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mapme Component

2.5.2 release

step by step up to proper component

We release our next com_mapme componet with following features

1.can set contact details
2.can set google map can use to show extract point of your company
4. send mail
5. add you tube video profile
6. multi location
7.spam checking
8. 3d google map

new - joomla google map with 3d view

How to point your own location
1.put site rel event google API key
2.find you own location on the map
4.then it pop up form
5.lan and lat automatically set - click the save button at the popup
6. for more details watch the video at the above site

how to show in front end as contact us
1.log on to joomla backend
2.make new menu as "contact us"
menus->top menu->new[see top of this window]->Google Map!->Google Layout
3.from here u can make new menu link

for more details see the video

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Reviews: 1
It does what it says. With some html and php tweaking the template can look exactly as you want. I've spent hours with other contact forms just trying to build a simple form, but this was really easy to customize and setup.
Owner's reply


Reviews: 114
I am rather perplexed that I cannot even write my own Latitude and longitude into the actual Admin.

The video only supports 1.5 and not 1.6 which really does not help and I find it bizarre that everything else works bar this one tiny aspect.
Owner's reply

So u can add it manually
any way thank ur comment

Reviews: 2
My favorite contact component.

had little problem with it, but less than 12 hours later(slept 8 hours of that time) problem was solved.

Really good support

I´m going to recommend that component for everyone
Owner's reply

Thanks ur comment

Reviews: 3
Thanks for your hard work, but I am not agree with you if you say that is enough finding the location with the map, I am searching some of them and is really a pain in the neck, because my customer gave me the coordinates of his branches in some countries; then, try to figure out how dificult is this!, on the other hand, if I could write the latitude and longitud directly in the field would be terrific!, I know you will do it!, I'll be waiting for this feature.

Thanks anyway
Owner's reply

click the minus button a few times to zoom-out and then you drag to your location (10-second job).

Reviews: 9
In one word great.
Although there are more complex and great moduls, perhaps because of the complexity all of them have something makes me crazy. I guess this is the first modul, what is makes what it has to. Worth for the 5 star.

If the text boxes width could be costumizable helps more in design, but great anyway.

Thank you!

Owner's reply

Thanks ur comment and suggestion

surely will we add with next release

Reviews: 1
Brilliant, brilliant, .... x 10. This is the Google Maps component to use for business locations.
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Reviews: 3
I downloaded it, installed and it was on my site in few minutes. Simple and fast setup. I had some questions and I got helpful and precise response.
The best thing in this component is that it integrates several other componens which I tryed before and it simplifies my work in excelent way.
Owner's reply

Thanks for ur comment

Reviews: 2
When installing this component ver1.3 i got an error which related to prefix table name. I contacted with the developer for asking support and he had replied faster than i though. I greatly appreciate this help! Thanks Nishantha and his useful component!

Suggest: If can be, please modify installing file so that others people don't get this error again
Owner's reply

Thanks For ur comment ..........

Yes Release com_google_1_4 with ur suggestion ................

Reviews: 1
I have some trouble on Google Map with Contact Us. I want to add extra field for this plugin.

Owner provide a instant feedback for me

It works!!! Thanks again!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for ur comment

Reviews: 3
I have included spam checking but in the browser I cannot see the captcha image. Please advise on what need to be done.

This is error

[20-Jul-2010 11:30:54] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagettfbbox() in /home/----/public_html/components/com_google/asset/captcha/captcha.php on line 93
Owner's reply

your server not support for GD image ... so ple discuss with hosting provider

Reviews: 2
Good all round contact us page. Had difficulty at start, but like the old saying goes... when all else fails, follow instructions!! your video tutorial did the job.
One question. Where do you save the placemarks? I need to edit the information i typed in the box when i clicked on the map. Also note, as seen in the video there is a Title and Description for the placemark. But I can only see the Title option, theres no Description.
One suggestion for future updates. Your component conveniently includes Map, Contact Form and Company Info. I would really love it if there is an option to change size, position and order of the all three segments dynamically from the frontend admin panel.
Good innovative work though.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment

Place marks
Yes currently this components does not store the place mark values. surly Those values store and display with next release.

Yes this is good suggestion.Hope to add to next release.

Reviews: 1
The plugin works as designed - you need to follow the directions - but in the "contact us" part, the name, email address, and subject text are very hard to read. Is there any way to change the color of the text in those fields?
Reviews: 1
I have included spam checking but in the browser I cannot see the captcha image. Please advise on what need to be done.
Owner's reply

This can happen due to issue of GID support on your web server. Ple verify it.

Can u provide the web page link

And also it's better to contact us

Reviews: 1
I'm very new to Joomla so I'm finding it hard to find my way around at the moment. Some components I've found very unfriendly for installation and have given up very quickly.

Not this one! I found myself up and running very quickly!

I don't agree with the other user comment that you have to keep dragging from the default location. I think it's nice to see where you are based! The user obviously didn't realise that all you have to do is click the minus button a few times to zoom-out and then you drag to your location (10-second job).

The only feature I would ask for is a way to edit the message when the user clicks the "Send" button. In UK, we would use different grammar to "Thanks for you !"

Thank you - very nice component.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment ...

Way to customize "Thanks for you !"

Reviews: 1
You have to find your place draging the map from default location. Maybe useful if you are neighbours but not recommended for overseas, its a lifetime journey :O
The extra star is my vote of confidence on future versions.
Owner's reply

Thank you

click the minus button a few times to zoom-out and then you drag to your location (10-second job)

Reviews: 3
Has the right components.

It needs the option to turn fields off and on. And customize headings, like in the contact form.
It would also be nice to have the three components display in a neat row (contact details, map, contact us).

Do this and you'll have a brilliant extension.
Owner's reply

thanks for ur suggestions

surly we will add these enhancement with next release

Reviews: 1
really good plugin but, how to remove after sending mail through form, "Thanks for you" title?
Owner's reply

try from following way

1.components\com_google\controller.php - [front end com folder]
2.find "$msg = JText::_('GOOGLE_THANKS');" on there
3.comment above code

if not solve please contact us

Reviews: 5
Nice component!

Once I read the clear and obvious instructions on how to put in my location (which is a brilliant method IMHO) all went smooth.

Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply


Reviews: 1
This component works pretty good. If you want a quick and easy contact page in minutes, complete with a map to your location, then look no further. This extension shows your contact information on one side, a contact form on the other side, AND a google map. It's nearly perfect. A few improvements would get that fifth star from me:

- Would be nice to have the ability to hide fields that I don't want to use (my visitors really don't need to know my mobile number)

- Would be nice to add messenger contact info (Windows Live, Yahoo, AIM, Skype), with icons

- Have the map in a separate table so that I can make it full width without pushing the contact form out of view.

- Some kind of spam bot protection to keep the email address from being harvested.

Don't get me wrong - this is an exceptional extension just the way it is. I just happen to feel that these improvements would make it perfect.
Owner's reply

Yer ur comment is very important to enhance the com_google ....

I will add request feature to next releases


Reviews: 1
This is a very useful extension.

It would be really be nice to have more options for Map View Height between 200ft and 2 miles. Perhaps 500ft, 1000ft, and 1mile.

Don't forget to set Map View height to something, or else you get no map at all.

Thanks for this really excellent Joomla Extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for ur review

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