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Contact Information Module

Updates: 3.3 adds Adds Moduleclass_sfx option + vCard link plus language file.
Display several contacts with one instance of the module. The option to make the name a link to the corresponding contacts page. Options for separating contacts include “Div”, “Break Tag”, “Horizontal Rule” and none. Each line can be styled separately adding the CSS classes to your style sheet.
This module is intended for displaying your contact information in different places besides just a contact page. The module takes the contact information from the Joomla contact component for whatever ID is specified, then displays it where you choose in your template and it only displays the information you need according to the parameters you've set. It's also great for displaying different bits of your contact information in separate locations within your Joomla template. Using the Joomla copy module function, you can have several instances displaying different or identical information.

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Reviews: 8
I have used this to display various info from Contacts, in multiple module positions. This makes it easy for site users to keep the info current themselves without having to edit Custom Modules
Reviews: 3
Great mod, simple works well, wish I could use it instead of the main contact mod and allow my users to update their own info from the frontend though. Only reason not a 5 is I emailed support to ask if editing from the frontend was easy and still no response to even just say no can't be done.
Reviews: 3
If you're looking for a basic contact module this one is good.

If you are developing templates then unfortunately this module doesn't support template overrides as it doesn't follow the MVC pattern.
Reviews: 4
Works well, but I had to use the plugin in a Custom Html Module, as there is no module class suffix box included in this module.
Reviews: 5
Author should update the JED to have the 2.5 icon set.
Excelent plugin especially the possibility to use your own html/css formatting between fields.
I'm missing a field that links to the contact component standard contact page and email form.
Might be a small enhancement to consider.
Reviews: 8
Installed on a Joomla 2.5.4 site
Module installed perfectly, and was easy to configure. Works for me!
Reviews: 2
Such a useful little module, I install this by default on EVERY site I build. I think it's great that it doesn't have any css or html hard-coded so it just uses your site css and you don't have to remove a load of superfluous stuff.
Reviews: 5
As others have observed, it's incredible that what this module does isn't in the core functionality - given that Joomla! provides a contact manager, this module provides the next logical step: using the information stored in the manager. The entire extension is simple, easy to customize, and works exactly the way it should. I'm thrilled to see support for 1.6/1.7 now - I've been holding off on upgrading my website while I waited for THIS module to be updated - displaying contact information really ties the site together, and no other module gets it quite right.
Reviews: 1
I'm having instalation error "Error! Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package." when trying to install to Joomla Version 1.5.23
I couldn't find the way to contact the developer,so I'm calling for help here.
Reviews: 4
Very simple and very good.
It would be nice if before every information was abd the icon of each contact detail.
Also to have the option to link contacts name with an internal menu.
Reviews: 1
This was exactly what I was looking for. Just a little thing : I had to change the XML header from "?xml version="2.5" to ?xml version="1.0" , otherwise Joomla didn't detect a valid xml file and aborted the installation. As I read earlier in the comments that someone had problems for the installation, maybe that was the solution.
Reviews: 25
Nice little module that displays contact information where you want it to do so. Note to developer, you don't have a contact email address on your site so: there is a bug in the xml file for J1.0 which means that it won't install. The bug is in the description end tag. Also if you added the extra parameter - Then the module can be styled by the template. Apart from that a nice little module.
Reviews: 13
Clean and simple- and should be integrated into basic Joomla install if you ask me. Thanks to the dev for showing the CSS markup right up front, too, allowing for complete customization.
Reviews: 1
it is a very usefull extension, and i plan to use it on my joomla site, but unfortunately i can't install it on my jooml site, but it work great on my localhost. i still figure out how to install it..
Reviews: 1
I only gave four stars because there is room for improvement. along with the features that others have mention i would like to be able to change the Font Style and Size of the information that is used.
Reviews: 4
Love this! So simple to use. Thanks
Reviews: 3
Excellent module only thing missing for me is an option to sort/order the contact information at will.
Reviews: 2
This module does mostly exactly what I need, that the core Contacts stuff doesn't handle: being able to make a page with multiple contacts at once (besides the ugly list), being able to insert specific contacts in specific places.

The one glaring oversight is the inability to show the contact's image (I use headshots for all my contacts).

The only other complaint/suggestion I have is that this would be a ton more useful with an accompanying plugin that would include contacts in articles.

Overall, great job.
Reviews: 1
This extensions works as advertised. I would also give it an excellent rating except for the native Joomla contact list being displayed after someone sends an email using it. That display of Joomla's contacts destroys the overall effect of a clean interface that DigitalGreys has achieved.
Reviews: 26
Just what I needed - I was going to write this module and thought I'd have a quick check to see if anyone else had already done so!

After a bit of tweaking I managed to add in Tel: and Email: which were not present, and with the instructions for adding CSS styles was able to customise to the site.

Thank you, saved me a lot of work!
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