fixed the problem for me within two hours. I have *never* come across this level of service before.

Bottom line, their software is great. But great software really is only as good as the people behind it and these are the best people in the world. I kid you not!
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