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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
The JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support. Working on this release took extra eight months, all this effort was spent to make the component more stable and usable. Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions.

* Advanced ACL system
* Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection
* Multilanguage support (more then 20 languages)
* Smiles & BBCode support
* Avatars
* Easy migration from 3rd party components to JComments (50+ extensions!)
* Simple integration with 3rd party extensions (more than 40 extensions!)
* Joom!Fish support (separate comments for each language)
* E-mail subscriptions
* Quick moderation (from e-mails)
* Report to administrator
* Ban IP
* RSS feeds
* Automatic updates (require Joomla 1.7+)

Support avatars from 3rd party extensions
JComments Avatar plugin adds support avatars from Agora Forum, CommunityBuilder, ccBoard, Contacts, FireBoard, IDoBlog, JomSocial, JooBB Forum, JoomSuite User, K2, Kunena, iJoomla Magazine, Ninjaboard, phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge), vBulletin, Gravatar and more;

Easy migration from 3rd party extensions
JComments supports import of comments from third-party components: AkoComment, BeeHeard, CC Comment, Chrono Comments, Cobalt, DatsoGallery, EasyComment, Easy Blog, Ice Gallery, ImproveMyCity, JA Comment, JMovies, JMyLife, JomComment, JoomlaComment, JooComments, JoomGallery, J!Reactions, JVComment, JXtended Comments, K2, Komento, LinkDirectory, LyftenBloggie, Mosets Tree, MusicBox, Music Collection, mXcomment, RDBS Comment, Remository, RS Comments, MightyExtensions Resource, RSGallery2, SliComments, SOBI2, TPDugg, VirtueMart, UdjaComment, ZOO

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Reviews: 2
I tried and used 5 extensions before this one, including k2, and jcomments is perfect, works wonderfull, moderation in front end is easy and quick and is in spanish!

Plus, the copyright at the end is smooth and elegant. I didnt want to take it away like with other extensions.

Thank yo so much for the developers!
Reviews: 6
Amazing extension but i can't wait for similar one compatible Joomla 1.7

Thanks a lot
Reviews: 5
I have tested many comments components and this one is definitelly one of the best. The installation is very simple goes without any problems (everything is packed into one file, so you don't have to download and install supplementary modules for the component). The component is very functional and contains almost all the functionality you could expect. User interface is very elegant and intuitive (it's AJAX powered, so it's also prety fast and it doesn't refresh the page every time). Simply to say - an excellent extension!
Reviews: 2
Its fantastic !!!
...but i need a IP banner function.. !!
Reviews: 2
A excelent extension i have use it at a few of my joomla 1.5 projects and i'm very pleased about it. a week a go i have upgraded my personal website to 1.7 and I'M REALLY INTERESTED TO USE THIS COMPONENT

Until now on my old version i have receved 30 comments. At the moment i haven't imported them back i have tried a Russian component but i didn't like it so i fully disabled the comment function. I realy need this component and i'm offering to test it voluntarily if you have a beta ore an RC or something compatible whit 1.7

Whit respect Razvan
Reviews: 2
As a new Joomla user I have found some extensions too hard to set up and use once I have downloaded them. Not so with JComments, it was easy to set up, really straightforward and intuitive.
Reviews: 4
It WORKS like a CHARM !!! It took me less than 3 minutes to move away from ChronoComments to JComments with all my existing 900+ comments in place and functioning. This is a great component and thank you for providing the ability to import from other comment systems. Also JComments makes my pages load much faster than with ChronoComments. GREAT WORK, GREAT COMPONENT !!!!
Reviews: 2
Worked easily and as expected, thanks a lot.
Reviews: 12
What amazes me most that this extension is integratable with so many other extensions, apart from being AJAX, simple and effective. THANKS!
Reviews: 1
i ill use this extension in my future project too.. if possible please add ratting system with this extentions
Reviews: 19
This comment extension is easy to use, easy to configure, and very clean. Support is wonderful, and the development team is always trying to make this extension better.
Reviews: 2
This is by far the most complete comments component, integrates perfectly with known and unknown components, it's powerful, flexible and very fast.
Great work, guys!
Reviews: 1
I usually don't write many reviews but I wanted to say that JComments is my favorite Joomla extension. I've had three Joomla websites and although I had tried several other extension for commenting, I always end up removing them and installing JComments.
I am now in the process of building a website that I will use as a blog and again, JComments is my choice for commenting. I do would like to know though, how to make the commenting rectangle a little wider.
Thank you for such a great, and stable extension.
Reviews: 3
Have used this on many of my sites for years, I'm also just waiting for the 1.7 update. These guys have kept on the ball for many years now and have produced an amazing extension for the joomla community. *applauds* well done and keep up the amazing work. We all appreciate it a great deal!
Reviews: 1
Very nice. One very good point is that it can works with extra component than only Joomla articles content.

Waiting for the J1.6/1.7 update.
Reviews: 8
This is a very cool tool for comment system. I've been using this for almost all my joomla websites and I plan on using it for future.

I highly recommend this to all.

Great work for the developers! Thanks!


- Crimson
Reviews: 7
easy to set up and works very well. love it.
Reviews: 4
After trying demos of all the commercial products and some of the free ones, jcomments is absolutely perfect in its feature-list, spam protection (which still needs a little work), and layout. Since I don't require registration nor even have the option to register (there's just no need), jcomments permission settings are above reproach.

It supports avatars, bbcode, user avatars, different templates, flood control, and it is quite possibly the easiest system to set up and use.

I would rate it as Excellent except for a couple of things:
• The aforementioned spam control needs an update as the spammers have found workarounds already. Thank god for the Report to Admin link that my users have no problem using to let me know spam got through.
• Selecting Tree layout in settings doesn't allow pagination. But if you select Flat layout you can have pagination but you are unable to reply to another person's comments. Why you can't have pagination in Tree layout is beyond me. I have some articles with 100+ comments all on one page because of this.
• Sometimes you want to turn comments off after a topic has been discussed to death, but if you add the jcomments off code to the article, any previous comments disappear as well. Be nice to have a way to show comments up until the point you turned them off. Right now it's all or nothing. Maybe program in a date code to the {jcomments off} so comments before that date don't disappear.
• Support for more than just the Gravatar avatar. I know it's silly, but people like choices.

Now, even with these limitations, it is still the BEST commenting system available. It's also FREE. I really hope the developer comes out with an update (plus real JoomFish support) as this version is getting a little long in the tooth.

Other than that you can't go wrong and will be pleasantly surprised by how well it works. I've never had a conflict with jcomments or a complaint from a user about using it.

And let's face it, if your visitors are using your comment system to complain about the comment system, well, it doesn't look good. Thankfully I've never had that issue. :)
Owner's reply

Thank you for detailed review. Here is not good place for support but I would like to make more clear some things. If you want to stop discussion but allow users to read already posted comments you have to use {jcomments lock} instead {jcomments off}. If you want to have more avatar sources you have to use JComments Avatar plugin - it supports about 12+ extensions such as Agora, Kunena, CommunityBuilder, JomSocial, K2 and others. All other things I am ready to discuss on our support forum!

Reviews: 1
This is perfect! just what i have been looking for. Would highly recommend.
Reviews: 2
JComments is excellent - easy to install too, plugs straigt in. No problems at all.
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