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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
The JComments is a powerful and easy to use AJAX based comment system for Joomla with flexible ACL, smiles, BBCodes and avatars support. Working on this release took extra eight months, all this effort was spent to make the component more stable and usable. Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions.

* Advanced ACL system
* Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection
* Multilanguage support (more then 20 languages)
* Smiles & BBCode support
* Avatars
* Easy migration from 3rd party components to JComments (50+ extensions!)
* Simple integration with 3rd party extensions (more than 40 extensions!)
* Joom!Fish support (separate comments for each language)
* E-mail subscriptions
* Quick moderation (from e-mails)
* Report to administrator
* Ban IP
* RSS feeds
* Automatic updates (require Joomla 1.7+)

Support avatars from 3rd party extensions
JComments Avatar plugin adds support avatars from Agora Forum, CommunityBuilder, ccBoard, Contacts, FireBoard, IDoBlog, JomSocial, JooBB Forum, JoomSuite User, K2, Kunena, iJoomla Magazine, Ninjaboard, phpBB3 (Blogomunity p8pbb bridge, JFusion bridge, RokBridge), vBulletin, Gravatar and more;

Easy migration from 3rd party extensions
JComments supports import of comments from third-party components: AkoComment, BeeHeard, CC Comment, Chrono Comments, Cobalt, DatsoGallery, EasyComment, Easy Blog, Ice Gallery, ImproveMyCity, JA Comment, JMovies, JMyLife, JomComment, JoomlaComment, JooComments, JoomGallery, J!Reactions, JVComment, JXtended Comments, K2, Komento, LinkDirectory, LyftenBloggie, Mosets Tree, MusicBox, Music Collection, mXcomment, RDBS Comment, Remository, RS Comments, MightyExtensions Resource, RSGallery2, SliComments, SOBI2, TPDugg, VirtueMart, UdjaComment, ZOO

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Reviews: 1
it's very easy to use and look very good!
Reviews: 7
everything is customizable, and its free! what could anyone want more?
Reviews: 2
Needed a good comment facilitator and Jcomments easily and efficiently solved the problem. Simple to use and efficient. Comes with a ton of features that I am still yet to explore. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 2
I found this extension very use and easy-to-use. Comments are very easy to publish and comment features are organized and accessible. Thanks for this.
Reviews: 1
This component is really usable. Comment components in different articles work perfectly without disturbing each other. Well done! Thank you so much for this powerful component.
Reviews: 1
Everything about JComments is easy and simple to use. It looks good and I have absolutely no complaints.
Reviews: 6
Your component is the best one, what is about Joomla 1.6 are you planning to upgrade the component? there is nothing better :( you're the best :)
Reviews: 3
By Far the best comment component I have ever used. Keep up the great work. I can't believe this component is free! Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 1
It is a great component, cant't wait for 1.6! Everything wrks just fine!!!
One problem, it is impossible to register at your site, have a problem, have been trying to register for over a month now without success.....
Reviews: 3
relative newbie and found this easy to use
Great addition to site

Thanks Very Much
Reviews: 9
cool and easy to use. Thanks a lot for offering it to us
Reviews: 1
Awesome component. It installed into my 1.5 primary school site flawlessly and configuration was very simple. It has give the site a great add on and my users are loving the ability to leave comments. The children are away on a 1 week trip and parents can now keep in touch by leaving comments under the children's daily blog posts. Developer's website is VERY clean and easy to get setup/support info from. Top job.
Reviews: 4
Install in 5 minutes. Works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Simply Fantastic!

And above all, its free. You guys rock! You guys really make our lives simpler and easier. Live Long :) :D ...
Reviews: 1
This is the best comment extension. Works verry fine in Joomla 1.5,
But whe realy need this for Joomla 1.6, when will be realised???
Owner's reply

I am already working on new version. It would be released soon. Stay tuned.

Reviews: 11
Jcomments is a good comment system and is largely integrated by other components. Graphics are not at the best but is very nice the Ajax.
The only problem i had is on remository page.
Because all the publishers, admins and superadmins get problems on display. Hope this will fixed. Good component and free!
Reviews: 2
Its just great!!!! really easy to use...... I love it!!! TXS!!
Reviews: 7
Excellent component. Easy to install, customise and control comments to articles and other Joomla components. For Non US users, just need to change the date formats in the Language folder com_jcomments.ini for your particular Language and local time formats.
Well done to the developers for this great FREE component. Well worth a donation
Reviews: 2
Just installed today. Not only fast install and quick setup, but works perfectly. Previously used a different comments component but this one beats it hands down.
Reviews: 4
Loved it - useful options, simple enough, sleek and beautiful. Unfortunately not compatible with 1.6 and now I really miss it.
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