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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a hidden backlink to the developer.
yvComment is native Joomla! 2.5 (and Joomla! 1.5 - 1.7 - download older packages!) Commenting solution, it is well documented and free.
It has two required parts (i.e., extensions): component + plugin. It also has a lot of optional extensions, including Module, Community Builder plugin, Content Subscription plugin and 35 Language packs, so the resulting solution may be very simple or more complex - it's up to you.
yvComment supports Captcha (secret word) extensions, Smileys, BBCodes, WYSIWYG editor, Community Builder, JNews and many content plugins and tools designed to work with Articles of Joomla! (e.g. GeSHi). yvComment allows users to add Comments to Articles (and optionally Comments to Comments also). Comments may be stored in the same database table used by content (where they are treated as a special type of Article), or in their own table. (Read more on the Homepage).

Replying to the Editor's note above: This extension does NOT have any hidden links. It does have the only visible link of the form: "yvComment v.X.XX", which appears below the list of comments. The link leads to the yvComment's Home page. This behavior is exactly the same as of Joomla!'s core: look at the bottom of the page in built-in Joomla! templates!
BTW that yvComment's Home page hasn't had ANY advertisements in the previous 6 years ;-)

July 2013 v.2.1.1
1. Fixed: Layout setting doesn't work in Joomla! v.2.5
2. Hungarian translation updated.

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Reviews: 7
Now I have been using this component for more then half-year and I should say that it's the most powerful and customizable one between all comments solutions. Absolutely must have for anyone, who use the comment option in their Joomla sites!
Reviews: 13
Im not sure why everyone says its hard to do, yes the instructions seem overwhelming at first, but its because he covered everything possible. I read maybe the first line of a couple of sections and I was up and really didnt even need that, the plugin is self explanitory, what helped was the first bit about the make a comment section. Which is what I was looking for. Excellent, small component, plugin! Thank you
Reviews: 18
Most extensions now-a-days are "plug and play". While this one does work, it most definitely isn't plug and play.

Take a peek at the open-source forum (1700+ posts) about this product and j1.5. You will see it has given a few people headaches.

Personally, nothing worked right off the bat, but digging around for awhile got me to get it in working order. In my opinion, the whole extension is overthought and doesn't need to be that complicated. The developer responds well and it is good to see a lively extension such as this, but don't expect to extract and publish a couple of plugins and expect it to work.
Owner's reply

The short explanation of why yvComment is not "plug and play" from Your point of view is this:
yvComment is tightly coupled with Joomla core hence it depends on many setting of Joomla core, e.g. related to User permissions/access levels, Category for Comments etc. This is why you have to read documentation, understand Joomla AND set that necessary Joomla core settings to have yvComment work properly at your site.
BTW, I always have feelings similar to yours when I'm installing CB - one of the most popular Joomla extensions...

Reviews: 4
I can say is good or very good I really test and I start think is good but the end I get the captcha.
You need to use in Joomla 1.7 teh Keycaptcha is not free . That means also your web have delays reading the keycaptcha server is never google recaptcha.
I am interest in speed and functionality but I no get that with that component
Owner's reply

Yes, now Keycaptcha is the only option for Joomla 1.6-1.7. The "trick" is simple: their team was the only one to collaborate with me on the subject; other earlier compatible captchas were not updated for Joomla 1.6...
We are lucky Joomla 2.5 will have Captcha support in a core. I will definitely allow yvComment to use that core Captcha plugin.

Reviews: 6
This plugin is working great, great job man.
i have one issue using it, maybe i didn't set up parameters right, the thing is when a user log in via CB he cannot comment, i have to assign user to Author group manually to make him able to comment, there's any possibility to make all registered users in CB to comment without i manually assign them to Author group? or there's a possibility to make all registered users in CB to be automatically in Author group?
Hope to get an answer quickly
Thanks again
Reviews: 5
Though it's required a lot of reading before installation, the component is great, and the author is very cooperative! Thanks for smilies :)
Reviews: 3
Thanks, the extension is great, just a little trouble at the beginning basically because I didn't read all the instructions. I suggest to read first all the instructions.
Thanks for the extensions
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for an extension in 1.6 that would just work the way it is supposed to. Tried all of them. At first I was a little leery since this is Alpha but once installed I was quite pleased. After putting it through its paces I actually put it on an active site.
One little problem, I tried to dis-allow the uncategorised category in the module and got some sort of mysqli error. Small problem but this is an Alpha.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I was truly happy to finally see a free article commenting component for joomla 1.6.
1 problem though I can't seem to find: I first installed it on my test server before going live and worked like a charm. But when I finally installed it on my live website and transfered the styling pages it works except for the "amount of comments" on the frontpage (featured articles). Although its an almost exact copy it doesnt show (it set to "below article" and "afterDisplayContent" is shown in the code)
Owner's reply

Thanks Muts for testing this "Alpha" version of yvComment for Joomla! v.1.6
As I see from your report yvComment package is ready to be called "Beta".
And as usial: please post your problem reports to the yvComment's Support forum thread. The JED is NOT for resolving any issues ;-)

Reviews: 3
I have not been a Joomla! user long, but i have tried my fair share in other commenting components, and nothing compares to yvComment. The tool itself is excellent and the support on this was superb! They even helped out with a technical issue that was not even really related to them and explained in detail how to fix it and what the issue might be. I can't imagine using something else :D
Reviews: 20
I have tried this comment system in the past and now and it works great when its right configured and up and running but this could have been a very successful comment system if not "This extension by default includes hidden links/advertising. Hidden links/advertising can affect the Search Engine ranking."

A better solution would have been to set up Google ads on his own web site page for this extension instead.
Owner's reply

yvComment does have a link to its own Homepage, and its not hidden - exactly the same as Joomla! package has a link to its own Homepage in default template...

Reviews: 3
This (free!!!) extension is just great, and what any webmaster needs if he is interested in feedback.
I miss just one feature. I have many articles on my site. Most of the older ones do not need to be commented upon anymore. So, I think an option 'only for new articles' or 'only for articles created after xxx/yy/zz' would come in handy.
Owner's reply

yvComment has such feature: it's called 'Auto close comments after specified number of days' :-)

Reviews: 1
Great work man....u made a really great stuff i am very thankful to you... u made me to have really a great comment module for my joomla website :)
Reviews: 1
I can't say anything other than "This comment system is AWESOME!"
Works flawlessly - was easy to setup if you follow the directions right - easy to edit the template for custom color configs.
What can I say - fantastic fantastic FANTASTIC!
Thanks much - you can all view a working demo here:
Reviews: 1
I've been using this champion extension for almost one year without any problems. Today I come back to find update and see the Editor's Note about hidden links. If you are afraid that it may effect to site ranking, it is easy to not allow link to author's documentation page by editting yvcomment CSS file (use syntax "display: none;" in the line "poweredBy")
Reviews: 1
if u had have demo would be awesome! so that we would know before actually implementing it.. thanks for sharing though!!!!
Reviews: 1
This was exactly what I needed. Simple, easy to install, and excellent documentation. Great job!!!
Reviews: 1
Thank you - comprehensive installation instructions, easy to set up and use, works as advertised. Much appreciated !
Reviews: 1
I needed comments on every article, which this delivered very easily. Extremely customisable too, so you can really tweak what is commented on or not. The user installation guide is accurate, and of unusually high quality.
Installation took a little time but was not complicated at all. Very happy with the outcome.
Reviews: 4
This feature was the missing element of our club website. Sure we had a forum, and users were publishing articles.. but this was the missing link. The website sudenly became interactive. Many of the other comments managers are far too chunky with avatars and threading. the simplicty of the display is captavating.. it was exactly what i wanted. The easily integrated choice of Captcha's is also neat. Time will tell how robut it is, but it looks great, and is already in use by the users.

thanks for a great extension.
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