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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
The JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support. Working on this release took extra eight months, all this effort was spent to make the component more stable and usable. Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions.

* Advanced ACL system
* Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection
* Multilanguage support (more then 20 languages)
* Smiles & BBCode support
* Avatars
* Easy migration from 3rd party components to JComments (50+ extensions!)
* Simple integration with 3rd party extensions (more than 40 extensions!)
* Joom!Fish support (separate comments for each language)
* E-mail subscriptions
* Quick moderation (from e-mails)
* Report to administrator
* Ban IP
* RSS feeds
* Automatic updates (require Joomla 1.7+)

Support avatars from 3rd party extensions
JComments Avatar plugin adds support avatars from Agora Forum, CommunityBuilder, ccBoard, Contacts, FireBoard, IDoBlog, JomSocial, JooBB Forum, JoomSuite User, K2, Kunena, iJoomla Magazine, Ninjaboard, phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge), vBulletin, Gravatar and more;

Easy migration from 3rd party extensions
JComments supports import of comments from third-party components: AkoComment, BeeHeard, CC Comment, Chrono Comments, Cobalt, DatsoGallery, EasyComment, Easy Blog, Ice Gallery, ImproveMyCity, JA Comment, JMovies, JMyLife, JomComment, JoomlaComment, JooComments, JoomGallery, J!Reactions, JVComment, JXtended Comments, K2, Komento, LinkDirectory, LyftenBloggie, Mosets Tree, MusicBox, Music Collection, mXcomment, RDBS Comment, Remository, RS Comments, MightyExtensions Resource, RSGallery2, SliComments, SOBI2, TPDugg, VirtueMart, UdjaComment, ZOO

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Reviews: 1
The best part is the support. Their support forum is very active and efficient. I was having issues with number translation in comments and found almost instant support.

The features are more than sufficient and works perfectly.

The design is elegant and customizable.


I request the team to make options for translating dates also.

All the very best to the Jcomments team. :)
Reviews: 4
I had JComment installed and up and working in mere minutes, and it is working flawlessly. Many thanks for a job well done.
Reviews: 2
I work with Joomla for more than 7 years now and I've seen a lot. On the basis of my experience I can say that this extension is perfect example of what an ideal Joomla extension should be. It's FREE, it's fresh, light, has out of the box functionality, possibility of easily adding different features/integrations, constantly developing, with great and user-friendly developers' website, fast support. The single fact that this extension comes pre-installed on many leading Joomla templates speaks for itself. Highly recommended as a default Joomla comments extension to everyone. Definitely 5 stars! Awesome job, guys! Thank you!

And another outstanding fact is that the team is Russian. I'am Russian myself and I'm proud to see the excellence of Joomlatune team. Truly talented, energetic, workaholic, self-sacrificing, with a solid sense of style and intuition. This is what REAL component development is all about. Hats off! Keep up good work!
Reviews: 4
I finally settled on JComments after testing various others. I'm happy with the choice, it was easy to install, straighforward to administer, and has all the basic features I'm looking for.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install it, works perfect out of the box and when i needed help for a small problem the support was very helpfull with fast responce. This is a profesional comments extension for free!!! Many thanks to the developer!!!!Keep going the good job Smart
Reviews: 1
Easy to install. Had it up and working in 5 minutes.
Reviews: 2
I can only say ...."PERFECT"
Reviews: 6
What can I add to the existing comments? After a period of time struggling with other components, here is one that works well, does what it says, no need for a manual, etc. etc. etc.

The developer even took the time to add the extra polish on the administration side.

Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension to comment my articles and I tried this one.
I liked very much, it's very easy to install and to use!

I would recomend it for everyone, especially for the support that I received(I wrote in their forum to fix a problem and they replied me immediatly, explained to me how to fix the problem!)

Reviews: 1
One of the better developed modules you will find! It even imported comments from the yvcomment module I used before. This one is so much more complete. I am really impressed.
Reviews: 1
This is just awesome! You guys did an EXCELLENT job. I made a custom component and the integration took me about half a minute literally!!! The speed is superfast running on 850mhz PIII with SD ram. All in all both thumbs up! I'm really thanking you for this great app.
Reviews: 2
I have tried MANY,MANY and I HAVE USED A LOT OF TIME, but they all were either very difficult to manage, or they did not do what they where supposset to. This one does though. This is fantastic. There is no problems like: "Joomla takes the comments as an artickle" or the settings are not what I thought. I WILL DONATE. Thanks man.
"I know why your name is Smart. What you do, is true art":)
Reviews: 6
I like this component very much.

I only miss one feature extreemly:

>>> Syntax highlighting for Code

Maybe you can put a BBCODE into it, that uses the Joomla Geshi plugin.

Now if anyone post any html or other code, the site eats it, and nothing is displayed.
The newest Version of Easy Book Reloaded also uses Geshi BBCODE, maybe you can look there how to impliment it.

Owner's reply

Current version of JComments already supports syntax highlighting by GeSHi but this feature is disabled by default. Visit our forum and post question about this feature - I'll explain how to enable it.

Reviews: 1
Just excellent, I have tried a few comment programs now and installed jcomments just to try it.
Well, I am keeping it, it worked straight away, it is not 'over the top' with what it does, it is easy for the sites visitors to understand.
Like I said, excellent, thank you for JoomlaTune for a terrific product... it is free as well, how can it be free?
Reviews: 8
easy to install, easy to configure, excellent performance!
Reviews: 1
Works very well. It's a nice tool, complete. The installation was somewhat difficult because I had trouble making it work in browsers other than IE8. I rewrote the link to the scripts directly in the header of my template. I did this because every time he used Chrome, FF or Safari to write the commentary, the system reported to me that the name field was blank. Doing what I did all the work wonderfully. Congratulations to the developers.
Reviews: 1
it's the best comment system that let the admin do any thin he want in the comment option

but ...i ask if i can change the front end comment system from english to arabic....or to edit the file that print the words in the comment system
but it's still the beeeeeest :):):):):)
Reviews: 11
I don't leave many reviews but I had to for JComments.

I've tried quite a few commenting systems for Joomla but this one is simply, by far, the best one around.
Easy to use, lots of features and most importantly, the support is GREAT.

I had an urgent issue with site going live and 'smart' the main man there, helped me out really quickly to solve the problem (which was with another extension).

Thanks again Smart / JComments.
Reviews: 7
Thank you for your work! It's a most convenient and full-featured comment system.

I would recommend it for everyone.
Reviews: 1
Please add "email this" and "link to article" ability to each article
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