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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
The JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support. Working on this release took extra eight months, all this effort was spent to make the component more stable and usable. Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions.

* Advanced ACL system
* Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection
* Multilanguage support (more then 20 languages)
* Smiles & BBCode support
* Avatars
* Easy migration from 3rd party components to JComments (50+ extensions!)
* Simple integration with 3rd party extensions (more than 40 extensions!)
* Joom!Fish support (separate comments for each language)
* E-mail subscriptions
* Quick moderation (from e-mails)
* Report to administrator
* Ban IP
* RSS feeds
* Automatic updates (require Joomla 1.7+)

Support avatars from 3rd party extensions
JComments Avatar plugin adds support avatars from Agora Forum, CommunityBuilder, ccBoard, Contacts, FireBoard, IDoBlog, JomSocial, JooBB Forum, JoomSuite User, K2, Kunena, iJoomla Magazine, Ninjaboard, phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge), vBulletin, Gravatar and more;

Easy migration from 3rd party extensions
JComments supports import of comments from third-party components: AkoComment, BeeHeard, CC Comment, Chrono Comments, Cobalt, DatsoGallery, EasyComment, Easy Blog, Ice Gallery, ImproveMyCity, JA Comment, JMovies, JMyLife, JomComment, JoomlaComment, JooComments, JoomGallery, J!Reactions, JVComment, JXtended Comments, K2, Komento, LinkDirectory, LyftenBloggie, Mosets Tree, MusicBox, Music Collection, mXcomment, RDBS Comment, Remository, RS Comments, MightyExtensions Resource, RSGallery2, SliComments, SOBI2, TPDugg, VirtueMart, UdjaComment, ZOO

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Reviews: 10
This is a great and easy to use commenting system..the way it should be

I want to rate the component so much higher...but many sites are just absolutely crippled without this functioning properly on the latest version of Joomla.


Without a functional commenting system my users read and leave...traffic is dropping on our new Joomla 1.7/2.5 installs.

I dont want to abandon a component I use and LOVE on many sites but what can be done? I dont want to put off upgrading any longer.

Please release the a version compatible with the latest Joomla versions
Reviews: 1
This is the one module which made me regret upgrading joomla before checking if this is supported, It is a huge disappointment this isn't up to 1.7 yet
Reviews: 1
Very good component. 3 years use it. It is very happy. Thanks Smart
Reviews: 1
did what it said it would do. i was able to modify some of the settings, make edits to the default template and was done. quick and easy.
Reviews: 2
Great extension. Any idea when it will support Joomla 1.7?
Reviews: 6
Since day one I had no problems with this component - integration or ongoing.
By now, I've been using it almost 2 years.
Integrates with other components in a snap! Originally I had LyftenBloggie on my site and used it's own comment system, which is not bad, but I wanted to make it so I can manage ALL comments from whole site in one place. JComments imported LB comments with no issues at all!
Plus, support is just great! I am in the process of rearranging my whole site and will move away from using LB all together, so again, support is amazing!
Thank you, Smart!!
Reviews: 3
Great extension and easy to setup.

I wait with 2 websites for JComments for Joomla 1.7, hopefully it comes quickly?
Reviews: 1
I'm from Brasil, and I'm using JComments for the last year in a online News Portal. The extension is perfect, runs quickly, is easy to configure, clean, and gives a professional aspect do the site. I suggest the functionality: Editor's Comment, in wich the Editor can insert a comment detached in any article, no needed create a profile only for this.
Reviews: 38
The best comments component from any existing commercial or free components. It's free. Very easy to install. Users love it. Users recognize it.
Support many components. Thanks for your work!
Reviews: 6
Jcomment offers everything you want and the support is very good. What else can I say?
Reviews: 2
I have been using JComments on my Joomla 1.5 site for some time. I have now migrated my site to Joomla 1.7, but JComments still isn't available for 1.7, or even 1.6. This puts me in a very difficult position where I have to choose to between not releasing my updated site or releasing it without all the comments.

The beta for Joomla 1.6 was released in May 2010. That was a year and a half ago. It is now almost 2012 and there is still no JComments version for Joomla 1.6!

In the JComments forum, the author said that he would release it before November and then he came back in December and now claims that he will release it December. The Joomla 2.5 beta will be out this month and there is still no JComments version for even Joomla 1.6!

I am now trying to figure out how to pump the comments out of JComments and into another commenting system so I can release my 1.7 site. I posted to the JComment forums and nobody responds.

The worst decision I ever made was to choose this tool. Very frustrating.
Owner's reply

I am very sorry that you have got such troubles with JComments. Unfortunatelly I am alone developer and I have to develop JComments, modules and plugins and support users on 2 languages. Of course there are periods when I could not visit the forum but I always answer all questions on forum. This is free extension and I can not provide 24/7 support for free, but I do my best to answer users as soon as possible.

Yes, I have promised to release new version extension in November and I have changed release date to December. But I work alone and I can not work more than 16 hours per day. For last year no one user had contributed any piece of code for JComments development. But I very appreciated to all translators and testers who help me.

In any case, I do my best to release JComments for Joomla 1.7/Joomla 2.5 in December. All users of previous versions would be able update their JComments to latest version without any troubles.

Reviews: 2
Works great in joomla articles. Very customizable. You can change the template to make it even better. Only one problem. If you have Kunena forum installed and you want to use the avatars from kunena in jcomments you will have to edit some codes in jcomments. It won't work even though jcomments has the option. It is a simple php fix and jcomment developers should fix the problem.
Reviews: 13
Love this extension. It installs easily and it even seamlessly imported comments from another comments component. Users had no problem using it. Unfortunately, I'm upgrading my site now to 1.7, and it's not compatible. I hate to leave it behind.
Reviews: 1
I tried 6 before this, and I am very happy that I find the right one! Thank you! Great job!
Reviews: 1
Now in my view this new style is fantastic. It has breathing space which brings impact. It looses a little on the simplicity but it gains on the sophistication creating a soft effect which brings this component right up to date.

The component does not properly work in rocket theme afterburner template (applying new settings & saving) but what I’ve seen it on their demo website they used the joomla default template (rhuk milkyway) and this is the move I think we can expect to see alot of large corporates taking. Simple and soft but very effective and modern.
Reviews: 3
I've worked with it few times, please make JComments for 1.7!
Reviews: 2
I've used JComments to Joomla 1.5 and thought this was a great extension.
Now I have changed to Joomla 1.7 and miss really an upgrade of JComments. Will there be an upgrade and when? Soon, I hope :-)
Reviews: 1
I've been using this extension for my website
It is a great extension allows users to evaluate your product in an objective manner. It works smoothly and you can get enthusiastic support from people who wrote it.
Well if it will allow the display of posters and email the editor with more options.
I want to thank Smart. Thanks and wish him health.
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension. It even migrated all the previous comments i had with yvcomment. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
I found this very useful and suitable for my website! Thank you.
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