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Simple Email Form Popular Module

Lightweight email contact form with 8 configurable fields, plus a field for uploading attachments to the email, and a CAPTCHA based in Text_CAPTCHA from the PEAR library (included).

Summary of Features


Supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.0!
Eight configurable fields: you configure the labels and sizes
"From" and "Subject" fields appear automatically
"From" field is checked to make sure it's a valid email address (using regex, not a realtime check)
"Reply-To" header can be activated
Fields 1 - 8 can be set to "Active," "Required," "Hidden", or "Inactive" in the module configuration, as needed
Hidden fields will automatically appear in the email
Body of email message contains labels + user input data for active and hidden fields
Any of the 8 fields can be normal (text), textarea, radio buttons, checkboxes or dropdown (select)
You can configure a recipient of the submitted email form plus optional CC and/or BCC
Optional "Send Copy to Me" field or automatic user copy
You can set the space between the labels and the input fields
You can specify an optional redirect URL if the form is submitted successfully
Info in form fields can be either reset or retained after form submission
Includes a field to upload an email file attachment
Email attachments can be filtered by filename extension
Max length of each field can be set (thanks to Rui Castro Lobo!)
NEW!!! 20+ language files are included: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
You can activate "Test Mode" to help you troubleshoot when installing
An optional "Captcha" can be activated
Uses PEAR library Text_CAPTCHA (included)
Requires that the GD extension be compiled with your PHP installation
Uses open source FreeSansBold.ttf font (included)
You can configure the height, width, and number of characters
Colors of the text, lines, and background can be configured
CAPTCHA files older than 5 minutes are deleted
CAPTCHA can be either an image or text
All configuration is done by module manager: no complicated components to install!

All fields can be either normal (text), textarea, checkboxes, radio buttons, or select.

New in 18.5:
* Added check to see if CAPTCHA URL has a trailing "/"; hard-coded the "/" if not
* Modified German translation thanks to Janis Blechert
* If email checking is disabled, the default value in the "from" field will be used
* An HTML5 "email" type field is now used for the "from" field
* Added HTML5 "placeholder" attribute so that default values are displayed

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Reviews: 8
works like charm,
although it's simple and easy - it has different options...

easily adopted!
Reviews: 8
The extension is described in detail above and it does everything it claims simply and effectively.

The documentation is good, but this form is very intuitive to set up, a few minutes is all you need.

A real pleasure to use.
Reviews: 2
Lately we have been going through a few different contact form components due to template code conflicts. . . Simple Email Form works flawlessly!! And I even contacted the developer Doug at unlikely source with a question on multiple file uploads and he updated the php file to add the functionality we were looking for!!

Couldn't ask for a better written extension or better product support!
Reviews: 2
Very simple to implement and worked like it said it would. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Very nice and easy to use, solve my issue.
Great , thanks.
Reviews: 1
This email form is just what I was looking for! I needed an easy form for an "Ask Us" section on our website.

It would be nice to be able to have two forms going to two separate emails in the same article, though.

Owner's reply

Have a look at the instructions for putting 2 forms into one article. Requires at least version 1.7.08, although the latest version is recommended.

Reviews: 2
This app is excellent and I am using it for quite a long time without any problem.
Is it possible to automatically upgrade to the latest version 1.7.09 through Update section of admin control panel?
I don't want to disturb existing settings by re-installing the extension.
Reviews: 4

Really simple and awesome module to use for contact form.

But it would be even better if there was ability to disable the "subject" field, that there would be same options as for custom fields (Field 1, Field 2 etc.).

It would also be great if there was ability to integrate with ReCaptcha, like some new extra field.

Owner's reply

Thanks for the suggestions. Others have asked for this as well. A bit short on time right now but I'll put this on my list!

Reviews: 6
An exceptional addon for any joomla site. Easy to setup and configure. Thank you!!
Reviews: 8
I use this extension in all of my website, and still one of the best contact form.

Is also easy to customize a bit according to needs.

Will be nice to have a math captcha, one of my customer think that the text one is too complex! :_D
Reviews: 8
Simple to install, easy to use.
Reviews: 1
Really good extension! Simple and very usefull. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This extension is simply excellent. It is simple effective, very easy to configure and works like an absolute charm. The captcha function perfectly, and more than anything else, great installation documentation - A+++
Reviews: 2
This module is great to put a contactform with recaptcha in an article. I used it in the dutch part of my customers website as well as in the french part, in Joomla 1.5. I also made a redirect page and i can receive copies of the mails that were sent via the form. It does what it says, no need to program, just use the module manager and article manager of Joomla Happy! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
It only took me two weeks to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I read the instructions, re-read and re-read. The truth is I was making it really difficult, when in fact this was just as easy as everyone was saying.

Now it works like a champ.
Reviews: 1
Simple Email Form works as expected. Just one tip: If you want to place 2 or more forms on a page, remember to use a separate writable captcha folder for each form on the host. I'd also like to know how to use re-Captcha instead.
Reviews: 3
If you're new to Joomla and you need a simple but customisable form that's straightforward to get going with, this is it - easy to set up and use, plus the added bonus of some first rate support from the developer. Thanks Doug!
Reviews: 2
Excellent, easy to install, easy to set up and use. Great work!

It is what it says it is.
Reviews: 1
The module doesnt work for me. It only sends a copy to myself but not the email in the 'Send Result To' field. Any idea why?
Owner's reply

I have sent you a reply email privately but you did not respond. Please respond and I will see if I can help.

Reviews: 1
This is a great module, however i am having issues with the colour of text... I have a black background, and the text is coming up grey, does anyone know how to change the colour to white?

Also, is there a way to modify positions of subject/email/name etc?

Owner's reply

As of version 1.7.01 of the module, as long as you configre a CSS class for the module, all elements of the form will have a CSS class assigned to them. Please see the following article:

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